Obama Watch – Obama Drones Watching American Gun Owners

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Fri, Apr 11, 2014
Subject: Obama Watch Drones Surveilling Gun Owners

Is The Obama
Administration Ready
To Ban Popular Ammo?
A popular Russian-made
ammunition called “7N6” could soon disappear from the shelves of American
stores thanks to action by the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and
Explosives (BATF).
ATF to monitor Gun Owners with Drones: Attorney
General confirms ATF to buy Fleet of Domestic Drones
In sworn testimony, Holder
confirmed that the ATF has already spent over $600,000 on the program, and is
in the process of trying to bring the drones into their surveillance arsenal.
Loesch on Ilegal Bundy Cattle: If the Cows Were
Illegal Aliens They'd Get EBT Cards
I-15 Exit Approved Near Bundy Ranch
Two brothers detained, cited by
BLM in Bundy cattle dispute
The men are brothers. They
say rangers surrounded them, threatened them with tasers and detained them for
hours. "I decided, you know what? Enough is enough," Tyler Schillig
said. "I went down and confronted the officers, and then I was also
arrested."…He says the marks on his face are a result of the encounter. He
says he did not provoke the authorities. "I showed no signs of
aggression," Spencer said.
Constitution Property Clause
Hook And The 26 Christmas Trees
And wasn’t it thoughtful and
generous of that anonymous North Carolina man to donate the 26 Christmas trees
to remember the 26 victims?
There’s just one thing wrong.
The Christmas trees were already at the fire station BEFORE the anonymous N.C.
man donated them.
Family Dollar To Close 370
Stores As Consumers Run Out Of Money
Family Dollar Inc., which
operates 8,100 stores, did not provide details on how many jobs it would cut.
More college students
battle hunger as education and living costs rise
Armed Militia To Arrive At NV Ranch Today
At Nevada Ranch Worsens
Shoe Thrown At Hillary
Clinton in Vegas
NATO: Russian troops
'ready for combat'
Obama Wins
Jefferson Muzzle Award For Cutting Free Speech
Secretary Sebelius To Quit
US Made Sarin Gas Used
In Syria
Chinese official 'kills
himself' in latest Communist party suicide mystery
Xu Ye'an's apparent suicide
in his Beijing office is the third death of a senior ruling party official in
recent weeks
Korea, US In Largest Ever Joint Air Drills
Korea's military said Thursday it would hold its largest-ever joint air drill
with the United States as tensions mount over a series of threats from North

NSA monitors WiFi on US
‘in violation’ of privacy
Internet users told to
change ALL passwords in security alert over 'catastrophic' Heartbleed bug


US corporations holding
more than $2.1 trillion in untaxed profits overseas
Of Students Will Be Paying Student Loans Into Their 50s
Finds Los Angeles In Decline
Nevada officials blast
feds over treatment of cattle rancher Cliven Bundy
Both Gov. Brian Sandoval and
Sen. Dean Heller have condemned the BLS for what they characterize as
heavy-handed actions involving Bundy and other Silver State residents.
“No cow justifies the
atmosphere of intimidation which currently exists nor the limitation of
constitutional rights that are sacred to all Nevadans,” Sandoval, a Republican,
said. “The BLM needs to reconsider its approach to this matter and act
Heller, also a Republican,
said he told BLM Director Neil Kornze the situation is being handled poorly…The
trouble started when Bundy stopped paying grazing fees in 1993. He said he
didn't have to because his Mormon ancestors worked the land since the 1880s, giving
him rights to the land. “We own this land,” he said, not the feds. He
said he is willing to pay grazing fees but only to Clark County, not BLM.
“Years ago, I used to have 52 neighboring ranchers,” he said. “I’m the
last man standing. How come? Because BLM regulated these people off the land
and out of business.”
‘Expect To See A Band Of
Militia Members Arrive At
Nevada Ranch
Vegas/AP)— Militia groups are
rallying behind a rancher whose cattle are being seized by the federal
government. The Las Vegas Review-Journal reports that two militia members
from Montana and one from Utah have arrived at Cliven Bundy’s ranch.
Russia Can't
Support Ukraine Economy Forever- Putin
President Putin wins over
world leaders with 92 percent of public approval – poll

wastes $900 mln on Tamiflu, other ineffective drugs on WHO recommendations
The British government wasted $896
million dollars on buying two ant-flu drugs, despite their not being proven to
prevent infections spreading or stop serious illness, according to scientists
who spent four years studying and analyzing the medications.
Monsanto Request Removal of Mexican Judge over GM Maize Ban
Monsanto have requested the removal of an
Appeals Court Judge in Mexico, who ruled against them in the ongoing legal
battle on the prohibition of GM Maize in the country.
Russian troop build-up satellite images ‘show 2013 drills’
“These shots, which were distributed by
NATO, show Russian Armed Forces units of the Southern Military District, which
in the summer of last year were taking part in various drills, including near
the Ukrainian border,” the General Staff official told RIA Novosti.
slaps Palestine with economic sanctions amid collapsing peace talks
Israel has imposed additional economic
sanctions against Palestine in response to its unilateral decision to join 15
conventions last week which Tel Aviv claims to be in breach of conditions of
the ongoing peace talks.
Requests $1.1 Billion, DOJ
$382.1 Million for Gun Control
President Obama has
requested $1.1 billion and the Department of Justice (DOJ) asked for $382.1
million for gun control "to protect Americans from gun
1. Require background checks
for all gun sales.
2. Strengthen the background
check system for gun sales.
3. Pass a new, stronger ban
on assault weapons.
4. Limit ammunition magazines
to 10 rounds.
4. Finish the job of getting
armor-piercing bullets off the streets
5. Give law enforcement
additional tools to prevent and prosecute gun crime
6. End the freeze on gun
violence research
7. Make our schools safer
with new resource officers and counselors, better emergency response plans, and
more nurturing school climates.
8. Ensure quality coverage of
mental health treatment, particularly for young people.
Cliven Bundy Calls on Sheriff to Start Arresting BLM Feds
 Nevada cattle rancher Cliven Bundy has
called on Clark County Sheriff Douglas Gillespie to start arresting Bureau of
Land Management agents on charges of trespassing and theft as his battle
against the federal government intensifies.
VIDEO: Constitutional
Sheriff Mack Speaks on Bundy Ranch Standoff
as Oath Keepers Puts Out a
Call for All Able Bodied Oath Keepers to Assist in Maintaining the Peace


Action Alert: Boots On The Ground Need Donations for food and
water at Bundy Ranch Standoff
oathkeepers.org – Oath Keepers is asking
all who cannot make the trip to the Bundy Ranch in Nevada to assist this
mobilization by donating for food and water for the “Boots On The Ground” who
will stand to oppose the idiocy of the BLM/federal government.
TSA Harasses Stroke Victim; Demands Mute Woman Talk To
Screeners In Order To Fly
 Heidi Wright, who suffered a stroke ten years
ago and has been left disabled, is unable to talk to her family. This did not
stop TSA screeners from demanding that she say her own name in order to board a
flight. Screeners insisted on the proviso after stopping the sisters because of
an expired driver’s license, ABC reports.
2006 – "Geologists
think there could be billions of gallons of oil under Nevada's deserts"
Maybe it's not about cows stomping out the
endangered tortoise, but more about oil…. "Nevada has long been known for other
underground riches, but
some oil experts think our state's petroleum potential could dwarf all of the
gold and silver resources combined.
Sen. Sessions: 'Deliberate
Plan by President' to Collapse U.S. Law Enforcement System
Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.)
said today that Americans need to stand up to "a deliberate plan by the
president of the United States" to collapse the nation's law enforcement
system regarding illegal immigration.
Serial shooter suspected near Kansas City as shootings climb to
A serial shooter is on the loose in the
Kansas City, Mo. area, and authorities announced Thursday the number of roadway
shootings they are investigating has risen to 20. Local police currently have
no suspects in the case. Authorities believe the shots are coming from inside
other vehicles, not from highway overpasses. “It
appears these vehicles are being shot at from probably another vehicle that’s
on the road,” Kansas City Police Captain Tye Grant told local
Fox affiliate WDAF.
Believe In A Return To The Gold Standard? You Are Now
Officially An Extremist According To The FBI
Just when we thought the US could not
sink any further in its usurpation of civil rights, here comes the FBI to
advise all those who tend to think that the broken economic model of the past
century is the cause for the global insolvency, that wanton fiat diluation and
reckless debt issuance does not 'fix' the problem of uber-leverage, and that
the gold standard is the proper way to return to monetary stability, will
henceforth be considered extremists.
Government often has 10 agencies doing one job
USA Today – The report, by the
non-partisan Government Accountability Office, identifies 26 new areas where
federal government programs are fragmented, duplicative, overlapping or just
inefficient. Add that to the 162 areas identified in past reports, and Congress
has a road map for saving tens of billions of dollars a year.
The Paul Craig Roberts Dilemma: World War Or The End Of The
2014 is shaping up as a year of reckoning
for the United States. One of two things is likely: Either the US dollar will
be abandoned and collapse in value, thus ending Washington’s superpower status
and Washington’s threat to world peace, or Washington will lead its puppets
into military conflict with Russia and China. The outcome of such a war would
be far more devastating than the collapse of the US dollar.
Waking Up To How Clueless The Fed Is”
“I think it’s very likely that we’re
seeing, in the next 12 months, an ’87-type of crash,” warns a somewhat excited
sounding Marc Faber, adding that he thinks “it will be worse.”
Monsanto, biotech stocks plummet the day after activists launch
Operation Monsanto Stock Plunge
"On Thursday, the Nasdaq composite,
which is weighted heavily toward tech and biotech companies, had its worst day
since November 2011," reported the Associated Press, less than 24 hours
after the launch of Operation Monsanto Stock Plunge.
Why Meat Prices Are Going To Continue Soaring For The
Foreseeable Future
the average price of USDA choice-grade
beef has soared to $5.28 a pound, and the average price of a pound of bacon has
skyrocketed to $5.46. Unfortunately for those that like to eat meat, this is
just the beginning of the price increases.
Illinois Legislators Back Off Raw Milk Ban After Consumer
Under current Illinois law, farmers can
sell an unlimited amount of raw milk on the farm without a permit. Legislators
and health officials were working hard to completely banish farm-to-consumer
agreements in some sneaky ways. This was not lost on Illinois' thriving raw
milk market.
The many health benefits of milk thistle even herbalists may
not know
Milk thistle boosts overall liver
function and health, protecting the liver from damaging toxins, detoxifying it,
regenerating its cells, and giving it a glutathione boost.


County Commissioner Says Bundy Supporters “Better Have
Funeral Plans”
Clark County Commissioner Tom
Collins has caused outrage by remarking that Utahns planning to travel to
Nevada to support Cliven Bundy in his standoff against the feds “better have
funeral plans”…Collins of Clark County NV that all of us folks from Utah are a
bunch of “inbred bastards” and if we are coming to Clark Cointy NV to support
Cliven Bundy we all “better have funeral plans”. We should “turn our asses
around on mind our own f-ing business”.
Feds Assault More Protesters As ‘First Amendment Area’ Taken Down
Spencer Schillig thrown to
the ground, handcuffed for demonstrating against seizure of cattle.
Cliven Bundy Speaks: “I Don’t Recognize Them Having Any Jurisdiction or Authority
Over This Land”
What’s at issue is that the
US government has no right to call the shots over the land.
Rangers Brought in From Out of State for Nevada Ranch ‘Emergency’
‘They’re almost like a hired
gun’…rangers had Oregon and California license plates. “You know, some of these
guys don’t even know why they’re here,” she said. “A few people have talked to
them and they got called in here on an emergency feed and they didn’t know what
it was for, it just said they had to be here.”
BLM Feds: Do As
We Say, Not As We Do
One rule for us, another rule
for everybody else.
warn of violence from Mexican cartels deep into interior of U.S.
Washington Times | U.S. sheriffs say that securing the border is a
growing concern to law enforcement agencies throughout the country, not just
those near the U.S.-Mexico boundary.
Woman’s Photo Rejected from Beauty Contest Because Of Handgun: “Inappropriate
denies church ‘demolition campaign’ but says Christianity’s growth ‘excessive’
Communist officials in China
have denied waging a “demolition campaign” against churches in the country’s
most Christian regions, after reportedly ordering a dozen to be destroyed.
Institute Prepares Priests for Jerusalem’s Third Temple
On April 10, at 5 p.m.,
hundreds of Jews will gather at the Maimonides rabbinical institution
plaza in the Kiryat Moshe neighborhood in Jerusalem and start learning the
Jewish laws of Passover. Rabbis and experts, including Rabbi Yisrael Ariel, the
head of the Temple Institute in the Old City of Jerusalem, the leading body
preparing for
the establishment of the third temple, will teach the audience
the laws of the Passover sacrifice. Alongside Ariel, the ritual slaughterer
(shohet) Rabbi Yehudah Giatt will teach the audience about the unique elements
of the slaughter of the Passover sacrifice. After the lessons, the real thing
will start: the simulation of the Passover sacrifice.
Better Together Day
promotes interfaith dialogue.
says willing to extend peace talks past April 29
The president of the
Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas, expressed on Thursday his willingness to extend
peace talks with Israel past the end of April on “the basis that the
fundamentals bring to the founding of a Palestinian state whose capital is east
China, jar of French mountain air fetches $860 | Fox News.
Snipers Train Guns On Family For Filming Cattle
BLM hired independent
contractor-cowboys from Utah to confiscate Mr. Bundy’s cows.
“BLM is taking onto
themselves law enforcement that is normally saved for the State, law
enforcement over motor vehicles. They've written into the regulation without
authority from Congress, the ability to stop vehicles or to search people, to
search a place or a vehicle without warrant or process; to be able to seize
without warrant or process any piece of evidence and to test people for
potential DUI (driving under the influence). They have redefined a parachute
into a mechanized piece of equipment, so if you parachute into any of their
areas you can be fined $20,000 or more.
How Financial Looters Are Destroying Your 401(k) in a
Fraction of a Second
Use of excessive force by
Albuquerque police ‘pretty disturbing,’ report finds (VIDEO)
BLM fracking racket exposed! Armed siege and cattle
theft from Bundy ranch really about fracking leases
BLM collects $1.27 million
in shale fracking leases
The Bureau of Land Management
has just cashed in with $1.27 million in oil and gas leases in Nevada. This was
just reported two weeks ago in
ShaleReporter.com, which states:
Denver judges appear divided on Utah same-sex marriage
'Blood moon' will be a
sight to behold during total lunar eclipse
CNN)— Get ready for
an unusually beautiful moon to grace the night skies next week. There will be a
total lunar eclipse Tuesday that will turn the moon a burnt reddish orange,
NASA says.
It's called a blood moon, and
this one is just the first in a series.
Within a year and a half,
North America will be able to see a blood moon a total of four times. It gets
its color during the eclipse from the shadow the Earth casts, which is the
color of a desert sunset.
The four blood moons will occur in roughly
six-month intervals on the following dates: April
15, 2014; October 8, 2014; April 4, 2015, and September
28, 2015. ,,
NASA has set up a live web
chat to answer questions about the eclipse starting at 1 a.m. Eastern Time.
The heavenly curtain rises on
Tuesday's lunar review around 2 a.m. ET, when the moon starts to slide into
Earth's shadow.
It should turn into a blood
moon — a coppery red — about an hour later and stay that way for over an
hour, NASA says.
The blood moon comes right on time for the
Jewish festival of Passover, which commemorates the survival of the ancient
Israelites, who the Bible says were spared death when they painted lamb's blood
on their doorways.




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