Top 5 Alien Questions – Manipulating ETs Use Earth as Karma Dumping Ground

Fr, Apr 11, 2014
Subject: Top 5 Alien Questions

Some unanswered quesitons
on the subject of extraterrestrials

There are five questions that keep arising in this regard, so I will
discuss each one briefly. To begin with, however, allow me to state
that the Spiritual Law of Ego Sovereignty precludes higher
dimensional beings from interfering in the affairs of those existing
in the lower realms unless the latter specifically request the
involvement of the former. Therefore, those extraterrestrials that
have been manipulating our affairs are in violation of spiritual law,
and therefore, should not be trusted regardless of their claims of altruism.

Their interest in our planet has everything to do with mineral
resources, as well as a source of energy. By drawing from our
planet's energy grids, they power their own endeavors all through the galaxy.

The issue as to why they hate us so much, doesn't have so much to do
with hate, as it does the fact that we are as animals to them. We
lack intelligence, knowledge and the higher aspects of consciousness.

The ETs haven't simply wiped us out, because they wish to have test
animals, slave laborers, and a dumping ground for their karma.

The forgoing has everything to do with their interest in humanity;
but in order to have it all their way, they must control us through
"possession", dependency on pharmaceuticals, and mind control.

They kidnap, keep, study and store humans because we are like lab
rats to them. In addition, certain glands such as the adrenals are a
source of drugs for them, while some ETs actually prefer our blood.

Even those ETs that recognize our intelligence potential, cannot
treat us with dignity, because it is natural throughout the universe,
for one species to control, dominate, and sometimes exterminate other
species. Just because they are more technologically advanced, does
not mean that they are highly developed in a spiritual, or even a
humanitarian way. Even their societies are operating under the
influence of "chips" and possessing entities.

I hope this discussion has been of benefit to those who have had questions.

By: Osolvi 

Mani-Om-Sah is the name of an Archetypal yet very
real world that is in and throughout the higher
dimensions. It is a world that is designed to
accommodate like minded people in a protected and
safe environment to allow them to ascend through
the higher worlds without threat of destruction
from the enemy. It is a real system of worlds
just as this world is real to us.




Some of what will be written here, I have already
written elsewhere. The difference is that I will
now be applying the information to the trap in
which we have been caught, to the god of this
world, and to the making of our own reality.

Some of the information that I will provide,
comes from the writings of Carl Jung, Edred
Thorsson, and from Ron McVan. My own perspectives
are based on the knowledge that I have gained
through an association with the Einherjar, and on
my experiences as a shamanic warrior.

According to the dictionary, an archetype is an
“original model”, or “prototype”. As I’ve stated
elsewhere however, the term archetype was coined
by Carl Jung to describe an energetic phenomenon
which manifests the results of our hopes, fears,
and our emotional reactions to experiences – both
real and imagined – as well as manifesting our
long-held belief systems. We create archetypes,
both as individuals and as whole groups, and even as races.

As regards our personal archetypes, everything we
experience which has a mental or emotional impact
on us, is stored in the unconscious, and becomes
a part of our energetic structure. This structure is represented by the Rune
-H m and
-Peme, and was referred to by the ancient
Norsemen as “wyrd”. Hindus relate to this
phenomenon in terms of the “seeds of karma”, or “samskaras”.

Archetypes are created also, among groups of
people who either honor or worship particular
deities, create mythologies involving their
deities, empower the deities through ritual, and
pass the associated traditions down to their
descendents. In this way, the various religious
systems establish their heavens and/or hells on
the astral plane through the creation of their
religious archetypes. These become actual
manifestations to be experienced by the religious
folk upon their physical death. For this reason,
it is imperative that each member become attuned
to the archetype, in order to facilitate his or
her entrance into the religious group’s heaven or
whatever they choose to call it.

At one time, each culture had its own spiritual
tradition, replete with its own unique
archetypes. In this way, there was a genetic
inheritance that extended into the after-death
state and back again. When organized religion
forced the conversion of people all over the
world however, cultural and spiritual archetypes
were destroyed, and the powers behind religion
began to control the spiritual, cultural and even
the personal destinies of all of humanity.

Many people who are acquainted with the spiritual
path have been led to believe that since all
races are interconnected – either through the one
universal energy which makes up everything in
existence, or otherwise as God’s creation – that
we must, then, eliminate all barriers that
separate us from one another, and open ourselves
up to experiencing the essence and energy of all
our brothers and sisters, as well as the outward
extension of their mental and psychic influence.
This is Universalist philosophy of a Marxist
nature. This is the philosophy that destroys
archetypes and allows elitists to guide the destiny of human kind.

The potential for destruction in such a
philosophy becomes apparent when we realize that
by opening ourselves up to all the differing ways
of viewing reality, and the various behavioral
patterns of other people, we also open ourselves
up to all of their energetic an often chaotic
passions of a lower and egocentric nature. To
become aware of the differing ways and to accept
those people for who they are is one thing; but
opening ourselves up for personal acceptance is something quite different.

To naively open ourselves up to the religious,
cultural, or even racial “ways” of others as
innocent children might do, is to endanger our
own heritage and to invite the racial, cultural
and religious domination of others, even to the
point of racial genocide through both the loss of
our archetypes, and through miscegenation. When a
race or culture loses its archetypes, their (the
archetypes) existence becomes threatened on the
astral, along with that of the race or culture
itself. Since this Earth-realm is a reflection of
what exists there, the genocide of such a people is then made possible.

Opening ourselves up to that which people of a
foreign mentality and system of behavior patterns
would replace our mentality, behavior patterns
and system of social and interpersonal ethics
with, is not a sign of our love, but rather a
sign of apathy toward our own kind, manifesting
in the neglect of our race, our heritage, our
spirituality as a people, and even in the neglect of our families.

For this reason, Man -Om-S h as a world on the
astral is designed to accommodate many different
systems, mentalities and races without imposing
one upon another. Cultural differences acquired
on earth require varied educational approaches in
Man -Om-S h. Therefore, there are twelve
continents in order to assure religious, cultural
and racial sovereignty within general categories.

Due to the fact that everyone there is and/or
will be of like mind and vibratory frequency,
friendly exchanges and trade are in order from
one continent to the next, without conflict.
Those who are of lower vibratory frequencies and
are, therefore, inclined toward territorial
conflict, cannot reside in Man -Om-S h due to the
deficiency in their vibratory frequency.

The different races possess varying mentalities
associated with each one’s peculiar energetic
structure. Each unique structure is partially the
result of its associated racial/religious
archetypes. Those who serve Dominion as the god
of this world have been following the
Universalist agenda in destroying the various
archetypes for all of humanity. Only a few
original spiritual and cultural archetypes still
exist, and these are quickly disappearing.

In order to escape Dominion’s one single
archetype which will lock everyone into his
collective unconscious without hope of escape at
that point, we must begin now, to establish our
own archetypes. The Man -Om-S h Institute offers
an archetypal structure which accommodates
numerous sub-structures, as stated before.

We, who understand the god of this world and
desire to escape his influence, have an
opportunity to raise our vibratory frequencies
and develop spiritually. No religious dogma is
required, which means that our path is our own
responsibility. Nevertheless, this commonality
means that we are of like mind, and can,
therefore, share our astral abode in Man -Om-S h
without having to forfeit our personal and group archetypes.

The concept of archetypes can be understood in
other contexts as well. For instance, there is an
archetypal aspect to Dominion. To understand this
aspect of his, it helps to understand the occult
practice of creating an entity to be attached to someone’s unconscious.

Occultists operate according to the principle
that if we think of a person, then we are in
touch with him or her. If we picture someone
clearly, it’s as if we are face-to face. As we
already know, time and space as we previously
understood them do not exist. Being within a
person’s mental vicinity, then, the occultist
creates a “thought atmosphere”, while an
affirmation sets up a certain emotional state
which influences the mind of the victim.

Occultists recognize only two gates by which to
gain entrance to one’s inner sanctums (known in
occult circles as the “City of Mansoul”). These
are: 1.The self-preservation instinct and 2.The
sex instinct. In other words, they play on our fear and on our lust.

Occultists, who are accomplished in the practice
of creating thought forms will create what may be
termed an “occult entity”, then create an
atmosphere within the subconscious of their
victim on the inner planes. In this way, the
entity can be implanted within the victim’s subconscious mind.

The aliens we know as the Nefilim, Anunnaki,
Draconians, Zeta Grays, and Andromies,
accomplished this with Dominion/Lucifer, eons
ago. This archetypal structure (the occult
entity) developed, and eventually became part of
Dominion’s ego structure, and this is what we
call the ego-entity. Dominion’s ego-entity served
as the prototype, or archetype for the ego-entities possessed by each of us.

This ego-entity is an internal archetype with a
life of its own, possessing desires, emotion,
self-awareness, and self-determination. This is
the aspect of the ego which must be killed in
order for us to escape Dominion’s collective unconscious.

Regarding the contexts in which archetypes
manifest, there is one more to be explored. These
are our own creations. Aside from an occultist’s
creation of entities, and the creation of our own
karma, we constantly create our own circumstances
through our belief systems, our fears, and our expectations.

Often, our karma conflicts with our expectations;
but one must win over the other, eventually. That
which is the strongest will always prevail, and
this is the point at which our ability to create
our own reality is of greatest importance. The
thing to understand is that everything consists
of energy – molecules, atoms, particles, and
finally Sound and Light. This is the nature of
everything from thought to physical matter.
Everything, then, is archetypal in nature.

Each one of us will experience the after-death
state in accordance with the archetypes we have
created for ourselves, or have allowed others to
create for us. Whether or not we have to return
to this slave-world of Dominion’s, is determined
by our capacity to perceive the illusion, and to
release the many traps that have been imposed upon us.

Our dreams can be fairly revealing as regards our
after-death experiences in the long-term.
Although we often encounter places and events
symbolically when overcoming deficiencies, or
otherwise purifying that which we need to
overcome in our developmental process, most of
which we encounter in the dream state is
indicative of that which we can expect to experience when we depart this life.

First and foremost, is our vibratory frequency
which determines the world(s), people, and
experiences to which we are drawn energetically,
as if to a magnet. Our  emotional passions not
only play a role in the level of our vibratory
frequency, but they also stimulate the creation
of personal archetypes which manifest as places
and experiences that we will encounter regardless
of any religious archetypes we may have adopted.
Sometimes our frequencies and archetypes require
time spent in one of the many hell worlds, as
noted by the Hindus, and our dreams can sometimes
be an indicator as to where we are in this regard.

As I stated above, everything in our existence is
archetypal in nature. Dominion and his colleagues
understand this fact, and have successfully used
it against us for eons of time, due to our
ignorance. We cannot trust those who continually
implore us to trust their guidance, while failing
to provide the required knowledge, if we expect
to ever escape the trap that was sprung on us eons ago.

By: Osolvi




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