Dinar RV Gold – Our RV Dreams Could Come True by Mid April

Frank26, Randy Koonce, TNT Tony, etc…
Mon, April 7, 2014
Subject: Dinar RV Gold Support for Our RV

 4-6-2014   Newshound Guru Kaperoni   Article:  "Urgent .. postpone the parliament
session until further notice pending agreement on a budget"   I would expect that
parliament is dead until after the elections now.  Nobody wants to work with
Maliki.  Unfortunately, the Kurds will never agree to come to parliament to vote
until there is a oil agreement since they want to be assured they will get their 17%
revenue.  Something Maliki never has delivered on.  I was just thinking this may be
to our benefit..since this may reflect negatively on Maliki, it may force him to get
the CBI to make monetary change as a way to save face.

4-6-2014   Newshound/Intel Guru BGG   Third…if the CBI truly intended to keep the
value at 1166 – would it not be a reasonable conclusion they would regularly replace
the worn and damaged currency?  This has been a source of major complaint for some
time now…any normal economy has a plan in place for removal and replacement of
worn and damaged currency. The US replaces significant amounts of our currency on a
regular basis. This is a common practice. Not in Iraq (currently) – Why?   [post 3
of 3]

4-6-2014  Newshound/Intel Guru BGG   Second…if there is such a glut of Dinar and
big notes …then where in the heck are they?   Private banks are screaming for
liquidity – THEY NEED NOTES!! If there is so much stinking Dinar in circulation – it
should be a simple matter to obtain what the market (in Iraq) needs. THIS IS NOT THE
CASE.  [post 2 of 3….stay tuned]

4-6-2014   Newshound/Intel Guru BGG   First…If Iraq is buying gold as a “financial
mattress” (a buffer or hedge would be the proper terms) for their currency, then my
point is – they are building the DINAR a SERIOUS MATTRESS and I would submit this
DOES POINT OUT SOME SERIOUS SHIFT in monetary policy. It is obvious.  [post 1 of
3….stay tuned]

4-6-2014   Newshound Guru Millionday     the hcl is reported to us as complete and
not activated — the reason it would not be activated is because the raise in value
and entry to global market will fund the law.

4-6-2014   Intel/Newshound Guru Poppy3   THE GOLD IS IN THE BANK IN IRAQ, THE HCL

4-6-2014   Newshound Guru Red Lily   [This] is based on my studies of Iraq news for
the last month (and past 5 years)…  We have seen that parliament has not made any
progress on passing the budget as election propaganda took to the road April 1st.
We have seen an article stating the HCL has not been implemented as of late.  It is
true that Maliki agreed to the 'framework' of the HCL.  Even signed off on it years
ago.  Then made an Executive Decision that it needed to be revised and not
implemented.  Since then I do not recall any revisions and it certainly has not been
applied as law.  It seems the economy is doing well although Oil Exports were down.
 Iraq is certainly expanding and diversifying its national product as the IMF has
advised them to do.

4-6-2014  Newshound Guru Millionday   Article Quote:   "Parliamentary Economic
Committee low gold prices in the Iraqi market and the high value of the Iraqi dinar
against the dollar and world currencies…"    the purchase of the gold will lower
the prices and also allow a higher rate of the value of the dinar…the gold is
being used as a reserve to hard back the printed currency — it is a hard backed
currency.   for the currency to be respected internationally — it has to be an
international currency at a reality rate of course — respected on the market and
stable.  CBI is working to create a stable dinar rate internationally – this is what
we want and should be expecting with a hard backed currency.

4-6-2014  Intel Guru TerryK   so they are saying it either gets into the main stream
or they are leaving, so there is an emergency session ongoing what i was told today
to get the oil is flowing where it needs to flow into… dollar wise. so with that to
happen sunday, if it does we are to see the release very soon…like tomorrow
night. however with that said i would not look for it to hit our hands for 24-72
hours.  hearing 8.16…. Nothing less.  [post 2 of 2]

4-6-2014   Intel Guru TerryK   i was told today that today m [Maliki] assured the
imf he has no intent on taking the position even if he won…There is now a rush to
process this crap even as soon as tomorrow afternoon.   Not as much for m
[Maliki] as it is for the country as investors that were there usa are looking to
pull out do to the lack of $ support from the government…the investors are crying
that the oil is flowing but not where it needs to flow into…dollar wise.  [post 1 of
2….stay tuned]

4-5-2014   Newshound Guru Shredd   Article:   "90 tons reserves, "central" of gold
to support the value of the dinar"   Sure seems we can say we are close to the end
of what the CBI is preparing for. Gathering gold from around the world. The last
article we saw the announcement of acquiring 36 tons, now we see they have acquired
60 tons over the last two months and are now at 90 tons.  This is quick preparation
and for what? Propping up the poor rate of the dinar to stabilize it? No. Simply
replacing the old dinar for the new with no change in the monetary policy? No.
Preparing for the coming increase in the value of the dinar? Yes.

4-5-2014   Newshound Guru tlm724   Article:   "90 tons reserves, "central" of gold
to support the value of the dinar"  Quote:  "his desire to support the value of the
national currency"   love seeing this repeated over and over!!  gold to support the
value of the dinar *hallelujah*

4-5-2014   Newshound Guru Tlar    So Maliki has just been exposed as to the real
reason he wants Turki out of there and “his guy” in. This article
should dispel those out there that still believe Turki is a yes man for Maliki.
These records will ultimately finish Maliki and his cronies if this information ever
sees the light of day and they know it.  This information will…be exposed before
the elections which I doubt…unless Maliki makes an immunity deal before the
elections and bows out and is allowed to leave the country.  [post 2 of 2]

4-5-2014  Newshound Guru Tlar   Article:  "Mysteries and Secrets of the exclusion of
al-Maliki to head the central bank"   Maliki is (was) trying to make sure that he
controls the information flow from the CBI before the elections by attempting to
replace Turki with his loyal unqualified yes man. He knows Turki is not his guy and
Turki knows where all the stolen money is and has kept good records of the amounts.
He most likely has been in contact with Shabibi and has those records to.  At least
Maliki is just trying to replace Turki instead of having his thugs burn the CBI like
he did last time.  [post 1 of 2….stay tuned]

4-4-2014   Newshound/Intel Guru Randy Koonce  I BELIEVE THAT WE WILL BE DONE BY THE
MIDDLE OF APRIL…if for some reason we are not I will get the reason… but for now
all parties are aligning very well. So tonight to the middle of April is extremely
important to us in this investment…continue to check the cbi website for the rate
change…if they do it in the mornings Iraq time that is around 12 midnight to 2 in
the morning…those have been good window following when the bank updates its
screens.  RELAX and be smart about your money it is a currency very hard to
SMART ABOUT IT…Breathe.   [post 3 of 3]

4-4-2014   Newshound/Intel Guru Randy Koonce    …do not fall for the 800# and
private stuffthe rate will be the rate and you will not be able to get more than
what the bank pays…the last rate that was given to us is between 2 and 3 dollars.
The Banks all and I mean All banks will participate in the exchange, that deal in
foreign currency. DO NOT WORRY ABOUT whether or not you will be able to cash in,
Take your time and Breathe…if you want cash a little then go back do some
more…   [post 2 of 3….stay tuned]

4-4-2014   Newshound/Intel Guru Randy Koonce   Ok. the pressure is on for Maliki he
is just about to bounce off the walls to get this out and the IMF has drug their
feet and making Maliki sign off on things Like HCL and Budget, and etc… I am going
to state every thing is done that has to be done for the RV to take place so no one
has to ask the question does Iraq need this to RV…Answer is NO… They are
Ready…Every Day is a Hot day until the election…I want everyone to know that
this can go off on any day of the week…the window is as open as I have ever seen
this thing be…the CBI is ready Maliki is ready and the IMF is getting ready so
when the stars align like they are now the window is open wide.  [post 1 of
3….stay tuned]

4-5-2014   Newshound/Intel Guru BGG   Article:   "Maliki: Postponement of the
elections, we will open the fire of hell and ends with Iraq"   This is just Maliki
keeping pace with his political rivals and trying to limit the damage they can do
him over the next month. In truth – he would postpone these elections in a
heart-beat if he thought he could get away with it. In fact, postponement is
something he has been known to threaten.

4-5-2014   Newshound Guru Kaperoni   [do you feel that once they are in compliance
then they will move forward or do you think they will wait for their government
to…be more unified in their monetary policy.]    I try to refrain from giving
opinions and rather use words or quotes from Iraq.  So to answer your question I
will use a quote… "that the Iraqi Dinar will be reevaluated and accepted among
world currencies sooner than expected."

4-5-2014   Intel Guru Frank26    I have never seen a House built Without a
Foundation…That lasted.  If it was up to M [Maliki] and the GOI the RI/RV would
have occurred seconds after the coalition force gave him Force.  IMO, I am thankful
that S [Shabibi], CBI,  IMF and UST are in control of what they are doing with the M
R [Monetary Reform].  You Will be too.  The GOI said no can use USD's any more cause
they want to RI/RV when they feel comfortable enough. When is that?  IOO, When they
use up the non-pegged and NOW USELESS USDs to buy up a specific amount of Gold to
replace the worthless UDS with GOLD and electronic IQD 000s.  This would strongly
position them to release the LDs.

4-4-2014   Intel Guru DC   Shabbi and Turki should get a Nobel prize for what they
have done to build up their reserves.  The IMF and World bank are saying, you are
one of the richest banks. Enormous amount of reserves.  Bottom line, all are
expecting it, all is in lockdown for few days.  The IMF, UST are ready.  It's in the
IMF's hands as far as timing…coordinating.   The wonderful thing is, they are
trying to figure out how to split the money for humanitarian projects, etc.  We are
going to be a part of one of the biggest financial deals ever in history!  Things
look really, really good for the next few days…can't get more specific than
that.   [post 2 of 2]

4-4-2014   Intel Guru DC     What is going on in Iraq? The lower demoms did go out
in mass.  Bankers there were tired of waiting and decided to let them go.   Some
are paying at 3.77 and some at 1166.  It's uncoordinated and confusing and it's kind
of a mess right now creating a tough situation forcing the hand on this.  They need
this RV in the next day or two days and it puts more pressure on to get this done
NOW! .  [post 1 of 2….stay tuned]

4-4-2014   Newshound Guru Kaperoni   Article:   "Central bank: 15 Arab and foreign
banks opened branches in Iraq since the beginning of"   International banks are
there to make money.  We know the market economy cannot function without a
convertible/international currency.  The conbination of these two will push this
event forward in short order once the CBI is in compliance.

4-4-2014  Intel Guru Bluwolf   As I wait for the final notice, it seems that a lot
of misguided or a strange information or disinformation has been placed.  The truth
being that all is still going to occur according to the plan…So we still wait on
the US to give us our final signal to go exchange..We are very close but like I
said…the whole world is just waiting on guess who, the US to do their share on
giving its GO.

4-4-2014   Intel Guru TNT Tony   There was a specific reason it didn't go last
week.  [Will this go past the Iraqi election?]  I don't think so, Maliki needs this
before the election.  Right now everyone is excited, happy and waiting…all is
ready.  Before it was about rates, dates, etc…then it was about the process and
bringing it to the public…NOW it's about it's already happened and what do we do
with all this, how do we do it, and who gets what portion…how do we divide this
money for the different programs.  They wouldn't be talking about that if it hadn't
been finalized. I am looking for great great weekend.  It could happen at any time.

4-4-2014   Newshound Guru tlm724   Article:  "Central Bank: high pure gold reserves
during the last two months"  Quotes:   "that reserves the CBI of pure gold reached
up to 90 tons, after he bought 60 tons during the last two months."     "…and
various destinations in the framework of the diversification of its reserves and
support the value of the dinar Iraqi."   90 tons!!  it has doubled its gold reserves
at the Central Bank of Iraq three times what it was like the end of 2012.

4-4-2014  Newshound Guru Shredd   Article:  "Central bank: 15 Arab and foreign banks
opened branches in Iraq since the beginning of this year"   I think we tend to
overlook but the continued growth of banking operations is awesome…banking
infrastructure shows the anticipated growth and the faith in that growth from a cash
flow perspective.  I mean, why build so many banks with business as usual…

4-4-2014  Intel/Newshound Guru Poppy3    ALL IS WELL IN DINAR LAND AND THE IRAQ

4-4-2014   Intel Guru TD  As I stated weeks ago that nothing (agendas/business) is
really moving forward this close to the elections and that's even more true now.  I
just wanted to weigh in briefly regarding the (now again) recycled rumor that Iraq
has prohibited the use of the dollar and from conversations as recent as today,
Friday, that simply is false. In fact most all merchants still ask FIRST for the

4-4-2014   Intel/Newshoud Guru Poppy3   IMO, the HCL will be announced at the same
time as the RV and then  they will be able to implement the Tarrif Law.  I believe
that this is how this will have to happen.  They haven't come this far financially
and banking wise onupgrading everything to drop the ball at this stage.  We are
going to see this thing in the very near future. 

4-4-2014  Newshound/Intel Guru BGG   Article:   "Independent MP : the National
Safety Law is a dictatorial coup against democracy" This is saying the CoM (the GOI)
has sent a bill to Parliament “Declaring a State of Emergency” – This looks like a
“last ditch effort” on Maliki’s part to subvert the looming elections and stay in
power.  I highly doubt the Parliament will enact or proceed with this bill.  It is
fully against such “bold faced coup attempts".

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