Top 3 Americans – We Lost Our Standing When We Lost Lawful Money

Dave Robinson
Mon, April 7, 2014
Subject: Non Citizen Nationals are Free

Non-citizen nationals are free inhabitants who are not citizens.

For example, before 1868, there were blacks who were free (not slaves), who were not
citizens. They were non-citizen nationals, because they had their domicil in the USA
and they did not belong to any other nation.

Regarding US citizens: there are two kinds of US citizens;

1) Federal citizens under the 14th Amendment who in extension are federal US
citizens, and

2) State citizens, who in extension are national US citizens.

In other words, prior to 1868, only the states of the Union had citizens of their
own. Anyone born in Washington DC or the US territories, AND the free blacks, were
non-citizen nationals. State citizens were considered to be United States citizens.

Then in 1868 Congress created a new kind of citizenship, presumably only for the
freed slaves, for those born subject to federal US jurisdiction.

Note; they didn’t say anyone born in the "United States of America" (the Republic of
50 states), they said born subject to United States jurisdiction. And these federal
citizens are called US citizens, right off the bat.

So now we have THREE kinds of citizenship; State, federal and National.

State citizenship is that of the national Republic (sovereign people),

federal citizenship is that of the federal Democracy (gov’t subjects), — and both
are, in extension, National citizens.

Of course there are different names for the three kinds of national citizenship.

US citizenship, citizens of the United States of America and each are American
citizens. All of these terms are used by the gov’t to identify national citizens.

For example: US passports mention both US and American citizens. Therefore, I would
ONLY admit to being a citizen of the United States of America, or American citizen,
since "US citizen" can mean many different things. So I’d only admit to being a US
citizen defined as a citizen of the United States of America.

For example, I would add a note to the passport application form that I understand
the term United States on the application form, to mean the United States of America
— a Union of several States. Because, as of 1868, we have had TWO political systems
in the USA;

1) the original constitutional Republic, where the term United States means states
of the Union (plural), and

2) the federal legislative Democracy, where the term United States means the federal
gov’t (singular).

So since 1868 the federal gov’t has had citizens of its own, which were created by
the Birth Certificate. In the Republic, there are no Birth Certificates; because a
certified record of birth is evidence of US citizenship. Prior to the changes in
1868, birth records were kept in a family bible or by the churches.

And even though we have had two political systems, from 1868 onward, the Republic
was dominant and even federal US citizens had access to common law, and their
unalienable rights were recognized. Which is why nobody objected to being called a
US citizen.

But that all changed in 1933 when the federal gov’t went bankrupt and the people
lost their gold = lawful money. Federal US citizens were required to surrender their

Constitutional State citizens were not, because Executive orders DO NOT APPLY to
them. Executive order only apply to federal US citizens.

Since 1933 the federal Democracy has become dominant, and now everyone is now
treated as federal citizen/subject, who is NOT protected by the organic
Constitution, but is in commerce, as a corporation, with diminished status, instead.

Unless you assert your state citizenship / inhabitancy NOW, all the UNCONSTITUTIONAL
EXECUTIVE ORDERS — which declare the president’s authority over EVERY-THING — will
be applied to you when Martial law is declared, just like they were applied to
federal US citizens in 1933, to take their gold.

And all this because the federal gov’t is bankrupt and has no real money. So if you
use their money substitute, the FRNs, you’re subject to them.

We lost our standing as State citizens of the Republic, because we lost our LAWFUL

So OBVIOUSLY, the way back to the Republic, would be to assert our Domicil in our
state of the Union, AND demand lawful money when we deposit our paychecks.

United States (plural) is the Republic, while United States (singular) is the
federal gov’t.

And EACH has citizens of its own. PLUS, since 1868, the term United States
(singular) is used by default. And when you’re in the United States (singular),
you’re subject to the US Code and its definitions. This is why everyone should
DEFINE the term ‘United States’ every time they sign some where that that term

For example by adding a note to the document that you understand the term ‘United
States’ to mean the United States of America, a Union of several States. Then they
can’t trick you into subjecting yourself to their federal jurisdiction, since all
people in the states of the Union are NOT subject to their federal jurisdiction.


Now, regarding passports, on the "DS-11 Form for New Passport" we read, "U.S.

We presume that by US citizen on that application, they mean NATIONAL citizen, which
can include both, the federal US citizen, as well as the State citizen. But to be
sure, we would add the note to the application that we mentioned above, DEFINING the
term US citizen to mean a citizen of the USA, the Republic. Additionally, that
application also means that free inhabitants of the states of the Union are entitled
to get the US passport, since a free inhabitant of the United States IS a
non-citizen national.



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