Top 150 Million Michelle Obama Reasons for Removal

RJ Hender
Thur, Apr 17, 2014
Subject: Top 22 Reasons for MIchelle Obama to Leave

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~~Michelle Obama Bad 1st Lady

     Many First Ladies have occupied the White House in DC with their President husbands.  Typically, Americans have been proud of their service to our country. 

     JFK spoke to us about how Ask Not How America Can Serve You, but Ask How You Can Serve America.  Michelle Obama’s comments still ring out “ …why all this fuss over a flag? “ 

     Many Americans risk their lives every day in Afghanistan or Iraq or other military operations.  Michelle Obama’s comments still ring loudly in my ears “ …I was not proud of America until now. “  She was referring to Barack Obama’s running for the Oval Office.

     Now we hear White House officials and NSA officials and CIA officials begging Pres Barack Obama to get Michelle Obama under control.  It seems that Michelle Obama has been getting angry and throwing a fit in the White House, in front of everyone.

     How could this woman, Michelle Obama feel that she was entitled to travel on 22 vacation trips since her husband has been America’s President?  Why are we footing the bill for Secret Service protection as this Michelle Obama travels the world, spending over $150million for the staff and protection personnel that goes with her? 

     Michelle Obama is leading a new generation of Americans who operate from ‘ What’s In It for Me? ‘  Michelle Obama seems to be an angry woman and the only to calm her down is to go shopping. 

     It doesn’t matter to me if Michelle Obama and Barack Obama divorce.  We’ve seen Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton involved in marriage for other reasons than love.  Both Hillary and Bill are benefitting from their marriage relationship.

     America’s future depends on you and me.  America needs New Founding Fathers and New Founding Mothers.  I believe we love America and that we will do all we can for the cause of freedom, for us and our posterity. 

     Even in our daily lives, our activity can be a blessing to our country. 

     I will continue to report and comment on these and other issues.

     God Bless…  RJ Hender   



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