Top 10 Thugs Behind Pureheart Investments Ltd – Federal Reserve Fraud

Kerry Cassidy
Thur, May 1, 2014
Subject: White Hat Report #48

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About White Hat report #48
“. . . if the trumpet give an uncertain sound, who shall prepare himself for battle?” — I Corinthians 14:8 — 05/01/14
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“. . . that I should bear witness unto the truth.” — John 18:33 // David E. Robinson, Publisher
Thanks to Kerry Cassidy: Paladin
Speaks Out:
First of all, When Kerry offered me
the opportunity to write a column and
express my views and information I was
both flattered and inspired.
In my field of endeavor, opinions are
completely worthless and lack standing.
It’s all about proof and documentation and
the ability to present the information so
that the readers can understand it but
also to arrive at their own conclusions
based on solid evidence.
But before I get into the gist of this
article, I want to clarify a couple of things
regarding my interview with Kerry on
bitcoins. Bitcoin is just an example of
an alternative currency that creates a
direct threat to the cabal’s central
bankers and their control of our lives.
ANY virtual currency that competes with
what the bloodlines use to keep us in
perpetual slavery, is different from the
debt based system we have now.
Any form of money that is a true
medium of exchange not issued based
on debt for the simple use of it, will
severely threaten the cabal. The currency
we use now is not true currency but
rather paper that we have to pay interest
on for the mere use of it.
#48: Those of you familiar with the
White Hats Reports, are aware that we
have suspended publishing reports, and
more importantly, failed to release report
#48 as promised.
Our objective with these reports was
primarily to continue the exposure of the
withholding of the World Global
Settlements (WGS) funds, the Wanta
Funds, the CMKX debacle, and the
various other financial frauds perpetrated
by the cabal on well meaning individuals.
The primary focus was to let the cabal
know that WE KNEW and also to
connect some dots for others (law
enforcement, world leaders, etc) in the
optimistic sense that they would respond
in some positive way. Informing the
general public at large was secondary to
the main objective.
History will dictate whether the
reports have had or will have any effect
on the cabal’s stranglehold on humanity.
I sincerely hope they do but I may not
live to see that day.
Our intent was always to expose the
fraudulent financial system as it is the
foundation for the cabal’s control of our
lives. We are/were not partisan in any
way as we exposed both parties in the
US political arena in addition to cabalists
in other countries. Our agenda was
simple… to put pressure on the cabal
and others in the desire to see change
occur for the good of the people and all
As our readership grew, we began to
see a change in the way we were
perceived. It appeared that some were
under the impression that we were
constantly stating opinions and not
reporting facts. This was and still is,
amusing to us, as the complete lack of
knowledge and understanding of the
“game” did not prevent many from voicing
opinions based on…their opinion.
As I stated previously, the objective
of the reports was not to convince the
public of their authenticity but to put
pressure on the cabal.
From the beginning, we were getting
feedback through various sources that
our reports were hitting the mark in terms
of getting the attention of both the cabal
and world leaders all around the globe.
The exposure was constant and steady
and, in most cases, in real time as some
reports detailed events that had occurred
a day or two prior. All the while we were
walking a fine line between exposing the
truth and exposing operatives who risked
everything to get us the information. In
so doing, we had to keep in mind the
method of exposure had to protect the
ongoing flow of future information by not
revealing the sources and/or methods.
The birth of report 48 occurred on
February 16, 2012 when Lord David
James of Blackheath courageously
stood up in the House of Lords and
delivered his speech exposing the $15
trillion dollar fraud perpetrated by the
Federal Reserve, the US secret
government, the criminal banking
system, and the corrupt politicians who
are paid to look the other way, when we
the people of the US are put further into
debt to support the slave status we’re all
part of.
We then issued two reports the
following week which detailed not only
the origin of our group but also included
a copy of one of the SWIFTS for
(See White Hats report #36 and #37
Maine Republic Free State News, 3 Linnell Circle, Brunswick, Maine 04011 / /
The historic significance of Lord
James’ speech, cannot be underestimated.
For the first time, the very essence
of the cabal’s misdeeds, the financial
system, was exposed for all to see.
And what was the response?
Total silence…
Not one mainstream media outlet
reported on the story. Not one
investigation was started to look into the
matter as Lord James implored his
colleagues to do. And not one peep
from the public for demanding an
investigation and response to why $15
trillion of their money that happened to
get transferred overseas to some
obscure entity named Pureheart
Investments, LTD.
Not one.
We had begun investigating
Pureheart before Lord James’ historic
speech in the House of Lords but once
reports #36 and #37 were released, we
were deluged with various individuals and
entities reaching out to us in an effort to
assist in the exposure of the real story
behind Pureheart.
Out of this deluge, report #48 was
born. The deeper we went down the trail,
the more bizarre and mind blowing it
became. For us, who’ve seen our share
of bizarre and mind blowing, it was
something deeper… more sinister, than
we’ve ever experienced.
Through this process, we were able
to gather documents and information
which related to Pureheart’s formation,
history, alliances, key players and most
important of all, their objectives. This set
us on a path that took us out of the
realm of the financial system and into
the world of black projects, secret deals
with foreign countries touted by the
whore media to be our enemies,
advanced technology, and alien contacts.
Bits and pieces of this story had been
exposed over the years. The Black
Eagle Trust, the Five Star Trust, the
Russell Trust, Operation “Hammer”,
Yamashita’s Gold, and Confessions of
an Economic Hitman are just a few of
the dots that could now be connected to
the secret/shadow government. As we
investigated the origins, we were able to
follow it through to the present day and
Pureheart is the conduit for pilfering
money out of the financial system and
taking it down that dark hole into the
abyss, only to resurface in several
different places, all for the advancement
of the cabal’s control over humanity.
Black projects, false flags, payoffs
and bribes to politicians and public
officials, blackmail, murder, assassination,
satanic rituals, agreements with
off-worlders and numerous ongoing
crimes against humanity. The denial of
access to the secret technology that the
masses pay for, but the cabal utilizes to
better control us and systematically take
away our sovereign rights.
The origins of Pureheart trace back
to GOT (Global Oil Traders), SA, two
Saudi kings, Lucky Luciano and the five
originators of the secret government (the
Five Star Trust), Bush, Sr., Edward
Lansdale, William Colby, Roberto
Ferrara (aka Lorin Rosier), and Richard
Ferrera faked his own death and
recreated himself as Lorin Rossier, living
in a safe house in Europe with an
underground tunnel system that allows
him to come and go without being
surveilled. A corporate attorney (former)
of Pureheart who reached out to us giving
us information and claiming the cabal
possessed technology advanced 10,000
years of what is in the public domain.
A compelling story, to say the least.
Pureheart is a GSE (a ‘Government-
Sponsored Enterprise’). Other examples
of GSEs are Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac
and FICO. I guarantee, if you look up the
purpose and function of GSEs, it won’t
tell you that they were created by
Congress to steal trillions of dollars of
US taxpayer’s money for crimes against
humanity. And that’s EXACTLY what
Pureheart does and has been doing for
many years.
But I digress.
When we assembled all the data…
the notes of meetings, the joint venture
contracts with other countries, the
various documents relating to
solicitations, the notes of conversations
and the vetting of most of it, we came to
the conclusion that it would be a major
expose’ of the cabal. And I don’t use the
term major lightly. It’s one thing to talk
or write about it, it’s entirely another to
provide proof in the form of documents
numbering in the hundreds of pages.
The discussion of releasing #48
spanned several days and weeks with
consideration given to every conceivable
response and repercussion. Pros and
cons weighed and debated… sometimes
heatedly…before reaching the conclusion
in favor of delaying the release. We were
fully cognizant of putting many people in
harm’s way, including ourselves.
The vast number of documents we
received and contacts from information
sources after Lord James’ historic
speech was truly overwhelming. The cons
were first and foremost our own safety
and the safety of others involved directly
and indirectly. We could decide to
jeopardize ourselves and our families but
we couldn’t make that decision for other
people. Due to the nature and extreme
sensitivity of the documents, the list of
leakers/whistleblowers who assisted
with this effort would be a very short list,
easily narrowed. Another factor on the
con side of things was the issue of
possibly jeopardizing other phases of
actions being taken at the time and are
ongoing. Another factor—I’m not sure
whether it’s pro or con—has to do with
the fact that world leaders, politicians,
etc., already knew about most of the info
contained in #48. So in that regard, no
new information would be provided other
than perhaps some details or deals that
not all were aware of.
In my mind, the apathy of the general
public was the critical con factor that
made the decision not to publish #48
a no-brainer. It seems no one thought…
or understood… that the $15 Trillion fraud
exposed by Lord James in February of
2012 impacted every taxpaying
Most don’t know that the Federal
Reserve is a private corporation of cabal
Maine Republic Free State News, 3 Linnell Circle, Brunswick, Maine 04011 / /
bankers that make the rules for
themselves in the banking world without
Most don’t understand that Federal
income taxes are, in fact, interest
payments on the debt of the out of control
Most don’t know the dollar bills in
their pockets are not cash but debt with
the cabal given the freewheeling authority
to print dollars ad infinitum because the
Amerikan citizens are the collateral on
the debt.
Most don’t realize the reason an
illegal alien is allowed to hold the office
of President is because the US is a
corporation and they (being a US citizen)
have no such restrictions on corporate
And most don’t realize that the
political parties are two sides of the same
coin and have long ago sold us out to
their financial contributors and corporate
And even the ones who know all of
the above are not doing enough. Just
knowing isn’t enough… action needs
to be taken or nothing will change.
Perhaps it hasn’t dawned on everyone
that the cavalry isn’t coming, the ET’s
aren’t going to intervene and save us
and no religious idols/icons are going
to wave their hands and all will be
good again.
The deafening silence after Lord
James’ speech was evidence that our
reports, at least from the reading public’s
standpoint, had become nothing more
than episodes in an ongoing drama
serial that were mere entertainment.
Like a Robert Ludlum spy novel or a
Jerry Bruckheimer action movie.
If your house is on fire and you’ve
been informed it’s on fire and you do
nothing about it, what’s the point of
having a smoke detector?
Now… this is not to say that at some
appropriate point in time in the future,
#48 won’t be released. Every precaution
has been taken to preserve both the
integrity of the report and security of the
documents. I have been informed that
our reports have made an impact and
changes are occurring for the better as
a result. Personally, I see very little sign
of that but I remain hopeful. I do know
the cabal has been seriously challenged
on their plans and agenda but I’m not
convinced we’re going to be any better
off trading one type of tyranny for another.
Apologies are extended to those of
our readers who were not given an
explanation after the ill advised and ill
conceived publicity and build up
surrounding the release of report #48.
Hopefully this will put the issue to rest,
at least for the time being.
However, I’ll provide this link to a report
one of our colleagues put out that gives
an overview of what we discovered. There
are hundreds of pages of documents that
back up the information contained in this
The follow up information articulated
by Kerry should also be read to connect
all the dots.

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