Obama Watch – NSA Snoop Dogs Keep US Under Surveillance

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Wed, May 14, 2014
Subject: Obama Snoop Dog Keeping US Under Surveillance

2nd MERS patient spent 4 hours in busy ER waiting room 
The second U.S. patient to be
diagnosed with the deadly Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) spent at
least four hours in the public waiting room of a busy
Florida emergency department before he was seen by a doctor, a hospital
Ukraine Favors EU Over Russia – Poll
Former Executive Calls
For Sears To Liquidate
Spying on millions of
Americans in the 'United States of Secrets'
FRONTLINE documentary reveals
U.S. domestic surveillance program's birth, evolution in secrecy
Water Scarcity Problem Is Getting Worse
Man Fined $30,000 For Renting Out His Apartment
Letting somebody sleep on
your couch can get you evicted from your apartment in San Francisco.
Kids Get Charged Twice For One Crime
Driving Stoned Just As Bad As Driving Drunk?
Joe Biden’s Son Appointed Legal Director Of Ukraine’s
Largest Gas Company 
Odessa Massacre – What
REALLY Happened 
Hillary Clinton Exposed,
Movie She Banned From Theaters Full Movie 
Suggests Hillary May Have Brain Damage – Vid
CNN)– Karl Rove's suggestion that Hillary Clinton suffers from a brain injury is
coming under

Harry Reid: "I think
we should audit the Federal Reserve" 
Says US, Allies ‘Wasted A Year’ In Syria
Russian Gas
May Stop To Ukraine In Weeks – Vid
– Lavrov Warned West Of Ukraine Fascism In 2008
To Visit China On May 20 
Don't See How US Propaganda Owns Them
To Fund Rebirth Of The African Railway System
What caused a mystery hole
in the clouds above California?
Square Hole On Sun's Surface – Pics
Almonds Are The Ultimate Healthy Snack
Deontay Wilder Knocks Out
Internet Troll Charlie Zelenoff 
UN-marked strike
helicopter ‘used by Kiev against militia’ sparks scandal
Samsung apologizes to sickened chip workers
AP – Samsung Electronics Co. apologized
and promised compensation to chip factory workers who suffered cancers linked
to chemical exposure, a rare win for families and activists seven years after
the death of a 23-year-old employee from leukemia galvanized a movement to hold
the company to account.
French Say Assad’s Forces Used Chlorine Gas 14 Times
New Mexico county defies U.S. government over cattle grazing
Reuters – A rural New Mexico county has
voted to defy the federal government and give a rancher's cattle access to a
watering hole fenced off by the Forest Service in the latest dispute over
federal control of public land in the U.S. West.
$474M for 4 failed Obamacare exchanges
Nearly half a billion dollars in federal
money has been spent developing four state Obamacare exchanges that are now in
shambles — and the final price tag for salvaging them may go sharply high
Feds released hundreds of immigrant murderers, drunk drivers,
sex-crimes convicts
Among the 36,000 immigrants whom U.S.
Immigration and Customs Enforcement released from custody last year there were
116 with convictions for homicide, 43 for negligent manslaughter, 14 for
voluntary manslaughter and one with a conviction classified by ICE as
“homicide-willful kill-public official-gun.”
house" blows away, seriously injures two young boys 
 SOUTH GLENS FALLS, NY – Two young boys were
injured after an inflatable bounce house was swept away, apparently by a gust
of wind, Monday afternoon. Three children were on the play structure when the
wind lifted the inflatable toy 50 feet into the air. The three kids — ages 5,
6, and 10 — fell out of the toy as it reached heights of 15 to 20 feet. The
two boys were seriously injured.
Eric Holder: No Plans at DOJ to Investigate Secret Waiting
Lists and Veteran Deaths at VA Hospitals
Attorney General Eric Holder said Tuesday
that the Department of Justice doesn't have any plans to investigate
allegations that veterans placed on secret waiting lists at VA hospitals died
while waiting for care.
Environmentalists Sue US Government to Get Bees Listed as
Endangered Animals
What’s an insect have to do to get on the
endangered species list these days? That’s the question some environmentalists
are asking after a failed attempt to get a vanishing bumble bee species added
to the list.
(Video) Gold 'Wins' Out In The End: Ron Paul 
Kitco News – Kitco News sits with Ron
Paul, a keynote speaker at the Metals & Minerals Investment Conference, to
talk about gold, the Fed and the US dollar.
Dogs are FOUR times better at detecting prostate cancer than
traditional tests
Daily Mail UK – Specially trained Cancer
Detection Dogs can detect cancer cells in urine samples. Dogs are almost four
times better at detecting prostate cancer than traditional tests. Medical
Detection Dogs accurately detect the disease 90 per cent of the time, research
has shown. In contrast, traditional PSA tests often give false positives –
three in four positive results from the tests turn out to be false and result
in unnecessary and invasive tests.
The Military Is Going To Build Robots That Have Morals 
Are robots capable of moral
or ethical reasoning? 
Superhuman Powers & Life Extension Tech Will Allow Us To Become Like God 
 If you could merge your current mind and body
with technology that would give you superhuman powers and would allow you to
live forever, would you do it? 
Upholds Warrantless Entry, Seizure of Gun Rights Activist 
Milwaukee police forced their
way into a gun rights advocate’s home without a warrant and literally kidnapped
a woman for an “emergency mental evaluation“.
Officer Shoots Puppy After ‘Fearing For His Safety’ 
Officer claims puppy would
not stop “advancing” towards him.
Tries to Hide Sandy Hook Truth
For over a year, former
educator, US Customs agent and school safety expert Wolfgang Halbig has been on
a painstaking mission to uncover the truth behind what really happened in
Newtown, Conn., on December 14, 2012 – the day the world was told 20
schoolchildren and 6 staff members were shot and killed by a 20-year-old
weighing just above 110 pounds.
Halbig has narrowed down a
list of 16 questions which he has yet been unable to get answered
Fleet Warships Head to Shanghai for Russia-China Drills
Foreign Minister: ‘We Have 500 Days to Avoid Climate Chaos’ 
The world has “500 days to
avoid climate chaos,” French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said alongside
Secretary of State John Kerry at the State Department on Tuesday.
Fabius was referring to the
next big United Nations climate conference, scheduled to open in Paris, France
in November 2015, or in 565 days’ time.
'How can we turn our backs
on the hungry?': 
couple outraged after they are fined and threatened with jail for FEEDING
Florida homeless in a public park
Trey Gowdy silences press
in 3 minutes regarding Benghaz
Mint Sells More Silver Eagles In A Week Than Gold Eagles Over Past Three Years
could turn out to be the highest sales month, beating the record set in March
at 5,354,000 oz.
Factories torched in
anti-China protest in Vietnam
HANOI, Vietnam (AP) —
Anti-China mobs torched up to 15 foreign-owned factories and trashed many more
in southern Vietnam as anger over the recent deployment by China of an oil rig
in disputed Southeast Asian waters span dangerously out of control, officials
and state media said Wednesday.
Russia Holds
"De-Dollarization Meeting": China, Iran Willing To Drop USD From
Bilateral Trade
Wildfire forces 20,000
evacuations near San Diego
16 Reasons Why
the United States is 
Going to Hell in
a Handbasket
Russia and the U.S. Are
Simultaneously Preparing for Imminent Nuclear War
Official: We Have Forgotten God: PSALM 9:16-18 
Nuclear power plant spent
fuel rods overheating and meltdown 

Man visiting Orlando is1stCentral Florida MERSvirus case 
Stops Short Of Outright Endorsement Of Vote
CIA To Blame For The Return
Of Polio
Reports $690 Million First Quarter Loss
How the NSA tampers with
US-made internet routers
The NSA has been covertly
implanting interception tools in US servers heading overseas – even though the
US government has warned against using Chinese technology for the same reasons,
says Glenn Greenwald, in an extract from his new book about the Snowden affair,
No Place to Hide
Robot Car of Tomorrow May Just Be Programmed to Hit You

Norfolk Island is the only
place in the world I have ever been where there is no
income tax, no company tax, no property tax, and no municipal taxes. 
Property Tax is Rent to
the State
Under any system of property
tax the "owner" is deemed to be the State and the entity in
possession of the property merely the renter thereof.

Brain Dead Zombies: Legal = Mans Law VS. Lawful = Gods Law…
   Brain Dead Zombies: Legal = Mans Law VS. Lawful = Go…
  Property Tax is Rent to
the State Legal = Mans Law:  Is the Colour of Law,  which includes Any Force Taxes,
Permits, Fees,  Regestration &…  
View on thewildstuff.blogspo… Preview by Yahoo  


Book of Mormon Speaks from the Dust: Defend your families even unto Bloodshed… Gun
   Book of Mormon Speaks from the Dust: Defend your famil…
Headquarters in New York on Gun C…  
View on bookofmormonspea… Preview by Yahoo  

US starts countrywide
nuclear drill after similar war games in Russia
Woman who MADE UP entire
bestselling holocaust memoir is forced to pay back $22.5 million after her lies
are revealed 17 years later… and she's not even Jewish
Beijing Close to Gas Deal – Russian Official
Won't Cancel Warship Deal With Russia
Paul 'Dances' At Jewish Yeshiva
Death Drone Kills Six More In Yemen
Wind Turbines Float Over Your Town?
21 – UK Eyes Cyclist Priority Over Cars
may face penalty for overtaking cyclists on some city roads
BLM Stopped AGAIN! 
Recapture Canyon; Bundy
Ranch & Dr. James Redd Supporters Band Together
There's Now A Run On Quake
In Fracking-Heavy Oklahoma
The baby with two faces: 
mother-of-seven gives birth to conjoined twin girls who share a body but have
two brains 


Man compares a DIY $50
3D-printed prosthetic hand to a $42,000 one
has no real military option in Ukraine: Gates
United Nations names first female peacekeeping mission
Nations appointed on Monday the first woman to
command one of the world body's peacekeeping operations. U.N.Secretary-General
Ban Ki-moon named Major General Kristin Lund, of Norway,
as the force commander for the U.N. peacekeeping operation in Cyprus. She will
replace Major General Chao Liu, of China,
on August 13.
U.S. Conducts Nuclear Response Exercises 
A Sunday press
release announcing the May 12-16 “Global Lightning” exercise explicitly noted
that the event’s timing is “unrelated to real-world events.”
US concerned at
sale of French warships to Russia
Bank Of America Would Like To Buy Your Gold, Seeing “No Gains
Above $1315″
Zero Hedge –
Bank of AMerica notes…It is time to sell Gold. The range trade /
consolidation of the past month is drawing to a conclusion. Further gains
should not exceed 1315.70 (May-05 high) AND CAN'T EXCEED the Mar-14 high at
1331. Downside targets are seen to 1215. 
AT&T in advanced talks to buy DirecTV for about $50 billion
says source
AT&T Inc.
(T:US), joining the ranks of U.S. TV, Internet and wireless providers racing to
consolidate, is in advanced talks to acquire DirecTV for about $100 a share,
according to people familiar with the matter. 
Ethanol myth shattered: Corn biofuels release more greenhouse
gases than gasoline 
biofuels release even more greenhouse gases than conventional gasoline,
according to a study published in Nature Climate Change on April 20. The
$500,000 study, which was funded by the federal government, is expected to be a
setback for the Obama administration's plan to promote such biofuels as a way
to meet renewable energy targets set in a 2007 energy law.
Mid-May storm buries Colorado flower beds under 3 feet of snow
Watermelon reduces blood pressure and prevents heart disease
Garlic: One of nature's greatest disease fighters
Garlic remains
a staple in the Mediterranean diet and it is frequently used as a seasoning in
its native central Asia. The ancient healing systems of India and China also
utilize garlic and often recommend it to people suffering from sickness and

Paul threatens to hold Federal Reserve nominees unless his Fed audit gets a vote 
Rand Paul threatened Monday to place a hold on three nominees to the Federal
Reserve Board of Governors unless his bill to subject the Fed to an audit gets
a vote in the Senate.
Government Accountability Office already audits many of the Fed’s functions.
But Paul’s bill, the Federal Reserve Transparency Act, would provide for an
annual audit of all of the Fed’s activities, including its emergency loans to
banks through its discount window and its monetary policy deliberations.
falling for Obama’s ‘Wag the Dog’ moment, says Col. Allen West 
 Former Congressman Allen West questioned the
timing of the Obama administration’s focus on the kidnapped Nigerian
schoolgirls, saying it’s “fishy” to him.
Most Of The Western Half Of The U.S. Is Completely Unsuitable For Strategic
there is one thing that you cannot live without, it is fresh water. 
Rogers – Government Will Confiscate Your Assets  
 Jim recommends contingency plans in
preparation for imminent currency controls and bank account bail-ins, to reduce
exposure to savings confiscation.
Pope ShouldRedistribute 
Vatican's IncomeFirst
12 May 2014 – Conservative radio talk show host Michael
Savage says if Pope Francis wants income redistribution he should start with
his own Church.
On his Friday show, Savage said he would bid $1 million for Michelangelo's
famous painting on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel at the Vatican.
"The reason I'm offering that money to the pope and the Vatican is so they
can redistribute the wealth that begins in the Vatican itself," Savage
Savage said he was making a point that there is vast wealth within the Catholic
Church, including priceless works of art and major shares in global companies.
Gold ingots could be sold for redistribution purposes, Savage said.


Pope saysbaptism for
all – evenMartians
May 13, 2014 – Vatican City: Pope Francis has declared
everyone has the right to be baptised, even aliens should they come knocking on the
church's door.
cannot "close the door" to all those who seek baptism even if they
are "green men, with a long nose and big ears, like
children draw," the pope said at his daily mass on Monday, according to Vatican
Radio. "If tomorrow, for example, an expedition of Martians arrives and some of them
come to us … and if one of them says: 'Me, I want to be baptised!', what
would happen?" Francis said 
Poll: Most prefer
Obama to deal with … alien invasion
Gets New Military Helicopters for “Homeland Security Missions”
Russia bans police,
emergency and military employees from traveling abroad
State workers missing paychecks Monday morning due to glitch
for 15,000 state employees failed to arrive in their bank accounts as scheduled
Monday morning, according to the Alaska Department of Administration.
Shuts Down Border as Syrian War Moves Closer (Video) 
The Money Trap BBC
Documentary on How Banks Control the World Through Debt 
352 new (slave) laws take effect in Utah Tuesday 
explores violence committed by and against Mormons 
Gay couples marry in Arkansas, most clerks sit out 
Little Rock, Ark. • Dozens of
gay couples obtained Arkansas marriage licenses Monday after a judge tossed out
the state’s 10-year-old same-sex marriage ban, but only at a handful of
courthouses as an overwhelming majority of county clerks in this part of the
Bible Belt said they first wanted the state Supreme Court to weigh in.
(Slave) Penaltiesmay come
for Recapture Canyon ATV riders
SALT LAKE CITY — Consequences
could be coming for between 40 and 50 ATV riders who chose to ride on a trail
banned for motor vehicle use in San Juan county last Saturday. 
spokesperson Megan Crandall said undercover BLM officers were on the trail,
keeping track of those who chose to drive into the Recapture Canyon trail. The
area is protected for archeological and environmental reasons. San Juan County
Commissioner Phil Lyman — the ATV ride organizer — said the road is in the county's
jurisdiction not
the BLM's.
Alec Baldwin arrested and
handcuffed by police in New York… after riding his bike the wrong way down
Fifth Avenue
Has the ship Columbus sailed to discover America been found?
   Has the ship Columbus sailed to discover America been fo…
A recent expedition has left experts 'confident' a wreck found off the north coast
of Haiti is the the Santa Maria (pictured).  
View on www.dailymail.co.uk Preview by Yahoo

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