BLCO, JP54, D2, D6, Mazut Seller – Genuine Buyers Appreciated

RJ Hender
Sat, April 5, 2014
Subject: Silver, BLCO, JP54, D2, D6, Mazut Seller

     JP54, D2, Mazut Seller  

     Should I be surprised?  As my BLCO, JP54, D2, D6, Mazut and other oil sources are genuine it has surprised me at how many Buyers claim that they are buyers when they are not.   Reach for me at

     Along with my solid oil sources are oil people that I have been working with since 1985.  Yes, when somebody makes oil claims and you’ve known them for 2 weeks then how much trust can you place in them? 

     As I have been questioning radio guests for 23yrs I had no idea that oil people would come out of the woodwork and make available their resources for my friends. 

     Now my Oil Seller friends say they will not offer a SCO to just anyone.  Every Buyer must present a Company Profile and a Letter of Interest on the letterhead of the Buyer’s Company.  I can help line-up a conference call between the Buyer and Seller, but there are refinery rules that I must follow. 

     One of my oil friends offers Production Contracts for JP54, JPA1, D2 and D6.  He has out of country and US domestic sources for his fuel products.  Some buyers prefer to pick up their own fuel on trucks or to tie into pipelines. 

     One of my oil friends has significant ties to BLCO and he is ready for you.

     One of my oil friends has refineries scattered all over and he could provide JP54, D2 or Mazut in just about any quantity, but he usually sells at Platt Rates.  Yeah, lots of people shout about major discounts off platt rates, but then they fail to perform. 

     You can contact me at to inform me that you are the Buyer or that you work with the Buyer. 

     Yeah, I know that in business it’s all about business. 

     I prefer to build trust and relationships that last with people who are in the oil business.

     One of my friends has major sources for Silver Rounds.  I have hooked him up several times with silver buyers and they are all satisfied.

     Here’s to a great 2014 year.

     God Bless…  RJ Hender



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