D6, D2, JP54, JPA1, BLCO, Basrah Light Plentiful – Russia & Ukraine Impacting Oil Flow

RJ Hender
Wed, April 16, 2014
Subject: Oil, Silver Rounds & Gold Plentiful Inspite of Ukraine & Russia Conflict

~~Oil Plentiful Inspite of Ukraine & Russia 

     One of my best Patriot Friends sells 1 ounce Silver Rounds for people, in just about any quantity.  If you are looking for silver, I can hook you up with Ken. 

     One of my best Oil friends buys genuine Gold.  Yes, I would be glad to hook you up with this gold buyer, if you actually have a genuine, solid supply of gold. 

     The conflict between Ukraine and Russia is impacting the Oil Business.  Events in Iran are impacting the Oil Business.  Sometimes it feels as if 1 or 2 wrong moves, in these countries, could drive a wedge in normal Oil Supplies throughout the world and drive oil prices higher and higher.   

     My Title Holder oil friends are moving JP54, D2, D6, Crude Oil, Mazut, BLCO, Basrah Light and other fuel oils every week.  If you want a steady supply of these oil products be sure to email me at RJ@MorningLiberty.com

     My Title Holder oil friends have oil resources from many locations in the Middle East; UAE, Iraq, Kuwait, Russia and other locations.  The Basrah Light Crude is available at 10 or 12 below platt rates, but it must be delivered to refineries in America.  Most of the time, D2, JP54, Mazut, Crude Oil or Bonny Light are available at Platt Rates.  Some oil buyers are glad to buy at platt, plus these days. 

     As you buy from my Title Holder oil friends it is necessary that you provide a Buyer Profile and LOI on the letterhead of the Buyer’s Company.  We need to know the quantity of oil you are seeking.  We need to know what price for fuel that you are seeking.  We need to know the destination of the fuel.  We need to know what you will be storing your oil in, tanks… 

     We never deliver CIF to China. 

     With all of the funny business in Nigeria, it’s great that I have a solid source for Bonny Light for my buyer friends.

     Many people aren’t aware of how great Iraq’s Basrah Light is.  It's tremendous that this Basrah Light is available at 10 or 12 below platt rates.  

     One of my Oil Friends only provides D6, D2, JP54, JPA1 or Crude Oil with Production Contracts with USA Domestic or Rotterdam supplies. 

     We do take the time to verify Genuine Buyers.  If you are a broker then be prepared to connect us directly with your Buyer, who has the ability to buy.  We always include everybody in the Chain, that helps us bring oil transactions together, but our time is valuable.  You can reach me RJ@MorningLiberty.com 

     It’s amazing to me that in the oil business there are people who stab their Brokers or Buyers in the back.  We expect to build long lasting, friendships with the people we engage oil transactions with.  Carma always finds a way to come back around.  When somebody stabs someone else in the back then they stab themselves in the back too. 

     I wish you the best in 2014…  RJ Hender…      


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