JP54 & D2 Direct – Providing BLCO, D6, LNG & Mazut to 15% of the World & Beyond

RJ Hender
Tue, May 13, 2014
Subject: JP54 & D2 Oil Direct

JP54-D2 Direct

Well, as a Radio Host and a Web Blogger I never expected to be introduced to these Significant Oil Sellers. A couple of Oil Friends have informed me that too many times – the End Buyer and Direct Seller prefer to go completely around the mandates and brokers who brought them together in the first place. It’s a tremendous blessing for me and for my Oil Buyers that I work with refinery sources that refuse to go around any of us.

One of my Oil Sources provides JP54, D2, LNG, Mazut & BLCO to over 15% of the world. Another Oil Source of mine represents 1 of Shell Oil’s Commercial Account Holder. This means that D6, JP54, JPA1, D2 and other fuels are available from Houston – and available from Rotterdam. Now, Shell usually secures fuel for Buyers in the form of Production Contracts. Usually, this fuel through Shell Oil is sold at platt rates.

I work with a couple more Significant Oil Sources, but since they have provided their SCOs to buyer brokers – too often their SCOs have been shopped all over the internet. For this reason, my Sellers require legitimate Letters of Interest, on the End Buyer’s Letterhead and a Buyer Company Profile for each fuel inquiry. I can be reached at

I would be pleased to arrange an Oil Conference Call with my Oil Title Holder, or the Seller Mandate, but I must secure evidence that you are a Genuine Buyer or the Genuine Buyer Mandate.

My Seller Sources refuse to go around the brokers who help bring the Buyer and Seller together. Yeah, 20 brokers in a Daisy Chain is kind of a pain. Too many oil people go stabbing their Oil Brokers in the Back, for profit. Over time, Karma will come back to haunt these Oil Back Stabbers.

One of my Oil Sources funds Oil Transactions – as investors. If you need this financial assistance then I may be able to provide this for you.

One of my Oil Sources buys Legitimate Gold – but now from Africa. Gold and Silver and Oil are real money, these days.

One of my Oil Sources has gold mines in America and in So America.

One of my Oil Sources actually provides silver, in any quantity, but they are available in 1 ounce rounds at $3 above the going 1oz round rates.

If you need any of these products or services then you could send me an email at

If you intend to hurt my Oil Friends then we don’t need to do business together.

If you intend to perform – as you claim – and participate in closing oil transactions then you certainly are invited to contact me.  Just this morningone of my Strongest Direct Sources for oil sent me this instruction for every Buyer.  We need this information from your End Buyer in order to secure oil for you.

RJ, please get all the following info from broker/intermediary and End Buyer which may reach out to us. 

Full Name of the End Buyer's Company
Contact Name, and End Buyer's Name and Position for the End Buyer's Company
Contact Number, Email Address, skype name and mailing address of the Contact Person, and or End Buyer
Has the End Buyer purchased oil before?
How long has the End Buyer been in the biz?
What is the End Buyer's financial ability for purchasing oil products?
What is the End Buyer's web address?
If they are Resellers for JP54, then who are their buyers ie: commercial airlines or
military, etc…?
If they want LNG, then pls find out if they have the license to buy LNG? LNG cannot
be delivered just to any port as it has to be a special port which can handle LNG.
Find out how many other middlemen brokers are there between them and their end buyer?
Find out if they have done any biz with the buyer before and IF YES, then you need
to get the details.
Check the broker out IF he or she may cheat us in the future by trying to give us misinformation.
Normally, someone's cheating history will come out in our research and conversations.

We expect to build long-term working relationships with our Oil Friends and Precious Metal Friends. 

Here’s to a prosperous 2014 year…

RJ Hender…

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