Dinar RV Intentions – Mtn Goat Says, This Could Be Our RV Week

Poofness, TNT Tony, Mtn Goat, etc…
Mon, May 12, 2014
Subject: Dinar RV Bankers Buying

Rose777: I can't believe I actually have my own bank story to share. I hesitated to post it due to the concern of instigating negativity and attack. I decided to share it anyway for my TNT family who need a bit of hopium today.

I was in a Sun Trust bank recently having a gifting letter notarized. The new bank manager taking care of me, freely proceeded to tell me that she herself had invested in the dinar and added that her son had bought a lot of it.

She also said that she planned to buy more.

My jaw dropped to the floor. I was speechless. Take it for what it's worth but I do hope this is encouraging to many of you…. and to all the moms out there… HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!!

Fri, 09 May, 2014 | Mnt. Goat

Mnt Goat Good News: I am being told that from Thursday 5/8 until Sunday
5/11 we are in an excellent window to see the rollout of the
revaluation. Note I said revaluation and not reinstatement. As I have
said before they are going to trigger off a revaluation using the
reinstatement rate from 4/26 and a starting point. I did tell you
previously that this might happen and so it is now in play. I am told
plans are being made for us to be at the banks next week. This
extension given by the IMF bought them some time to reorganize and
setup for this process.

Bambie123: Straight from the Horses Mouth!!! Fifth Third TELLS ME TO
COME TO THEIR BANK. They have a Delarue Machine

I called Fifth Third Bank Today To close my account with them. The
reason being I had spoke to the Manager of the branch about eight weeks
ago. At that time I asked to speak with someone i know in the bank, he
stated that person wasn't in; so he asked me could he help me. i said
i hope so, that's when he stated he was the Branch Manager.

I ask him if he was going to have a Delarue machine to count the
Dinars. He was very nasty and said we are not going to be exchanging
any Dinars Period, and he hung up.

So, today when I called the branch i told the person that i was going
to close my account, since they aren't going to be exchanging Dinar.
And the person on the other end of the phone said who told you that?

I said your Manager and then he hung up on me. The person then told me
that they were in fact going to be exchanging Dinar.

And then I was asked how much Dinar do I have? So I told the person on
the phone how much I had, and I said, but I want to go to a bank that
has a Delarue Machine. The person asked what is that, I told them it
counts the money, and kicks out counterfiet bills.

I told the person that I would probably go to Ashville, N.C. to Wells
Fargo. The person told me told me they have a machine in the branch
that can detect counterfiet bills, and continued to say, bring all your
Dinar here we will gladly take care of you. And since I know the wealth
manager there, and he told me that he would only charge me less then a
hundred dollars per million to exchange my Dinar.

Well I bet you can already guess where i'll be
going………………………………………… PRAISE THE LORD

Greetings and Salutations,

Poof said:

It's wonderful to report that many many bridges have been built as well as some have been burned. It is going well now and closure on all of this is moving quite nicely.

The gods have been smiling down upon you and have heard your pleas. The movements and the changes and the final negotiation are being paid for even in this hour.

Make your wishes known. Make your intentions and stay the course. Bide your time and do your own internal work.

You have known for years that you needed to do that; What are you going to do with the first con game that comes your way? And there are plenty afoot. So use this time to your advantage as you wait for your rewards. – p –

5-8-2014 Intel Guru MarkZ [Where do you feel we stand on the HCL agreement and
article 140?] I think it is already done and we will see the 'announcements'
shortly. [Do you feel the HCL agreement is more important than article 140 or they
hold the same importance?] same in my book. [Forex banker says everything agreed
upon today and it should go down today yet…Scale of 1 to 10. Chances?] 5 today
but much higher tomorrow IMO. Weekends make the logistics much easier. That is only
an educated opinion though.

5-8-2014 Newshound Guru Tlar We should get what ultimately will be definitive
results on a preliminary release from the Election Committee on Monday. There was a
70% turnout of eligible voters in Abar and a 77% turned out in Basra. Iran who tried
to once again get Iraq to pick Maliki for a third term by pressuring the blocks last
week to back him has found that their push has fallen on deaf ears.

5-8-2014 Newshound Guru Adam Montana […what else Iraq is waiting on to finally
declare a new rate for their currency. Iraq was released from Chapter 7 last June.
We thought once we got into 2014 something would happen.] Chapter 7 was a major
hurdle and that is cleared. We're simply waiting for the elections to be finalized,
an HCL resolution, and an RV!

5-8-2014 Intel/Newshound Guru Poppy3 I HAVE BEEN TOLD TODAY SOME FACTIONS ARE

5-8-2014 Newshound Guru Tlar The first article indicated they were waiting on
zeroes. He also said that it is imperative that Iraq be prepared BEFORE HAND (not a
float) to change the accounting systems in Iraq. The second article from Turki
be a good week. If as expected Maliki is out, we should see movement fast…we ARE
close. [post 2 of 2]

5-8-2014 Newshound Guru Tlar There is a move a foot to get the budget passed by
next week. The stopper we know is the Kurds but once the votes come in next week it
is my opinion that the present parliament will negotiate, read and vote on the
budget quickly. Since Friday Turki has talked to the press now twice. What he
stated is astronomical to me for a guy who has said virtually nothing about this
project for so long. [post 1 of 2….stay tuned]

5-8-2014 Intel Guru TD First of all there has been NO RI or any rates appearing
at "select countries" or banks. Second, a new government will be formed (without
Maliki) shortly after May 26th. 3rd) Turki is staying on no matter what and the CBI
has agenda items to rollout in June. One can only hope that currency reform in some
form or another is on the list…

5-8-2014 Intel Guru MarkZ [is it time 4 rv now?] I am looking for it soon! [do
you feel the rate will come out at 1-1 or will the rate be the prewar rate of 3.22
plus inflation?] I have been cautioned against giving any kind of rate. I expect
higher than a dollar though. [are rates still showing on the bank screens?] Three
bankers I spoke with today said yes, Two said no. 4 different banks total. [do you
think this will occur early mornings or in the day est time?] early morning is
easier logistically.

5-8-2014 Newshound Guru Adam Montana […news article states they are inviting
parliament members to work on the budget in the next 2 days. The article was dated 5
May. Other news articles state working on the budget in the next month.
…opinion?] My opinion is that it needs to be done soon, they want it to be done
soon, but it's probably going to be a little late. Anytime they say "2 days" I
automatically adjust to "1 week". : )

5-8-2014 Newshound Guru Stryker All road maps seem to be leading to economic
reform and a major change in the monetary structure of the Iraqi dinar but keep
in mind that it is Iraq we are dealing with and anything can happen to change
this course. Where I believe there is a well-defined plan in place, some great
leaders to see it through and some solid coalitions in agreement to get them
there I urge everyone to be casually optimistic but if what I point out here day
comes to true we will be having an early July RVQ [RV?].

5-8-2-14 Intel Guru MarkZ [Who is ultimately responsible for the approval and
final release of a currency release to the international community? IMF, Iraq, US,
someone else?] As I understand it the IMF will release it to regional level and
once the controller of the north american banking block pulls the trigger then the
world will acknowledge the reset. [today someone indicated WF was showing dinar,
Zim, VND, rupiah at the screens on hold..your thoughts?] Highly likely, I spoke with
some other bankers that said they had a rate showing. [what is the end date for
this to go? Is it this month?] I believe it to be this month. [vnd, zim, rupiah
all with dinar?] I am looking for them at the same time.

5-8-2-14 Intel Guru MarkZ Iraq is supposed to release it's budget tomorrow
[Thursday] which we expect to hold the new rate. [what proof do we have the there
was actually an RI in Iraq? And, if there was an RI how long can it go one until an
rv is triggered for us in the US?] Multiple confirmations on RI. The problem is a
country can RI or even rv internally and the rest of the world does not have to
acknowledge it. Especially when the currency is not internationally recognized. The
key here is for the IQD to become an internationally recognized currency and then
the RI or rv surfaces everywhere. [post 1 of 2….stay tuned]

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