1871 NWo Plot for World War 3

David Icke
Sat, Apr 26, 2014
Subject: 1871 Illuminati Plat for WW3

Part 1) 1871 Plot => WW3 Coming, WW2 [Holocaust Intended], WWI

Just one of the many deep roots — snaking throughout world history — of
evil men's dreams for world domination extends all the way back to 1871
when the cabal of globally powerful devil's advocates, calling themselves
"The Illuminati," spawned a plot designed for such gradual execution as to
transcend generations. Now, a century-and-a-half later, the culmination of
this Satan-ordained plot is to be a knockout punch to the face of all
humankind — the decimation of all of the World's populations.
This 1871 plot — by a cabal which still rules from atop the global power
pyramid — purposefully inflicted the wholesale slaughter of World War I,
the great slaughter of World War II (planned to include the Nazi Holocaust),
and, soon to explode, the Third World War, the true war to end all of man's
wars, because it will end man's rule upon Earth, and will incept a rule of
superhuman fury over all of humankind, inflicted by the Illuminati's avowed
god; namely, Satan, the Devil, whom they worshipfully call "Lucifer," their
"lightbearer," their "god."

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