Top 10 NWo Puppets – New World DisOrder Children In Chains – Dinar RV Phases

Alpha3Omega, Exogen, Fryar Tuck, etc…
Sat, May 3, 2014
Subject: Dinar RV CheckMate VIPs to be Arrested

“Arrests, GCR, Intel by Friar Tuck”
May 2, 2014
“Arrests, GCR, Intel by Friar Tuck” Posted by Exogen at Stage3Alpha

The game of espionage is dangerous. Those at the top of the ladder are unknown to the populace. Their names are never used in public. The closely guarded secrets are no longer secret. It was important that we found who was giving orders and running the show.

JP Morgan, Kissinger, Hitler, Queen Elizabeth, Bush clan, The Pope and many more are only pawns in the checker board. They are what the PTW call the “Children in Chains”.


Some will look towards the Black Pope as being the head leader, but in fact the head masters are as high up in the ranking as you can get. This way the blame is always kept on those who are only puppets and known in the public’s eye. Very few have ever met the PTW in person including their puppets.

CHECKMATE has been met as the highest ranking members no longer exist.

This game of chess has been playing out since 1549. Since 9/11 the team nearly quadrupled in size when many high ranking officials’s in the Military Industrial Complex finally saw the forest for the trees.

Mass arrests are not going to happen in the way many think. This will keep the populace from rioting and causing more chaos.

Many on Earth are stuck in the MK Ultra programmed matrix and are unwilling to lift the veil. To keep the shock factor down the decision was made to do this in phases.

These phases will not be noticed by many as they will be small but life changing. There is not much more these evil groups can do as their power has been taken away. It is kind of like a malfunctioning robot. This is why many weird moves are being made by evil in the public’s eye.

Such as missing planes that caused the media to scramble for information when finding out it really was not done by those who own them, and in the end their stories kept getting sillier and sillier.

The GLOBAL RESET: The RV is only part of this. The money releases will come as most all is set into motion.

The trigger should be pulled no latter then May 22, 2014.

The release of this will be done in phases. If we release money to every person in the world, goods, services and food industries will be overwhelmed. This is why it will be done in phases.

The new tech will be released first. This will free up money for many people making life much easier. At the same time Social Security payments will increase as well as welfare, food stamps, disability, wages, retirement and pensions. The increases will be done in slowly while the technology is being released slowly.

Humanity will rise above the need for monetary value as it was a concept that was introduced by the PTW for further world domination. Money will phase out and no longer be needed.

Many rumors and made up Intel is floating around. That means about 85% of it is all made up. They are perceptions based on mainstream news and current events in most situations. A story can be viewed your way based on a one track mind.

Keep that in mind. It is a tactic used by the puppets that will be rounded up like a thief in the night. You will watch many disappear off the scene. The five biggest controlling factors will be taken down, Government, Military, Big Pharm, Banking, and Schooling.

Congress and all pending legislation will be broadcasted for people’s vote on paper ballot.

The Governmental body will be reduced by leaps and bounds. Nothing will be introduced to a ballot that has long term ill effects on Humanity or the Earth.

The original plan was scrapped and a new one was formed. We have a team of many well trained individuals who want Common Law to be the Universal Law on Earth. Do not harm to others or their property.

If you have been paying attention it is by no accident Common Law Grand Juries are popping up everywhere. Free Will is to be respected as well as an individual responsibility. Many emotions are ripe and ready to help stir chaos if things are revealed all at once. This is why they are and have been being revealed slowly in what we call “Soft Disclosure”.

You will notice this in many movies, TV shows, and news stations.

The script is going to be vamped up for more to be released on May 22, 2014 involving disclosure of corruption and Earth’s past as well as the illusive Global Reset, RV, PP’s, NESARA and much more.

The last report I was able to send out was in 2003. Hopefully I can update more in the future. Until then, God Bless you All!

The following 728 individuals all actively and knowingly conspire in well-planned efforts and constructions to consolidate power and resources – with the intention to establish a world government which would provide them with full immunity from any form of prosecution regarding their past and future crimes – and are therefore, according to Round-op Alpha, collectively guilty of crimes against the sovereignty of their respective nations and against humanity as a whole, i.e.:
•High-level brigandage: Looting of public wealth; oppressing of populations; attacking the rights to good health, education, personal/national sovereignty and real security; the murdering in name of corporate profits; democide; psychological warfare; (eco-) terrorism – which deliberately jeopardizes any attempts for world peace and causes regional, cultural tensions, armed conflicts, forced poverty and the decay of the public’s health, the public order and society as a whole.

The Complete List of those VIPS to be picked up
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1.Ki-moon, Ban /SOUTH KOREA/ PDF
2.Eliasson, Jan /SWEDEN/ PDF
3.Malcorra, Susana /ARGENTINA/ PDF
5.Sajdik, Martin /AUSTRIA – USA/ PDF
6.Tomka, Peter /SLOVAKIA/ PDF
7.Sepúlveda-Amor, Bernardo /MEXICO/ PDF
8.Pachauri, Rajendra K. /INDIA/ PDF
9.Lee, Hoesung /SOUTH KOREA/ PDF
10.van Ypersele, Jean-Pascal /BELGIUM/ PDF
11.El Gizouli, Ismail A.R. /SUDAN/ PDF
12.Bokova, Irina /BULGARIA/ PDF
13.da Silva, José Graziano /BRAZIL/ PDF
14.Aliu, Olumuyiwa Benard /NIGERIA/ PDF
15.Nwanze, Kanayo F. /NIGERIA/ PDF
16.Sekimizu, Koji /JAPAN/ PDF
17.Lagarde, Christine /FRANCE/ PDF
18.Lipton, David /USA/ PDF
19.Viñals, José /SPAIN/ PDF
20.Blanchard, Olivier /FRANCE/ PDF
21.Touré, Hamadoun /MALI/ PDF
22.Zhao, Houlin /CHINA/ PDF
23.Yong, Li /CHINA/ PDF
24.Chan, Margaret /CHINA/ PDF
25.Halton, Jane /AUSTRALIA/PDF
26.Grimes, David /CANADA/ PDF
27.Moura, Antonio Divino /BRAZIL/ PDF
28.Ostojski, Mieczyslaw S. /POLAND/ PDF
29.Mokssit, Abdalah /MOROCCO/ PDF
30.Zerbo, Lassina /BURKINA FASO/ PDF
31.Dubourg, Thierry /FRANCE/ PDF
32.Li, Genxin /CHINA/ PDF
33.Bell, W. Randy /USA/ PDF
34.Maryssael, Vorian /MEXICO/ PDF
35.Rozhkov, Oleg /RUSSIA/ PDF
36.Ozawa, Toshiro /JAPAN/ PDF
37.Azeez, Aliyar Lebbe Abdul /SRI LANKA/ PDF
38.Haak, Hein [1, 2] /THE NETHERLANDS/ PDF
39.Weston, Michael [1, 2] /UK/ PDF
40.Amano, Yukiya /JAPAN/ PDF
41.Dunn Lee, Janice /USA/ PDF
42.Mohamad, Daud /MALAYSIA/ PDF
43.Aning, Kwaku /GHANA – USA/ PDF
44.Varjoranta, Tero /FINLAND/ PDF
45.Bychkov, Alexander /RUSSIA/ PDF
46.Flory, Denis /FRANCE/ PDF
47.Horin, Olexandr [1, 2] /UKRAINE/ PDF
48.Azevêdo, Roberto /BRAZIL/ PDF
49.Agah, Yonov Frederick [1, 2] /NIGERIA/ PDF
50.Brauner, Karl [1, 2] /GERMANY/ PDF
51.Shark, David [1, 2] /USA/ PDF
52.Xiaozhun, Yi [1, 2] /CHINA/ PDF
53.Gore, Al /USA/ PDF
54.Buffett, Warren [2] /USA/ PDF

1.Kim, Jim Yong [1, 2] /USA – SOUTH KOREA/ PDF
2.Indrawati, Sri Mulyani /INDONESIA – USA/ PDF
3.Badré, Bertrand /FRANCE/ PDF
4.Mohieldin, Mahmoud /EGYPT/ PDF
5.Basu, Kaushik [1, 2] /INDIA/ PDF
6.Leroy, Anne-Marie /FRANCE/ PDF
7.Kyte, Rachel /USA/ PDF
8.De Villeroche, Hervé /FRANCE/ PDF
9.Hines, Gwen /UK/ PDF
10.Hoven, Ingrid G. /GERMANY/ PDF
11.Aviel, Sara Margalit [1, 2] /USA/ PDF
12.Suzuki, Hideaki /JAPAN/ PDF
13.Chen, Shixin /CHINA/ PDF

1.Rothensteiner, Walter /AUSTRIA/ PDF
2.Treichl, Andreas /AUSTRIA/ PDF
3.Sigurgestsson, Hörður /ICELAND/ PDF
4.Lundestad, Geir /NORWAY/ PDF Oliveira, Manuel Ferreira /PORTUGAL/ PDF
6.Salgado, Ricardo /PORTUGAL/ PDF
7.Silva, Artur Santos /PORTUGAL/ PDF
8.Mazzie, Mark G. /USA/ PDF
9.McKinnon, Neil /CANADA/ (status unknown) PDF
10.Sikora, Sławomir /POLAND/ PDF
11.Bon, Michel /FRANCE/ PDF
12.Lévy-Lang, André /FRANCE/ PDF
13.Schrempp, Jürgen Erich /GERMANY/ PDF
14.Szwajcowski, Jacek /POLAND/ PDF
15.Barnevik, Percy Nils /SWEDEN/ PDF
16.Stråberg, Hans /SWEDEN/ PDF
17.Uǧur, Agah [2] /TURKEY/ PDF
18.Browne, Edmund John Philip /UK/ PDF
19.Gerstner, Louis Vincent /USA/ PDF
20.Bergsten, C. Fred /FRANCE/ PDF
21.Pipes, Richard Edgar [2] /USA/ PDF
22.Black, Conrad Moffat /CANADA/ PDF
23.Frum, David J. /CANADA/ PDF
24.Beytout, Nicolas /FRANCE/ PDF
25.Rossella, Carlo /ITALY/ PDF
26.Ringier, Michael /SWITZERLAND/ PDF
27.Kohen, Sami [2] /TURKEY/ PDF
28.Hutton, William Nicolas /UK/ PDF
29.Knight, Andrew Stephen Bower /UK/ PDF
30.Stephanopoulos, George Robert /USA/ PDF
31.Scheel, Walter /GERMANY/ PDF
32.Eliot, Theodore L. /USA/ PDF
33.Yost, Casimir A. /USA/ PDF
34.Allaire, Paul Arthur /USA/ PDF
35.Rockefeller, Sharon Percy /USA/ PDF

BILDERBERG [2010, 2011, 2012, 2013]
1.Davignon, Etienne /BELGIUM/ Vice Chairman, Suez-Tractebel PDF
2.Achleitner, Paul M. /GERMANY/ Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Deutsche Bank AG PDF
3.Ackermann, Josef /GERMANY/ Chairman of the Management Board and the Group Executive Committee, Deutsche Bank AG PDF
4.Agius, Marcus /UK/ Former Chairman, Barclays Bank PLC PDF
5.Ajami, Fouad /USA/ Senior Fellow, The Hoover Institution, Stanford University PDF
6.Alexander, Helen /UK/ Chairman, UBM plc PDF
7.Alexander, Keith B. /USA/ Commander, USCYBERCOM; Director, National Security Agency PDF
8.Alierta, César /SPAIN/ Chairman and CEO, Telefónica PDF
9.Almunia, Joaquín /SPAIN/ Commissioner, European Commission PDF
10.Altman, Roger C. /USA/ Chairman, Evercore Partners Inc. PDF
11.Amado, Luís /PORTUGAL/ Chairman, Banco Internacional do Funchal (BANIF) PDF
12.Andresen, Johan H. /NORWAY/ Owner and CEO, FERD PDF
13.Apunen, Matti /FINLAND/ Director, Finnish Business and Policy Forum EVA PDF
14.Arrison, Sonia /USA/ Author and policy analyst PDF
15.Athey, Susan /USA/ Professor of Economics, Stanford Graduate School of Business PDF
16.Aydıntaşbaş, Aslı /TURKEY/ Columnist, Milliyet Newspaper PDF
17.Babacan, Ali /TURKEY/ Deputy Prime Minister for Economic and Financial Affairs PDF
18.Bäckström, Urban /SWEDEN/ Director General, Confederation of Swedish Enterprise PDF
19.Balls, Edward M. /UK/ Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer PDF
20.Balsemão, Francisco Pinto /PORTUGAL/ Chairman and CEO, IMPRESA, S.G.P.S.; Former Prime Minister PDF
21.Barré, Nicolas /FRANCE/ Managing Editor, Les Echos PDF
22.Barroso, José M. Durão /PORTUGAL/ President, European Commission PDF
23.Baverez, Nicolas /FRANCE/ Partner, Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher LLP PDF
24.Bavinchove, Olivier de /FRANCE/ Commander, Eurocorps PDF
25.Bazire, Nicolas /FRANCE/ Managing Director, Groupe Arnault /LVMH PDF
26.Béchu, Christophe /FRANCE/ Senator, and Chairman, General Council of Maine-et-Loire PDF
27.Bell, John /UK/ Regius Professor of Medicine, University of Oxford PDF
28.Berberoğlu, Enis /TURKEY/ Editor-in-Chief, Hürriyet Newspaper PDF
29.Bernabè, Franco /ITALY/ CEO, Telecom Italia S.p.A. PDF
30.Bezos, Jeff /USA/ Founder and CEO, PDF
31.Bildt, Carl /SWEDEN/ Minister of Foreign Affairs PDF
32.Björling, Ewa /SWEDEN/ Minister for Trade PDF
33.Blåfield, Antti /FINLAND/ Senior Editorial Writer, Helsingin Sanomat PDF
34.Boles, Nick /UK/ Member of Parliament PDF
35.Bolland, Marc J. /THE NETHERLANDS/ Chief Executive, Marks and Spencer Group plc PDF
36.Bonnier, Jonas /SWEDEN/ President and CEO, Bonnier AB PDF
37.Borg, Anders /SWEDEN/ Minister for Finance PDF
38.Botín, Ana P. /SPAIN/ Executive Chairman, Banesto PDF
39.Boxmeer, Jean François van /THE NETHERLANDS/ Chairman of the Executive Board and CEO, Heineken N.V. PDF
40.Brabeck-Letmathe, Peter /SWITZERLAND/ Chairman, Nestlé S.A. PDF
41.Brandtzæg, Svein Richard /NORWAY/ CEO, Norsk Hydro ASA PDF
42.Bredow, Vendeline von /UK/ Business Correspondent, The Economist PDF
43.Bronner, Oscar /AUSTRIA/ Publisher and Editor, Der Standard PDF
44.Çakir, Ruşen /TURKEY/ Journalist PDF
45.Cameron, David /UK/ Prime Minister PDF
46.Campbell, Gordon /CANADA/ Premier of British Columbia PDF
47.Carlsson, Gunilla /SWEDEN/ Minister for International Development Cooperation PDF
48.Carney, Mark J. /CANADA/ Governor, Bank of Canada PDF
49.Carvajal Urquijo, Jaime /SPAIN/ Managing Director, Advent International PDF
50.Castries, Henri de /FRANCE/ Chairman of the Management Board and CEO, AXA PDF
51.Cebrián, Juan Luis /SPAIN/ CEO, PRISA PDF
52.Cernko, Willibald /AUSTRIA/ CEO, UniCredit Bank Austria AG PDF
53.Chalendar, Pierre André de /FRANCE/ Chairman and CEO, Saint-Gobain PDF
54.Chavannes, Marc E. /THE NETHERLANDS/ Political Columnist, NRC Handelsblad; Professor of Journalism, University of Groningen PDF
55.Christiansen, Jeppe /DENMARK/ CEO, Maj Invest PDF
56.Chubais, Anatoly B. /RUSSIA/ CEO, OJSC RUSNANO PDF
57.Ciliv, Süreyya /TURKEY/ CEO, Turkcell Iletisim Hizmetleri A.S. PDF
58.Cisneros, Gustavo A. /SPAIN/ Chairman and CEO, Cisneros Group of Companies PDF
59.Clark, W. Edmund /CANADA/ President and CEO, TD Bank Financial Group PDF
60.Clarke, Kenneth /UK/ Member of Parliament, Lord Chancellor and Secretary of Justice PDF
61.Coene, Luc /BELGIUM/ Governor, National Bank of Belgium PDF
62.Collins, Timothy C. /USA/ Senior Managing Director and CEO, Ripplewood Holdings, LLC PDF
63.Conti, Fulvio /ITALY/ CEO and General Manager, Enel SpA PDF
64.Corydon, Bjarne /DENMARK/ Minister of Finance PDF
65.Cospedal, María Dolores de /SPAIN/Secretary General, Partido Popular PDF
66.Cowper-Coles, Sherard /UK/ Business Development Director, International, BAE Systems plc PDF
67.Cucchiani, Enrico Tommaso /ITALY/ CEO, Intesa Sanpaolo SpA PDF
68.Daele, Frans van /BELGIUM/ Chief of Staff to the President of the European Council PDF
69.Daniels, Jr., Mitchell E. /USA/ Governor of Indiana PDF
70.David, George A. /GREECE/ Chairman, Coca-Cola H.B.C. S.A. PDF
71.Davis, Ian /UK/ Chairman, Rolls-Royce plc PDF
72.DeMuth, Christopher /USA/ Distinguished Fellow, Hudson Institute PDF
73.Dijkgraaf, Robbert H. /THE NETHERLANDS/ Director and Leon Levy Professor, Institute for Advanced Study PDF
74.Dinçer, Haluk /TURKEY/ President, Retail and Insurance Group, Sabancı Holding A.S. PDF
75.Donilon, Thomas E. /USA/ National Security Advisor, The White House PDF
76.Dudley, Robert /UK/ Group Chief Executive, BP plc PDF
77.Eberstadt, Nicholas N. /USA/ Henry Wendt Chair in Political Economy, American Enterprise Institute PDF
78.Eide, Espen Barth /NORWAY/ Minister of Foreign Affairs PDF
79.Ekholm, Börje /SWEDEN/ President and CEO, Investor AB PDF
80.Eldrup, Anders /DENMARK/ CEO, DONG Energy PDF
81.Elkann, John /ITALY/ Chairman, Fiat S.p.A. PDF
82.Enders, Thomas /GERMANY/ CEO, Airbus SAS PDF
83.Entrecanales, José Manuel /SPAIN/ Chairman, Acciona PDF
84.Evans, J. Michael /USA/ Vice Chairman, Global Head of Growth Markets, Goldman Sachs & Co. PDF
85.Faymann, Werner /AUSTRIA/ Federal Chancellor PDF
86.Federspiel, Ulrik /DENMARK/ Vice President Global Affairs, Haldor Topsøe A/S PDF
87.Feldstein, Martin S. /USA/ George F. Baker Professor of Economics, Harvard University PDF
88.Ferguson, Niall /USA/ Laurence A. Tisch Professor of History, Harvard University PDF
89.Ferreira Alves, Clara /PORTUGAL/ CEO, Claref LDA; writer [1, 2, 3] PDF
90.Fillon, François /FRANCE/ Former Prime Minister PDF
91.Fischer, Heinz /AUSTRIA/ Federal President PDF
92.Fishman, Mark C. /USA/ President, Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research PDF
93.Flint, Douglas J. /UK/ Group Chairman, HSBC Holdings plc PDF
94.Fu, Ying /CHINA/ Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs PDF
95.Gallagher, Paul /IRELAND/ Attorney General PDF
96.Gates, William H. /USA/ Co-chair, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Chairman, Microsoft Corporation PDF
97.Gephardt, Richard A. /USA/ President and CEO, Gephardt Group PDF
98.Gfoeller, Michael /USA/ Political Consultant PDF
99.Giannitsis, Anastasios /GREECE/ Former Minister of Interior; Professor of Development and International Economics, University of Athens PDF
100.Goolsbee, Austan D. /USA/ Professor of Economics, University of Chicago Booth School of Business PDF
101.Gordon, Philip H. /USA/ Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs PDF
102.Graham, Donald E. /USA/ Chairman and CEO, The Washington Post Company PDF
103.Groth, Hans /SWITZERLAND/ Senior Director, Healthcare Policy & Market Access, Oncology Business Unit, Pfizer Europe PDF
104.Gruber, Lilli /ITALY/ Journalist – Anchorwoman, La 7 TV PDF
105.Gucht, Karel de /BELGIUM/ Commissioner, European Commission PDF
106.Guindos, Luis de /SPAIN/ Minister of Economy and Competitiveness PDF
107.Gülek Domac, Tayyibe /TURKEY/ Former Minister of State [1, 2] PDF
108.Gürel, Z. Damla /TURKEY/ Special Adviser to the President on EU Affairs [1, 2] PDF
109.Gutzwiller, Felix /SWITZERLAND/ Member of the Swiss Council of States PDF
110.Halberstadt, Victor /THE NETHERLANDS/ Professor of Economics, Leiden University; Former Honorary Secretary General of Bilderberg Meetings PDF
111.Hardouvelis, Gikas A. /GREECE/ Chief Economist and Head of Research, Eurobank EFG PDF
112.Harris, Britt /USA/ CIO, Teacher Retirement System of Texas PDF
113.Heinonen, Olli /FINLAND/ Senior Fellow, Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, Harvard Kennedy School of Government PDF
114.Henry, Simon /UK/ CFO, Royal Dutch Shell plc PDF
115.Hermelin, Paul /FRANCE/ Chairman and CEO, Capgemini Group PDF
116.Hoffman, Reid /USA/ Co-founder and Executive Chairman, LinkedIn PDF
117.Hommen, Jan H.M. /THE NETHERLANDS/ Chairman, ING Group PDF
118.Hormats, Robert D. /USA/ Under Secretary for Economic, Energy and Agricultural Affairs PDF
119.Huang, Yiping /CHINA/ Professor of Economics, China Center for Economic Research, Peking University PDF
120.Hughes, Chris R. /USA/ Co-founder, Facebook PDF
121.Huntsman, Jr., Jon M. /USA/ Chairman, Huntsman Cancer Foundation PDF
122.Huyghebaert, Jan /BELGIUM/ Chairman of the Board of Directors, KBC Group PDF
123.Ischinger, Wolfgang /GERMANY/ Chairman, Munich Security Conference; Global Head Government Relations, Allianz SE PDF
124.Isla, Pablo /SPAIN/ Chairman and CEO, Inditex Group PDF
125.Ivanov, Igor S. /RUSSIA/ Associate member, Russian Academy of Science; President, Russian International Affairs Council PDF
126.Jacobs, Kenneth M. /USA/ Chairman & CEO, Lazard PDF
127.Janom Steiner, Barbara /SWITZERLAND/ Head of the Department of Justice, Security and Health, Canton Grisons PDF
128.Johansson, Ole /FINLAND/ Chairman, Confederation of the Finnish Industries EK PDF
129.Johnson, James A. /USA/ Vice Chairman, Perseus, LLC PDF
130.Jordan, Thomas J. /SWITZERLAND/ Chairman of the Governing Board, Swiss National Bank PDF
131.Jordan, Jr., Vernon E. /USA/ Senior Managing Director, Lazard Frères & Co. LLC PDF
132.Kaplan, Robert D. /USA/ Chief Geopolitical Analyst, Stratfor PDF
133.Karp, Alexander /USA/ CEO, Palantir Technologies PDF
134.Karsner, Alexander /USA/ Executive Chairman, Manifest Energy, Inc PDF
135.Karvar, Anousheh /FRANCE/ Inspector, Inter-ministerial Audit and Evaluation Office for Social, Health, Employment and Labor Policies PDF
136.Kasparov, Garry /RUSSIA/ Chairman, United Civil Front (of Russia) PDF
137.Katainen, Jyrki /FINLAND/ Minister of Finance PDF
138.Keane, John M. /USA/ Senior Partner, SCP Partners PDF
139.Kerr, John /UK/ Member, House of Lords; Deputy Chairman, Royal Dutch Shell plc. PDF
140.Kerry, John /USA/ Senator for Massachusetts PDF
141.Keyman, E. Fuat /TURKEY/ Director, Istanbul Policy Center and Professor of International Relations, Sabanci University PDF
142.King Philippe of Belgium PDF
143.Kissinger, Henry A. /USA/ Chairman, Kissinger Associates, Inc. PDF
144.Kleinfeld, Klaus /USA/ Chairman and CEO, Alcoa PDF
145.Knot, Klaas H.W. /THE NETHERLANDS/ President, De Nederlandsche Bank PDF
146.Koç, Mustafa V. /TURKEY/ Chairman, Koç Holding A.Ş. PDF
147.Koch, Roland /GERMANY/ CEO, Bilfinger Berger SE PDF
148.Kodmani, Bassma /SYRIA/ Member of the Executive Bureau and Head of Foreign Affairs, Syrian National Council PDF
149.Kravis, Henry R. /USA/ Founding Partner, Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co. PDF
150.Kravis, Marie-Josée /USA/ Senior Fellow, Hudson Institute, Inc. PDF
151.Kroes, Neelie /THE NETHERLANDS/ Commissioner, European Commission PDF
152.Krupp, Fred /USA/ President, Environmental Defense Fund PDF
153.Kudelski, André /SWITZERLAND/ Chairman and CEO, Kudelski Group SA PDF
154.Kyriacopoulos, Ulysses /GREECE/ Chairman, S&B Industrial Minerals S.A. PDF
155.Lambert, Richard /UK/ Independent Non-Executive Director, Ernst & Young PDF
156.Lamy, Pascal /FRANCE/ Director General, World Trade Organization PDF
157.Lander, Eric S. /USA/ President and Director, Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT PDF
158.Lauk, Kurt J. /GERMANY/ Chairman of the Economic Council to the CDU, Berlin PDF
159.Lauvergeon, Anne /FRANCE/ Chairman of the Executive Board, AREVA PDF
160.León Gross, Bernardino /SPAIN/ Secretary General, Office of the Prime Minister PDF
161.Lessig, Lawrence /USA/ Roy L. Furman Professor of Law and Leadership, Harvard Law School; Director, Edmond J. Safra Center for Ethics, Harvard University PDF
162.Letta, Enrico /ITALY/ Deputy Leader, Democratic Party (PD) PDF
163.Leuthard, Doris /SWITZERLAND/ Federal Councillor PDF
164.Levite, Ariel E. /ISRAEL/ Nonresident Senior Associate, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace PDF
165.Lévy, Maurice /FRANCE/ Chairman and CEO, Publicis Groupe S.A. PDF
166.Leysen, Thomas /BELGIUM/ Chairman, Umicore, Chairman of the Board of Directors, KBC Group PDF
167.Li, Cheng /USA/ Senior Fellow and Director of Research, John L. Thornton China Center, Brookings Institution PDF
168.Lindner, Christian /GERMANY/ Party Leader, Free Democratic Party (FDP NRW) PDF
169.Lipsky, John /USA/ Distinguished Visiting Scholar, Johns Hopkins University PDF
170.Liveris, Andrew N. /USA/ President, Chairman and CEO, The Dow Chemical Company PDF
171.Löfven, Stefan /SWEDEN/ Party Leader, Social Democratic Party (SAP) PDF
172.Löscher, Peter /GERMANY/ Chairman of the Board of Management, Siemens AG PDF
173.Lynn, William J. /USA/ Chairman and CEO, DRS Technologies, Inc. PDF
174.Magnus, Birger /NORWAY/ Chairman, Storebrand ASA PDF
175.Mandelson, Peter /UK/ Member, House of Lords; Chairman, Global Counsel PDF
176.Mansbridge, Peter /CANADA/ Chief Correspondent, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation PDF
177.Mathews, Jessica T. /USA/ President, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace PDF
178.McDowell, Michael /IRELAND/ Senior Counsel, Law Library; Former Deputy Prime Minister PDF
179.Mchangama, Jacob /DENMARK/ Director of Legal Affairs, Center for Political Studies (CEPOS) PDF
180.McKenna, Frank /CANADA/ Deputy Chair, TD Bank Financial Group PDF
181.Mehlman, Kenneth B. /USA/ Partner, Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co. PDF
182.Micklethwait, John /UK/ Editor-in-Chief, The Economist PDF
183.Montbrial, Thierry de /FRANCE/ President, French Institute for International Relations PDF
184.Monti, Mario /ITALY/ President, Universita Commerciale Luigi Bocconi PDF
185.Mordashov, Alexey A. /RUSSIA/ CEO, Severstal PDF
186.Moreira da Silva, Jorge /PORTUGAL/ First Vice-President, Partido Social Democrata (PSD) PDF
187.Moyo, Dambisa F. /ZAMBIA/ Economist and Author PDF
188.Mundie, Craig J. /USA/ Chief Research and Strategy Officer, Microsoft Corporation PDF
189.Myklebust, Egil /NORWAY/ Former Chairman of the Board of Directors SAS, Norsk Hydro ASA PDF
190.Nagel, Alberto /ITALY/ CEO, Mediobanca PDF
191.Naím, Moisés /USA/ Editor-in-Chief, Foreign Policy PDF
192.Nass, Matthias /GERMANY/ Chief International Correspondent, Die Zeit PDF
193.Ng, Andrew Y. /USA/ Co-Founder, Coursera PDF
194.Nin Génova, Juan María /SPAIN/ President and CEO, La Caixa PDF
195.Nogueira Leite, António /PORTUGAL/ Member of the Board, José de Mello Investimentos, SGPS, SA PDF
196.Noonan, Michael /IRELAND/ Minister for Finance PDF
197.Noonan, Peggy /USA/ Author, Columnist, The Wall Street Journal PDF
198.Nyrup Rasmussen, Poul /DENMARK/ Former Prime Minister PDF
199.Oldham, John /UK/ National Clinical Lead for Quality and Productivity PDF
200.Ollila, Jorma /FINLAND/ Chairman, Royal Dutch Shell plc PDF
201.Omand, David /UK/ Visiting Professor, King’s College London PDF
202.Orbinski, James /CANADA/ Professor of Medicine and Political Science, University of Toronto PDF
203.Orszag, Peter R. /USA/ Director, Office of Management and Budget PDF
204.Osborne, George /UK/ Chancellor of the Exchequer PDF
205.Ottersen, Ole Petter /NORWAY/ Rector, University of Oslo PDF
206.Ottolenghi, Emanuele /USA/ Senior Fellow, Foundation for Defense of Democracies PDF
207.Özel, Soli /TURKEY/ Senior Lecturer, Kadir Has University; Columnist, Habertürk Newspaper PDF
208.Özilhan, Tuncay /TURKEY/ Chairman, Anadolu Group PDF
209.Papaconstantinou, George /GREECE/ Minister of Finance PDF
210.Papahelas, Alexis /GREECE/ Executive Editor, Kathimerini Newspaper PDF
211.Papalexopoulos, Dimitri /GREECE/ Managing Director, Titan Cement Co. PDF
212.Parker, Sean /USA/ Managing Partner, Founders Fund PDF
213.Pavey, Şafak /TURKEY/ Member of Parliament (CHP) PDF
214.Pechtold, Alexander /THE NETHERLANDS/ Parliamentary Leader, Democrats ’66 (D66) PDF
215.Pécresse, Valérie /FRANCE/ Member of Parliament (UMP) PDF
216.Pekin, Şefika /TURKEY/ Founding Partner, Pekin & Bayar Law Firm [1, 2] PDF
217.Pentikäinen, Mikael /FINLAND/ Publisher and Senior Editor-in-Chief, Helsingin Sanomat PDF
218.Perle, Richard N. /USA/ Resident Fellow, American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research PDF
219.Petraeus, David H. /USA/ General, U.S. Army (Retired) PDF
220.Polanco, Ignacio /SPAIN/ Chairman, Grupo PRISA PDF
221.Polman, Paul /THE NETHERLANDS/ CEO, Unilever PLC PDF
222.Portas, Paulo /PORTUGAL/ Minister of State and Foreign Affairs PDF
223.Prichard, J. Robert S. /CANADA/ President and CEO, Metrolinx PDF
224.Prince Haakon of Norway PDF
225.Princess Beatrix of the Netherlands PDF
226.Queen Sofía of Spain PDF
227.Rabinovich, Itamar /ISRAEL/ Global Distinguished Professor, New York University PDF
228.Rachman, Gideon /UK/ Chief Foreign Affairs Commentator, The Financial Times PDF
229.Ramanantsoa, Bernard /FRANCE/ Dean, HEC Paris Group PDF
230.Rangel, Paulo /PORTUGAL/ Member, European Parliament PDF
231.Rattner, Steven /USA/ Chairman, Willett Advisors LLC PDF
232.Redford, Alison M. /CANADA/ Premier of Alberta PDF
233.Reding, Viviane /LUXEMBOURG/ Vice President and Commissioner for Justice, Fundamental Rights and Citizenship, European Commission PDF
234.Reisman, Heather M. /CANADA/ Chair and CEO, Indigo Books & Music Inc. PDF
235.Reitzle, Wolfgang /GERMANY/ CEO & President, Linde AG PDF
236.Renström, Lars /SWEDEN/ President and CEO, Alfa Laval PDF
237.Rey, Hélène /FRANCE/ Professor of Economics, London Business School PDF
238.Rinnooy Kan, Alexander H.G. /THE NETHERLANDS/ Chairman, Social and Economic Council of the Netherlands (SER) PDF
239.Robertson, Simon /UK/ Partner, Robertson Robey Associates LLP; Deputy Chairman, HSBC Holdings PDF
240.Rocca, Gianfelice /ITALY/ Chairman, Techint PDF
241.Rockefeller, David /USA/ Former Chairman, Chase Manhattan Bank PDF
242.Rodriguez Inciarte, Matías /SPAIN/ Executive Vice Chairman, Grupo Santander PDF
243.Rogoff, Kenneth S. /USA/ Professor of Economics, Harvard University PDF
244.Rompuy, Herman van /BELGIUM/ President, European Council PDF
245.Rose, Charlie /USA/ Producer, Rose Communications PDF
246.Rosenthal, Uri /THE NETHERLANDS/ Minister of Foreign Affairs PDF
247.Ross, Dennis B. /USA/ Counselor, Washington Institute for Near East Policy PDF
248.Rostowski, Jacek /POLAND/ Minister of Finance PDF
249.Roy, Olivier /FRANCE/ Professor of Social and Political Theory, European University Institute PDF
250.Rubin, Robert E. /USA/ Co-Chairman, Council on Foreign Relations; Former Secretary of the Treasury PDF
251.Rutte, Mark /THE NETHERLANDS/ Prime Minister PDF
252.Sabanci Dinçer, Suzan /TURKEY/ Chairman, Akbank PDF
253.Sáenz de Santamaría Antón, Soraya /SPAIN/ Vice President and Minister for the Presidency PDF
254.Scaroni, Paolo /ITALY/ CEO, Eni S.p.A. PDF
255.Scheffer, Paul /THE NETHERLANDS/ Professor of European Studies, Tilburg University PDF
256.Schieder, Andreas /AUSTRIA/ State Secretary of Finance PDF
257.Schmid, Martin /SWITZERLAND/ President, Government of the Canton Grisons PDF
258.Schmidt, Eric /USA/ CEO and Chairman of the Board, Google PDF
259.Scholten, Rudolf /AUSTRIA/ Member of the Board of Executive Directors, Oesterreichische Kontrollbank AG PDF
260.Scholz, Olaf /GERMANY/ Vice Chairman, SPD PDF
261.Schütze, Peter /DENMARK/ Member of the Executive Management, Nordea Bank AB PDF
262.Schweiger, Rolf /SWITZERLAND/ Member of the Swiss Council of States PDF
263.Seguro, António José /PORTUGAL/ Secretary General, Socialist Party PDF
264.Senard, Jean-Dominique /FRANCE/ CEO, Michelin Group PDF
265.Shambaugh, David /USA/ Director, China Policy Program, George Washington University PDF
266.Sheeran, Josette /USA/ Executive Director, United Nations World Food Programme PDF
267.Siilasmaa, Risto /FINLAND/ Chairman of the Board of Directors, Nokia Corporation PDF
268.Skogen Lund, Kristin /NORWAY/ Director General, Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise PDF
269.Slaughter, Anne-Marie /USA/ Bert G. Kerstetter ’66 University Professor of Politics and International Affairs, Princeton University PDF
270.Soiron, Rolf /SWITZERLAND/ Chairman of the Board, Holcim Ltd., Lonza Ltd. PDF
271.Solana Madariaga, Javier /SPAIN/ Former Secretary General, Council of the European Union PDF
272.Solberg, Erna /NORWAY/ Leader of the Conservative Party PDF
273.Speyer, Jerry I. /USA/ Chairman and Co-CEO, Tishman Speyer PDF
274.Steinberg, James B. /USA/ Deputy Secretary of State PDF
275.Steinbrück, Peer /GERMANY/ Member of the Bundestag; Former Minister of Finance PDF
276.Stewart, Rory /UK/ Member of Parliament PDF
277.Stigson, Björn /SWEDEN/ President, World Business Council for Sustainable Development PDF
278.Summers, Lawrence H. /USA/ Director, National Economic Council PDF
279.Supino, Pietro /SWITZERLAND/ Chairman and Publisher, Tamedia AG PDF
280.Sutherland, Peter D. /IRELAND/ Chairman, Goldman Sachs International PDF
281.Taylor, J. Martin /UK/ Chairman, Syngenta International AG PDF
282.Teixeira dos Santos, Fernando /PORTUGAL/ Minister of State and Finance PDF
283.Thiam, Tidjane /UK – IVORY COAST/ Group CEO, Prudential plc PDF
284.Thiel, Peter A. /USA/ President, Clarium Capital Management, LLC PDF
285.Thompson, Craig B. /USA/ President and CEO, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center PDF
286.Timuray, Serpil /TURKEY/ CEO, Vodafone Turkey PDF
287.Topsøe, Jakob Haldor /DENMARK/ Partner, AMBROX Capital A/S PDF
288.Tremonti, Giulio /ITALY/ Minister of Economy and Finance PDF
289.Trichet, Jean-Claude /FRANCE/ President, European Central Bank PDF
290.Trittin, Jürgen /GERMANY/ Parliamentary Leader, Alliance 90/The Greens PDF
291.Tsoukalis, Loukas /GREECE/ President, ELIAMEP PDF
292.Tumpel-Gugerell, Gertrude /AUSTRIA/ Member of the Executive Board, European Central Bank PDF
293.Urpilainen, Jutta /FINLAND/ Minister of Finance PDF
294.Varney, Christine A. /USA/ Assistant Attorney General for Antitrust PDF
295.Vasella, Daniel L. /SWITZERLAND/ Chairman, Novartis AG PDF
296.Vaupel, James W. /USA/ Founding Director, Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research PDF
297.Vimont, Pierre /FRANCE/ Executive Secretary General, European External Action Service PDF
298.Volcker, Paul A. /USA/ Chairman, Economic Recovery Advisory Board PDF
299.Voser, Peter /UK – SWITZERLAND/ CEO, Royal Dutch Shell plc PDF
300.Wahlroos, Björn /FINLAND/ Chairman, Sampo plc PDF
301.Waldvogel, Francis A. /SWITZERLAND/ Chairman, Novartis Venture Fund PDF
302.Wall, Brad /CANADA/ Premier of Saskatchewan PDF
303.Wallenberg, Jacob /SWEDEN/ Chairman, Investor AB PDF
304.Warsh, Kevin /USA/ Former Governor, Federal Reserve Board PDF
305.Wellink, Nout /THE NETHERLANDS/ President, De Nederlandsche Bank PDF
306.West, F.J. Bing /USA/ Author PDF
307.Weston, Galen G. /CANADA/ Executive Chairman, Loblaw Companies Limited PDF
308.Williams of Crosby, Shirley /UK/ Member, House of Lords PDF
309.Winter, Jaap W. /THE NETHERLANDS/ Partner, De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek PDF
310.Witmer, Jürg /SWITZERLAND/ Chairman, Givaudan SA and Clariant AG PDF
311.Wolf, Martin H. /UK/ Chief Economics Commentator, The Financial Times PDF
312.Wolfensohn, James D. /USA/ Chairman, Wolfensohn & Company, LLC PDF
313.Wooldridge, Adrian D. /UK/ Business Correspondent, The Economist PDF
314.Wright, Nigel S. /CANADA/ Chief of Staff, Office of the Prime Minister PDF
315.Yergin, Daniel /USA/ Chairman, IHS Cambridge Energy Research Associates PDF
316.Zapatero, José Luis Rodríguez /SPAIN/ Prime Minister PDF
317.Zetsche, Dieter /GERMANY/ Chairman, Daimler AG PDF
318.Zoellick, Robert B. /USA/ President, The World Bank Group PDF

1.Hills, Carla A. /USA/ PDF
2.Rubenstein, David Mark /USA/ PDF
3.Haass, Richard Nathan /USA/ PDF
4.Abizaid, John P. /USA/ PDF
5.Ackerman, Peter /USA/ PDF
6.Albright, Madeleine K. /USA/ PDF
7.Baird, Zoë /USA/ PDF
8.Blinder, Alan S. /USA/ PDF
9.Boies, Mary McInnis /USA/ PDF
10.Bradley, David G. /USA/ PDF
11.Brokaw, Tom /USA/ PDF
12.Burns, R. Nicholas /USA/ PDF
13.Denning, Steven A. /USA/ PDF
14.Fink, Laurence D. /USA/ PDF
15.Friedman, Stephen /USA/ PDF
16.Fudge, Ann M. [2] /USA/ PDF
17.Gann, Pamela /USA/ PDF
18.Glocer, Thomas H. /USA/ PDF
19.Henry, Peter B. /USA/ PDF
20.Hill, J. Tomilson /USA/ PDF
21.Hrinak, Donna J. /USA/ PDF
22.Jackson, Shirley Ann /USA/ PDF
23.Kent, Muhtar /USA/ PDF
24.Miscik, Jami /USA/ PDF
25.Owens, James W. /USA/ PDF
26.Padrón, Eduardo J. /USA/ PDF
27.Peterson, Peter G. /USA/ PDF
28.Porat, Ruth /USA/ PDF
29.Smith, Frederick W. /USA/ PDF
30.Warner, Margaret /USA/ PDF
31.Weber, Vin /USA/ PDF
32.Whitman, Christine Todd /USA/ PDF
33.Zakaria, Fareed /USA/ PDF
34.Olson, Keith [photo unconfirmed!] /USA/ PDF
35.Lindsay, James M. /USA/ PDF
36.Faskianos, Irina A. /USA/ PDF
37.Gelb, Leslie H. /USA/ PDF
38.Greenberg, Maurice R. /USA/ PDF
39.Annan, Kofi /GHANA – USA/ PDF
40.Belo-Osagie, Hakeem /NIGERIA/ PDF
41.Desmarais Jr., Paul /CANADA/ PDF
42.Döpfner, Mathias /GERMANY/ PDF
43.Carbajal, José Antonio Fernández /MEXICO/ PDF
44.Halonen, Tarja /FINLAND/ PDF
45.Ibrahim, Mohamed /SUDAN – UK/ PDF
46.Jameel, Mohammed Abdul Latif /SAUDI ARABIA/ PDF
47.Kelly, Gail /AUSTRALIA/ PDF
48.Kojima, Yorihiko /JAPAN/ PDF
49.Mahindra, Anand /INDIA/ PDF
50.Mansour, Mohamed /EGYPT/ PDF Margerie, Christophe /FRANCE/ PDF
52.Masiyiwa, Strive /ZIMBABWE/ PDF
53.Ofer, Idan /ISRAEL/ PDF
54.Olayan, Lubna /SAUDI ARABIA/ PDF
55.Potanin, Vladimir /RUSSIA/ PDF
56.Powell, Charles David /UK/ PDF
57.Walujo, Patrick /INDONESIA/ PDF
58.Xin, Zhang /CHINA/ PDF

1.Rasmussen, Anders Fogh /DENMARK/ PDF
2.Vershbow, Alexander /USA/ PDF
3.Lungescu, Oana /BELGIUM – ROMANIA/ PDF
4.Høeg-Jensen, Kasper /DENMARK/ PDF
5.Stamatopoulos, Thrasyvoulos Terry /GREECE/ PDF
6.Ducaru, Sorin /ROMANIA/ PDF
7.Auroy, Patrick /FRANCE/ PDF
8.Brauss, Heinrich /GERMANY/ PDF
9.Bush, Wayne J. /USA/ PDF
10.Grabar-Kitarović, Kolinda /CROATIA/ PDF
11.Evans, Stephen /UK/ PDF
12.Smith, Stephen F. /USA/ PDF
13.Hill, Steven /USA/ PDF
14.Chagnot, Stéphane /FRANCE/ PDF

1.Ashton, Catherine /UK/ PDF
2.Kallas, Siim /ESTONIA/ PDF
3.Tajani, Antonio /ITALY – FRANCE/ PDF
4.Šefčovič, Maroš /SLOVAKIA/ PDF
5.Rehn, Olli /FINLAND/ PDF
6.Potočnik, Janez /SLOVENIA/ PDF
7.Piebalgs, Andris /LATVIA/ PDF
8.Barnier, Michel /FRANCE/ PDF
9.Vassiliou, Androulla /CYPRUS/ PDF
10.Šemeta, Algirdas /LITHUANIA/ PDF
11.Geoghegan-Quinn, Máire /IRELAND/ PDF
12.Lewandowski, Janusz /POLAND/ PDF
13.Damanaki, Maria /GREECE/ PDF
14.Georgieva, Kristalina /BULGARIA/ PDF
15.Oettinger, Günther /GERMANY/ PDF
16.Hahn, Johannes /AUSTRIA/ PDF
17.Hedegaard, Connie /DENMARK/ PDF
18.Füle, Štefan /CZECH REPUBLIC/ PDF
19.Andor, László /HUNGARY/ PDF
20.Malmström, Cecilia /BELGIUM – SWEDEN/ PDF
21.Cioloş, Dacian /ROMANIA/ PDF
22.Borg, Tonio /MALTA/ PDF
23.Mimica, Neven /CROATIA/ PDF
24.Guy Verhofstadt /BELGIUM – ITALY/ PDF
25.Draghi, Mario /ITALY/ PDF
26.Constâncio, Vítor Manuel Ribeiro /PORTUGAL/ PDF
27.Cœuré, Benoît /FRANCE/ PDF
28.Lautenschläger, Sabine /GERMANY/ PDF
29.Mersch, Yves /LUXEMBOURG/ PDF
30.Praet, Peter /BELGIUM/ PDF
31.O’Mahoney, John [1, 2] /IRELAND/ PDF
32.Esteban Perez, Francisco /SPAIN/ PDF
33.Bolkestein, Frederik /THE NETHERLANDS/ PDF Hoop Scheffer, Jakob Gijsbert /THE NETHERLANDS/ PDF

1.Krivokapic, Ranko /MONTENEGRO/ PDF
2.Burkhalter, Didier /SWITZERLAND/ PDF
3.Voridis, Makis /GREECE/ PDF
4.Guliyev, Azay /AZERBAIJAN/ PDF
5.Kauma, Pia /FINLAND/ PDF
6.Aknazarova, Roza /KYRGYZSTAN/ PDF
7.Sena, Nilza /PORTUGAL/ PDF
8.Williams, Roger /UK/ PDF
9.Santos, Isabel /PORTUGAL/ PDF
10.Kulkuloglu, Mehmet Sevki /TURKEY/ PDF
11.Comic, Gordana /SERBIA/ PDF

1.Kohr, Howard /USA/ PDF
2.Fishman, Richard /USA/ PDF
3.Kern, Chrystal [1, 2, 3, 4] /USA/ PDF

1.Foxman, Abraham H. /USA/ PDF
2.Curtiss-Lusher, Barry /USA/ PDF

1.Polak, Stuart [1, 2] /UK/ PDF
2.Tamam, Nathalie [1, 2] /UK/ PDF
3.Gurd, James [1, 2] /UK/ PDF
4.Stark, Leetal [1, 2] /UK/ PDF
5.Akademir, Sedef [1 ,2, 3] /UK/ PDF
6.Murkes, Tanyah [1, 2, 3] /ISRAEL/ PDF

1.Zabludowicz, Chaim Poju [1, 2] /UK/ PDF
2.Kehoe, Dermot /UK/ PDF
3.Fineberg, Tony /UK/ PDF
4.Pater, Richard /ISRAEL/ PDF

1.Siboni, Haim /ISRAEL/ PDF

1.Leibler, Marc /AUSTRALIA/ PDF
2.Keen, Paul /AUSTRALIA/ PDF
3.Rubenstein, Colin /AUSTRALIA/ PDF

1.Soros, George /USA/ PDF
2.Stone, Christopher /USA/ PDF

1.Rothschild, Nathaniel Charles Jacob [1, 2, 3] /UK/ PDF

1.Rothschild, Nathaniel Philip Victor James [1, 2] /SWITZERLAND – UK/ PDF

1.Bush, George H. W. /USA/ PDF
2.Clinton, William J. /USA/ PDF
3.Clinton, Hillary Diane Rodham /USA/ PDF
4.Bush, George W. /USA/ PDF
5.Obama, Barack H. /USA/ PDF
6.Peres, Shimon /ISRAEL/ PDF
7.Netanyahu, Benjamin /ISRAEL/ PDF
8.Queen Elizabeth Alexandra Mary /UK/ PDF
9.Prince Charles, Prince of Wales /UK/ PDF
10.Prince Phillip, Duke of Edinburgh /UK/ PDF
11.Blair, Tony /UK/ PDF
12.Di Rupo, Elio /BELGIUM/ PDF
13.Harper, Stephen /CANADA/ PDF
14.Queen Margrethe Alexandrine Þórhildur Ingrid /DENMARK/ PDF
15.Thorning-Schmidt, Helle /DENMARK/ PDF
16.Sarkozy, Nicolas /FRANCE/ PDF
17.Hollande, François /FRANCE/ PDF
18.Valls, Manuel /FRANCE/ PDF
19.Ayrault, Jean-Marc /FRANCE/ PDF
20.Napolitano, Giorgio /ITALY/ PDF
21.Renzi, Matteo /ITALY/ PDF
22.Berlusconi, Silvio /ITALY/ PDF
23.King Harald V /NORWAY/ PDF
24.Stoltenberg, Jens /NORWAY/ PDF
25.Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani /QATAR/ PDF
26.Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani /QATAR/ PDF
27.Juan Carlos Alfonso Víctor María de Borbón y Borbón-Dos Sicilias /SPAIN/ PDF
28.Rajoy Brey, Mariano /SPAIN/ PDF
29.Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands PDF
30.Gusenbauer, Alfred /AUSTRIA/ PDF
31.Kamov, Nikolai /BULGARIA/ PDF
32.Harris, Mike /CANADA/ PDF
33.Lord, Bernard /CANADA/ PDF
34.Chrétien, Joseph Jacques Jean /CANADA/ PDF
35.Martin, Paul Edgar Philippe /CANADA/ PDF
36.Heinäluoma, Eero Olavi /FINLAND/ PDF
37.Niinistö, Sauli Väinämö /FINLAND/ PDF
38.Vanhanen, Matti Taneli /FINLAND/ PDF
39.Westerwelle, Guido /GERMANY/ PDF
40.Schmidt, Helmut Heinrich Waldemar /GERMANY/ PDF
41.Merkel, Angela Dorothea /GERMANY/ PDF
42.Fischer, Joseph Martin Joschka /GERMANY/ PDF
43.Alogoskoufis, George /GREECE/ PDF
44.Bakoyannis, Dora /GREECE/ PDF
45.Diamantopoulou, Anna /GREECE/ PDF
46.Papakonstantinou, Giorgos /GREECE/ PDF
47.Stournaras, Yiannis /GREECE/ PDF
48.Papathanasiou, Yannis /GREECE/ PDF
49.Bjarnason, Björn /ICELAND/ PDF
50.Oddsson, Davíð /ICELAND/ PDF
51.Haarde, Geir Hilmar /ICELAND/ PDF
52.Sigurðsson, Jón /ICELAND/ PDF
53.Gleeson, Dermot /IRELAND/ PDF
54.Noonan, Michael /IRELAND/ PDF
55.Bonino, Emma /ITALY/ PDF
56.Tanaka, Nobuo /JAPAN/ PDF
57.Lubbers, Ruud /THE NETHERLANDS/ PDF
59.Balkenende, Jan Peter /THE NETHERLANDS/ PDF
60.Verhagen, Maxime Jacques Marcel /THE NETHERLANDS/ PDF
61.Jensen, Siv /NORWAY/ PDF
62.Clemet, Kristin /NORWAY/ PDF Pinho, Manuel António Gomes de Almeida /PORTUGAL/ PDF
64.Sócrates Carvalho Pinto de Sousa, José /PORTUGAL/ PDF
65.Aguiar-Branco, José Pedro /PORTUGAL/ PDF Santana Lopes, Pedro Miguel /PORTUGAL/ PDF
67.Sarmento, Nuno Morais /PORTUGAL/ PDF
68.da Costa, António Luís dos Santos /PORTUGAL/ PDF
69.Rio, Rui Fernando da Silva /PORTUGAL/ PDF
70.Leite, Maria Manuela Dias Ferreira /PORTUGAL/ PDF
71.Silva, Augusto Santos /PORTUGAL/ PDF Sousa, Marcelo Rebelo /PORTUGAL/ PDF
73.Guterres, António Manuel de Oliveira /PORTUGAL/ PDF
74.Rodrigues, Eduardo Luís Barreto Ferro /PORTUGAL/ PDF Sampaio, Jorge Fernando Branco /PORTUGAL/ PDF
76.Amaral, Luís Mira /PORTUGAL/ PDF
77.Constâncio, Vítor Manuel Ribeiro /PORTUGAL/ PDF
78.Ferreira, José Medeiros /PORTUGAL/ PDF Amaral, Joaquim Ferreira /PORTUGAL/ PDF
80.Barreto, António Miguel de Morais /PORTUGAL/ PDF
81.Cravinho, João Cardona Gomes /PORTUGAL/ PDF
82.Nabo, Francisco Luís Murteira /PORTUGAL/ PDF
83.Olechowski, Andrzej Marian /POLAND/ PDF
84.Suchocka, Hanna /POLAND/ PDF
85.Moratinos Cuyaubé, Miguel Ángel /SPAIN/ PDF
86.Solbes Mira, Pedro /SPAIN/ PDF
87.Fälldin, Nils Olof Thorbjörn /SWEDEN/ PDF
88.Olofsson, Maud Elisabeth /SWEDEN/ PDF
89.Reinfeldt, John Fredrik /SWEDEN/ PDF
90.Sahlin, Mona Ingeborg /SWEDEN/ PDF
91.Blocher, Christoph /SWITZERLAND/ PDF
92.Ashdown, Paddy /UK/ PDF
93.Carington, Peter Alexander Rupert /UK/ PDF
94.Gascoyne-Cecil, Robert Michael James /UK/ PDF
95.Healey, Denis Winston /UK/ PDF
96.Monks, John Stephen /UK/ PDF
97.Owen, David Anthony Llewellyn /UK/ PDF
98.Rifkind, Malcolm Leslie /UK/ PDF
99.Hannay, David Hugh Alexander /UK/ PDF
100.Brown, Gordon /UK/ PDF
101.Berger, Samuel Richard /USA/ PDF
102.Geithner, Timothy Franz /USA/ PDF
103.Hamilton, Lee Herbert /USA/ PDF
104.Powell, Colin Luther /USA/ PDF
105.Rice, Condoleezza /USA/ PDF
106.Shultz, George Pratt /USA/ PDF
107.Daschle, Thomas Andrew /USA/ PDF
108.Edwards, Johnny Reid /USA/ PDF
109.Hagel, Charles Timothy /USA/ PDF
110.Nunn, Samuel Augustus Jr. /USA/ PDF
111.Perry, James Richard /USA/ PDF
112.Sanford, Marshall Clement Jr. /USA/ PDF
113.Sebelius, Kathleen /USA/ PDF
114.Arapoglou, Takis /GREECE/ PDF
115.McDonough, William Joseph /USA/ PDF
116.Bernanke, Ben Shalom /USA/ PDF
117.Yousfi, Youcef /ALGERIA/ PDF
118.Boudou, Amado /ARGENTINA/ PDF
119.Sargsyan, Serzh /ARMENIA/ PDF
120.Bishop, Julie /AUSTRALIA/ PDF
121.Aliyev, Ilham /AZERBAIJAN/ PDF
122.Temer, Michel /BRAZIL/ PDF
123.Valenzuela, Heraldo Muñoz /CHILE/ PDF
124.Jinping, Xi /CHINA/ PDF
125.Bělobrádek, Pavel /CZECH REPUBLIC/ PDF
126.Loza, Hamdi Sanad /EGYPT/ PDF
127.Ondimba, Ali Bongo /GABON/ PDF
128.Garibashvili, Irakli /GEORGIA/ PDF
129.Martonyi, János /HUNGARY/ PDF
130.Khurshid, Salman /INDIA/ PDF
131.Boediono /INDONESIA/ PDF
132.Noble, Ronald Kenneth /USA/ PDF
133.Steinitz, Yuval /ISRAEL/ PDF
134.Abe, Shinzō /JAPAN/ PDF
135.ibn al-Hussein, Abdullah II /JORDAN/ PDF
136.Nazarbayev, Nursultan Äbishuly /KAZAKHSTAN/ PDF
137.Grybauskaitė, Dalia /LITHUANIA/ PDF
138.bin Yassin, Muhyiddin /MALAYSIA/ PDF
139.Gómez-Robledo, Juan Manuel /MEXICO/ PDF
140.Mezouar, Salaheddine /MOROCCO/ PDF
141.Key, John Phillip /NEW ZEALAND/ PDF
142.Jonathan, Goodluck Ebele Azikiwe /NIGERIA/ PDF
143.Sharif, Mian Muhammad Nawaz /PAKISTAN/ PDF
144.Sikorski, Radosław Tomasz /POLAND/ PDF
145.Băsescu, Traian /ROMANIA/ PDF
146.Lavrov, Sergey Viktorovich /RUSSIA/ PDF
147.Yamani, Hashim [1, 2] /SAUDI ARABIA/ PDF
148.Hsien Loong, Lee /SINGAPORE/ PDF
149.Nkoana-Mashabane, Maite Emily /SOUTH AFRICA/ PDF
150.Geun-hye, Park /SOUTH KOREA/ PDF
151.Phuangketkeow, Sihasak /THAILAND/ PDF
152.Gül, Abdullah /TURKEY/ PDF
153.Yatsenyuk, Arseniy Petrovych /UKRAINE/ PDF
154.bin Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, Mohammed /ABU DHABI – UAE/ PDF
155.Nguyễn, Tấn Dũng /VIETNAM/ PDF
156.Erdoğan, Recep Tayyip /TURKEY/ PDF
157.Putin, Vladimir /RUSSIA/ PDF
158.Prince William, Duke of Cambridge /UK/ PDF
159.Medvedev, Dmitry Anatolyevich /RUSSIA/ PDF

1.Ratzinger, Joseph Aloisius /VATICAN – ITALY/ PDF
2.Bergoglio, Jorge Mario /VATICAN – ITALY/ PDF
3.Tauran, Jean-Louis /VATICAN – ITALY/ PDF
4.von Freyberg, Ernst [1, 2] /VATICAN – ITALY – GERMANY/ PDF
5.Castelló, Santos Abril y /VATICAN – ITALY/ PDF
6.Ricca, Battista Mario Salvatore /VATICAN – ITALY/ PDF
7.Marranci, Rolando /VATICAN – ITALY

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