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Fri, May 2, 2014
Subject: Obama Watch USA Invasion

Netanyahu wants to define
Israel as Jewish state in law
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu
said on Thursday he would seek a new law declaring Israel a Jewish state,
striking back against a Palestinian refusal to recognise that status in
now-collapsed peace talks. "I will promote a Basic Law that will
define Israel as the nation-state of the Jewish people," Netanyahu said in
a speech in Tel Aviv that alluded to Palestinian rejection of his demand to
recognise Israel as such in the US-backed negotiations, Reuters reports.


– TPP Critics Are 'Conspiracy Theorists'

Statehouse To Shrine A Satanic Monument

Senator: Non-English Speakers Qualify For Disability
Benefits More Quickly
Ranking Member of the Senate
Budget Committee Jeff Sessions (R., Ala.) sent a letter obtained exclusively by
the Free Beacon to
Acting Commissioner of the Social Security Administration Carolyn Colvin on
Thursday, raising concerns regarding revelations that individuals who cannot
speak English are fast-tracked for disability approval

Half in Illinois and
Connecticut Want to Move Elsewhere
Hawaii, Maine boast lowest rate of residents wanting to leave

Crisis – Common Infections Will Now Kill

Kiev Orders Restart Of Military
The decree will apply to
young men aged 18-25 who are not entitled to exemption or deferment from
military service.

Calls Kiev Poll A Sham

Petitioning To Have Obama Road Signs Pulled

Governor To Pass First State GMO Labeling Bill?

Scientific Studies Confirm Dangers Of Soy

Canadian Fired For Refusing Vaccine

Secret 'American' Army

Deadly Diesel Fuel Deception

second-in-command says Russia is now an enemy, not a partner
NATO Deputy Secretary General Alexander
Vershbow now says that the allied group has been compelled to treat Russia “as
more of an enemy than a partner,” according to an Associated Press report
published Thursday.

Ukrainian Crisis Was Always About Containing Russia
NATO’s continued existence is hegemonic
and its meddling in Ukraine an act of war against Russia.

IMF Demands Ukraine Risk World War 3 in Return For Bailout
The IMF has told Kiev that if it doesn’t
defend eastern areas of Ukraine against pro-Russian forces, or in other words
risk going to war with Russia and starting World War 3, that a planned $17
billion dollar bailout package will have to be “redesigned”.

Van (JESUIT) Rompuy: Unelected EU Will Control Europe and Flank
The unelected president of the European Council, Herman Van Rompuy, says the
globalist union will eventually control every country on Russia’s western

TEPCO moving forward with plan to build underground ice wall to
contain toxic water at Fukushima
TEPCO is moving forward with its plan to build a underground wall of ice to
limit toxic water contamination in the basements of the Fukushima nuclear plant
reactor buildings after its severe wounding in 2011.

FBI Releases Heavily Redacted Sandy Hook Records
The Hartford Courant – The FBI has
released about 175 pages of heavily blacked-out documents from the Sandy Hook
Elementary School massacre investigation. Of the 175 pages
released in response to a Courant Freedom of Information request, 64 were
completely redacted and most of the other 111 pages were heavily redacted.

Nevada Congressman seeks
probe of armed militia operations at Bundy ranch
(Reuters) – A congressman is
calling for a probe into the activities of armed militiamen who are supporting
a Nevada cattleman in a high profile showdown with federal authorities over
grazing rights, citing allegations…Representative Steven Horsford of Las Vegas,
in a letter sent on Sunday

Ben Swann, Why RT Has The State Department So Concerned
Ben Swann was a guest on the new RT show
“In The Now” Wednesday, where he was asked about claims by the U.S. State
Department that RT is a propaganda channel.

Justice Dept. Launches Covert Sanctions Against Gun Owners
The U.S. Department of Justice is
currently attacking the Second Amendment by fiat while constantly denying its
abuses despite clear evidence to the contrary.

America’s nuclear arsenal still runs off of 8-inch floppy discs
People from all over the political
spectrum are up in arms this week, following a 60 Minutes report on the state
of the US nuclear arsenal. Particularly, the segment exposes the old and
seemingly outdated technology that controls and underlies these most powerful
of weapons.

Is this even America? University blocks students from handing
out U.S. Constitution
A pair of students at the uber-liberal
University of Hawaii is suing the institution for violations of their First
Amendment rights after administrators there barred them from distributing
copies of the Constitution, a demonstration of just how little they know about
and appreciate the nation's founding legal document.

Judge Napolitano: Popular
Vote Would Kiss Away State Sovereignty
There's a growing effort to
get rid of the Electoral College in favor of the popular vote for president.
Supporters are more than halfway to their goal. However, is it constitutional?

Criminal Charges Against Banks Risk Sparking Crisis
Bloomberg – As U.S. Justice Department
prosecutors angle to bring the first criminal charges against global banks
since the financial crisis, they’ll have to stare down warnings of
uncontainable collateral damage.

HSBC Demands to Know How Customers Spend Their Money
An HSBC customer who wrote to economist
Martin Armstrong related how the bank, which itself was culpable of acting as a
conduit for “drug kingpins and rogue nations” in 2012, is now interrogating its
account holders on how they earn and spend their money.

Do-Nothing Congress Works On Loopholes For GE, Apple, And Other
On Tuesday, the House Ways and Means
Committee sent a package of bills to the House floor that would cost American
taxpayers hundreds of billions of dollars over the next ten years by making
permanent tax provisions multinational corporations use to avoid paying U.S.

Mung Bean Sprouts can Drastically Reduce Cancerous Tumors
Sprouts have been heralded for their
incredible nutrition and medicinal benefits. Mung bean sprouts are just one
sprout that can inhibit cancer cell growth.

Canola is the new margarine – throw it all out
America loves their canola! Who would
really eat it if they knew that it was made with hexane vapor — a gasoline
constituent? Even organic canola that's "expeller-pressed" comes from
something we're not even supposed to eat in the first place — rapeseed. Canola
is not a plant, or at least not until some mad scientists got a hold of
rapeseed and altered it.

The surprising health benefits of potatoes
Regular white potatoes are one of the
most controversial vegetables from a health perspective.

freshman’s ‘white privilege’ essay goes viral: ‘I apologize for nothing’
A freshman at Princeton
University wrote an epic rebuttal to the numerous occasions that he’s been told
to “check your privilege.”

Banks Started Laundering Massive Sums of Drug Money In the 1980s … And Are
Still Doing It Today
For More Than 30 Years, the
Big Banks Have Been Key Players In the Drug Trade.

Man Arrested For
Criticizing Islam
Chilling: Political leader
charged with hate crime for quoting Winston Churchill.

Apples Coated in Questionable Chemical that’s Banned in Europe
If you’re like the majority
of Americans, you eat an average of 10 pounds of apples each year.

Why Did This Cop Fire 4 Shots At A Teen Girl, Killing Her?
Family and friends of
19-year-old Samantha Ramsey are overcome with grief — and demanding answers.

Young generation ‘slaves’ to gadgets

Mexican military invading
times in last 18 years, armed foreign soldiers have breached border

General: We Didn't Even
Try To Save American Lives In Benghazi
A former general is accusing
the U.S. military of not even trying to save the Americans under attack at
Benghazi in 2012.

Facebook, others defy authorities, notify users of secret data demands

Russian official: NASA can
use a trampoline to get to space
Deputy Prime Minster Dmitry
Rogozin has some sour words after he is hit by U.S. sanctions.

White House seeks legal
immunity for firms that hand over customer data
Obama administration asks
legislators drafting NSA reforms to protect telecoms firms complying with court

Restore the Tenth: Western
States Now Want Feds, BLM Out
month’s US Federal siege at the Bundy Ranch in Nevada tore open an old American

Utah ranchers sue BLM,
demand removal of wild horses
Courts » Judge asked to order
federal agency to comply with the regulations.
The ranchers, angry about BLM
requests that they slash their herds (or the herds’ time on the range) in half,
formed the Western Rangeland Conservation Association this winter, pooling
their money to bring the lawsuit. The Utah Farm Bureau Federation along with
Iron and Beaver counties also have pledged money to pay for the lawsuit.
The lawsuit alleges the BLM
has failed to comply with the Wild Horses and Burros Act of 1971 by not
controlling the number of wild horses on BLM rangeland as well as on private
and state lands…the fact that the wild horses are federally protected,
plaintiffs can do nothing to prevent damages to their private and the public
rangelands," the lawsuit says.

Utah’s Stewart: BLM doesn’t need a ‘SWAT team’
Stewart, a member of the
House Appropriations Committee, says he’s going to try to cut funding for any
"paramilitary units" and require the BLM, Internal Revenue Service
and other regulatory agencies to rely on local law enforcement rather than
their own armed crews. "There are lots of people who are really concerned
when the BLM shows up with its own SWAT team," the Utah Republican said
off the House floor Tuesday, noting that land managers aren’t the only
government agents with serious firepower. "They’re regulatory agencies;
they’re not paramilitary units, and I think that concerns a lot of us."….Sen.
Rand Paul, R-Ky., told WHAS radio of Louisville, that the feds shouldn’t have
"48 federal agencies carrying weapons and having SWAT teams."

Utah lawmaker Lifferth apologizes
for bad-mouthing NAACP
"My joke was in poor
taste and insensitive to others," Lifferth wrote on a blog post Thursday.
"I have learned a lot in the past few days. The NCAAP [sic] is not a
racist organization. My logic was flawed."…On Tuesday, the Eagle Mountain
Republican tweeted — in reference to Sterling’s ouster as owner of the Clippers
after making racially intolerant comments — that "we should have
known Don Sterling was a racist when he gave money to the National Association
for the Advancement of Colored People." Lifferth followed that up, saying:
"Yes, any group that tries to advance specific people based of their race
is by definition racist."

Suit claims panhandling law
is unconstitutional
Courts » Homeless man says
Sandy police are violating his free speech rights.

BLM urgeshalt to illegal Recapture Utah
Canyon ATV ride
Public lands » Commissioner
would face legal consequences if he violates ATV ban in Recapture Canyon.
The federal Bureau of Land
Management has put a San Juan County commissioner on notice that his planned May 10
ATV ride into a southern Utah canyon closed to motorized use would violate
federal law, exposing him and his fellow riders to criminal or civil sanctions. .."I
strongly urge you to cancel the proposed ride in the closed portion
of the canyon," Lance Porter, BLM’s Canyon County district manager, wrote
in an April 28 letter to Lyman. "To the extent that you or anyone else
uses a motorized vehicle within the closed areas, BLM will seek all appropriate
civil and criminal penalties."

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