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Mon, May 19, 2014
Subject: Obama Watch HAARP Weather Manipulation

Businesses Warn:
Higher Prices For
Everything To Follow New EPA Mandates
One of those major sources of
energy includes coal, which provides 40 percent of the nation’s power.
The proposed rules could
drive coal-fired power plants and many oil refineries out of business
Ups Minimum Age To Buy Cigarettes To 21
Life & Crimes of Dick Cheney
 Jesse Ventura Off The Grid – Ora TV
No Country for White
White children are bullied,
beaten, and murdered at the hands of non-Whites, we are continuously told that
"diversity" is our greatest strength. These local news stories are
some of the things you missed
How Liberalism Violates All
10 Commandments
'Loses' Blair's 'I'll Back Iraq War' Letter To Bush
EU secret revealed:
Rome Treaty was signed on
blank sheet
At the launch of a book on
the history of the European Commission, officials revealed some of the
best-kept secrets in EU history. Among them is the incredible story of the
signing of the Treaty of Rome establishing the European Economic Community, on
1 January 1958.
Ukraine Crisis Goes Nuclear
Reports allege that some 20 members from
the armed Neo-Nazi front, Right Sector, attempted to storm the Zaporizhia
nuclear power plant, in Energodar city, Zaporizhia province.
John Kerry's friend, Devon Archer new member on the board of
Ukrainian natural gas producer Burisma
Vice President Joe Biden‘s son and a
close friend of Secretary of State John Kerry’s stepson have joined the board
of a Ukrainian gas producer controlled by a former top security and energy
official for deposed President Viktor Yanukovych.
PLA Troops Descend on China-Vietnam Border
Beijing may be considering a military
response to anti-China protests that have erupted in Vietnam over the last two
weeks, with reports of an “endless stream” of PLA troops, tanks, missile
launchers and other heavy artillery heading to Pingxiang city, where the
Sino-Vietnamese War of 1979 began.

Russia Wants to Impose Criminal Liability for GMO-Related
A Russian newspaper,
Izvestia, writes that criminal liability will be imposed on any act that
involves producing, selling, or transporting genetically modified organisms, if
Russian lawmakers get their way.
ties at highest level in history – Putin
Russia-China cooperation has reached its
highest level ever, Russian President Vladimir Putin has said in an interview with
Chinese media on the eve of his visit to Shanghai, where a record package of
documents is expected to be signed by the two nations.
Federal court: police can warrantlessly break down door and
seize guns without charges
The 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has
ruled that it is not a violation of constitutional rights if police break down
a citizen’s door, search the home, and confiscate firearms, so long that they
believe it is in the citizen’s best interest.
City passes ordinance to protect Monsanto world headquarters
from protesters
Apparently Monsanto protesters have
traditionally gathered on a large median on Olive Boulevard outside the
Monsanto world headquarters complex at 800 N. Lindbergh Blvd in St. Louis to
hold up signs and give out informational pamphlets. Well, now the Creve Coeur
City Council has unanimously voted 8-0 to try and stop that from happening.
Cheney Declares Hillary Clinton Responsible for Benghazi Attack
“She was secretary of state at the time
that it happened,” Cheney told Fox’s Chris Wallace. “She was one of the first
in Washington to know about it. I think she clearly bears responsibility for
whatever the State Department did or didn’t do with respect to that crisis.”
Agriculture Department puts in request to buy body armor
Washington Times – The U.S. Department of
Agriculture has put in an acquisition request to buy body armor — specifically,
“ballistic vests, compliant with NIJ 0101.06 for Level IIIA Ballistic
Resistance of body armor,” the solicitation stated.
Obamacare: Cash for Crony Capitalism
The feds have spent near $5 billion to
get state exchanges for Obamacare operational. A key tenet of crony capitalism
is if project fails or does not work, the government will continue to shovel
money into it.
Homeless tent city in Camden, N.J. get bulldozed
One of the most recent evictions took
place in Camden, N.J., this week, when the state, county and city joined forces
to shut down multiple tent cities and kick out the residents. While the county
worked with the occupants to find them somewhere to go, Camden's shelters were
already full and many people ended up on the streets.
Cities All Over America Are Becoming Extremely Cruel To The
Economic Collapse – We are treating some
of the most vulnerable members of our society like human garbage, and it is a
national disgrace.
Matter will be created from light within a year, claim
The Guardian – Researchers have worked
out how to make matter from pure light and are drawing up plans to demonstrate
the feat within the next 12 months.
Govt halts fee for non-existent nuke waste site after 30 years
and $43 bn collected
The US Department of Energy will no
longer collect a small electricity fee from the bills of nuclear energy
customers which was originally intended to fund the construction and operation
of a nuclear waste dump that was never built.
Plant Milkweed to Help Bring Monarch Butterflies (and Honey
Bees) Back from the Brink of Extinction

10 Medicinal Weeds That May Grow In Your Backyard
7 Benefits of Walnuts
One-quarter cup of walnuts, for instance,
provides more than 100 percent of the daily recommended value of plant-based
omega-3 fats, along with high amounts of copper, manganese, molybdenum, and
biotin. Walnuts may help reduce not only the risk of prostate cancer, but
breast cancer as well.
New Research Shows Cilantro can Remove Lead, Copper, Mercury
from Tap Water
Cilantro acts as an effective
‘biosorbent,’ meaning it can suck up heavy metals that are toxic to human
health. Simply eating cilantro is known to help purify the body of numerous
toxins, but now, adding the herb to tap water can help to get rid of toxic
chemicals lurking within it.
Targeted? Gun sellers say
‘high risk’ label from feds cuts off banking options, restricts business
Obama plan pressures
financial institutions
'Planes don't just
Former Malaysian Prime
Minister accuses CIA of covering up what really happened to flight MH370
        * CIA and Boeing may be hiding information about missing MH370
        * Former Malaysian PM Dr Mahathir says airplanes like MH370 'don't just disappear'
        * If the plane failed or have been disabled then 'Boeing must know'
        *  Mahathir said the plane may have had its MAS airline markings removed
        * The air-sea search out of Perth for debris is a 'waste of time and money'
Could you soon be paying
'extraordinarily high prices for your morning coffee?' Fungus has caused
$1BILLION worth of damage to bean


How the NSA & FBI made
the perfect mass
surveillance tool
Hollywood pedophile parties:
Symptom of a rampant disease
feeding on innocent children
DALLAS, May 15, 2014 — X-Men director
Bryan Singer is accused of being involved in a series of pedophile parties
where young boys were molested. Along with Singer, producer Gary Goddard,
former Disney exec David Neuman and executive Garth Ancier are alleged to have
been involved in the targeting and victimization of young boys.
Washington Monument’s Mormon inscription
agrees to buy DirecTV in $48B deal
American eagle, Russian
bear and Chinese dragon: One will have to go
"Today, Russia and China
actively discuss opportunities to build the new Silk Road, Vladimir Putin is expected
to pay a visit to China, during a variety of vital questions will be discussed,
including the issues of gas supplies to China. What do you think are the
prospects of relations between Russia and China? Is there a danger of such an
association for the U.S.?"
Sex change drugs ‘to be offered to nine-year-olds’
Children as young as nine are
to be prescribed drugs which delay the onset of puberty as the first step
towards a sex change operation, according to reports.
The treatment will be offered by one NHS trust to children who are so troubled
by their gender that they may wish to undergo drastic surgery after
adolescence, according to the Mail on Sunday.
But the decision was attacked
by critics who described the decision to offer the treatment at such a young
age as “horrifying”
One Third Of Voters
Believe Cameron Has Undermined Christianity
third of British voters say that David Cameron has eroded the power of
Christianity, according to The Sun. The ComRes poll says that the Prime
Ministers policies, which include gay marriage
Bill of Rights ‘don’t
exist on school’s campus’
A dispute over a student’s
attempt to express his opinion about religion on campus is now in court after a
university executive insisted the school’s rules are above the Bill of Rights.
The Alliance Defending
Freedom has filed a First Amendment lawsuit against Cameron University in
Lawton, Oklahoma, over its discipline of student Daniel Harper in February for
distributing religious fliers.

Abe In Europe
Selling Japan Nuclear Power Plants
Black Nazi Cab Driver
Defends Wearing Swastika Armband
Ukraine Nearing Point Of
No Return – Top UN Chief
Porn in US 'a public
health crisis'
in America should be declared major public health crisis, panel of activists states
HAARP Confirmed As Weather Manipulation Tool
Senator Lisa Murkowski
(R-Alaska) asks some pointed questions about HAARP
Facing Charges For Cleaning Public Path
Vegetarians prophesied in the Bible
“In the latter times some
shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of
devils; … commanding to abstain from meats, which God hath created to
be received with thanksgiving of them which believe and know the truth. For
every creature of God is good, and nothing to be refused, if it be received
with thanksgiving”   1 Timothy 4: 1-4

Trade May Soon Top $100 Billion Yearly
your reality for Godzilla: It’s an anti-global-warming alarmism smash
the West DIRECTLY Responsible for the Massacres In Ukraine?
Washington’s Blog | Biggest German Newspapers Say Blackwater Behind
pioneer warns of exploitation
NY Times | Never Forgetting a Face.
and MIT Students Launch ‘NSA-Proof’ Email Service
Is What Happens When You Leave A Tank Parked On A City Street In Ukraine
A gassed-up, fully-loaded
tank. Ready to roll. Ready to obliterate some separatists. This is what
happened next…
rationality: Why NOT believing in conspiracies is a sure sign of mental
The phrase “conspiracy
theorist” is a derogatory smear phrase thrown at someone in an attempt to paint
them as a lunatic.
Feds Seize Ranches to Rid
the West of Ranchers
Government's power over
ranchers and their land is frightening
University Place man dies
after being tased by deputies
officers continued to tase
him, and once they had him on the ground an officer used a flashlight to strike
Hillstrom several times. Multiple residents told KOMO 4 a similar story, and
several people also shot video of the incident on their cell phones.
Judge Jeanine Pirro
Opening Statement – Veterans Left To Die By The VA – VA Full Blown Scandal
Harry Reid Displays
Appalling Contempt for the
First Amendment
Reid wants to overturn the
U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in Citizens
United, which restored the rights of all Americans to engage in
independent political speech. But he also wants to give Congress the power to
limit spending by candidates on political campaigns or by anyone else in
support of or opposition to candidates—a measure guaranteed to protect
incumbents such as himself and make it even more difficult for challengers to
knock off sitting members of Congress.
Obama tries to blow off
his newest scandal:
the VA outrage
Armed for war:
Pentagon surplus gives local police 'an edge'
CDC: Illinois
man is 3rd reported case of MERS in nation
Vatican Will Gain More
Control Over
King David's Tomb
Israel may not transfer the
site to the Vatican outright, but it might allow more Christian control over
the site. Is this a slippery slope?

Dept. of Agriculture OrdersBallistic Body Armor
A May 7th solicitation by the
U.S. Department of Agriculture seeks "the commercial acquisition of
ballistic vests, compliant with NIJ 0101.06 for Level IIIA Ballistic Resistance
of body armor."
May 15th Breitbart News reported on a Dept. of Agriculture solicitation for
"the commercial acquisition of submachine guns" with 30-round
The FDA Should Be Charged With Murder
Of New Grads Get Jobs ($10/hr?)
Of the university students
who graduated this spring, 94.4 percent had secured jobs as of April 1
Russia halts rocket
exports to US,
hitting space and military
Russia announces decision to
halt export of crucial rocket engines in response to US sanctions over
annexation of Crimea
US Congress presents bill
to ban Russian arms,
Pentagon opposes move

Cuts Sanctions On Russia To Help Its Business
Silent Takeover Of Britain $60b Def Budget
Politicians Let Fracking Rules Slide As Industry Surges
GMO ‘Right To Know’
Battle Rages In Oregon
Rate of US honeybee deaths
'too high for long-term survival'
US government says 2013-14
hive honeybee losses not as bad as previous winter but still 'too high'
Skeptical Warming Research Being 'Covered Up'
priestsinvestigated over stolen babies
15 May 2014 – Chile –
Catholic Church leaders admit to knowing about scheme in which single mothers
were pressured to give up their newborns for adoption…
Police investigators are now
probing dozens of cases in which unmarried women who became pregnant were pressured by
priests to give up their child for adoption. Those who refused
were anaesthetised during delivery and, upon awakening, told that the child had
died. The healthy babies were hidden from their biological mothers and given away in
order to be raised by married couples in "traditional" Catholic
Church leaders now admit they have known
about the network for at least 10 years.

code of silence’ on paedophile priests, claims UN report
The Vatican’s moral authority has been left in tatters by a
United Nations report condemning the Catholic Church’s “code of silence” on
paedophile priests, allowing known sex offenders to continue working with
children to this day.
Vatican ‘kept code of silence’ on paedophile priests, claims UN report
   Vatican ‘kept code of silence’ on paedophile priests, cl…
The Vatican’s moral authority has been left in tatters by a United Nations report
condemning the Catholic Church’s “code of silence” on paedop… 
View on www.independent.co.uk Preview by Yahoo 

Forget PINs – now you can
withdraw cash
with your VEINS:
rolls out biometric scanning technology for ATMs
        * 1,730 cash machines in Poland are to be given 'Finger Vein' technology
        * This lets people scan their finger and withdraw money from an ATM
        * The technology doesn't require the use of a card or pin number
        * It has already been used in several banks in Poland and Turkey
        * The 'Planet Cash' project is the work of Hitachi and Itcard S.A.
Film Shows FDR Walking At 1937 MLB Game – Vid
footage of Roosevelt
struggling to move is rare because the Secret Service either prohibited or
confiscated cameras at the time to minimize the public's knowledge of the
devastating effects that polio had had on him. The media complied with the
Easy DIY Employment Opportunities
Could stem cells help
people paralysed by MS?
reveal they are 'astonished' by landmark study
        * Mice crippled by version of MS could walk again after less than two weeks
        * Were previously so disabled they couldn't stand long enough to be fed
        * Researchers say they had not expected the stem cell treatment to work
        * These cells may have worked as they were grown in a crowded lab dish


Lithuania becomes first EU
country to ban energy drink sales to teens
The ban, which includes
non-alcoholic beverages containing more than 150 milligrams per liter of
caffeine, will take effect in November. It also applies to beverages containing
a range of stimulants like guarana, ginsenosides, glucuronolactone, and
Versus Security Is a FALSE Choice
NSA Dumped Automatic
Privacy-Protecting System … Instead Adopting Program of Mass Surveillance On
All Americans.
Rio Robocops Set To Patrol World Cup
& Police Training To Take On Returning Veterans
Newly leaked Marine Corps’
documents detail yet another military urban training center that more closely
resembles a small U.S. town than a foreign combat zone.
Seeks To Change First Amendment To Stop Koch Brothers
 Reid wants Congress to have control over who
can contribute to campaigns and how much can be spent.
“The United
States Owns Us.”
Alex talks with special guest
Dr Nick Begich taking calls on the topics of Geophysical correlations to the
economy, politics and social trends and the long term effects on the world as
we know it.
Sexualization of Children Predicted in 1932 Novel
Alarming similarities between
current trend to expose kids to sex and Brave New World.
Obamacare: Cash
for Crony Capitalism
Feds spent $5 billion to get
state Obamacare exchanges operational
Maryland, Massachusetts,
Oregon and Nevada have gone through nearly a half billion dollars building
inoperable Obamacare websites for vastly overpriced state exchanges.
For Student Who Stood Up For His Rights In Gun T-Shirt Suspension
Officials lift suspension,
clear record of high school senior.
5 Guns The Government
Doesn't Want You To Have…
​Pregnant Christian to be Executed for Leaving Islam After
Giving Birth
Former Abortion Clinic Owner: We Pushed Sex Ed on Kids to
Create a Market for Abortion
and Kerry Meet in London to ‘Catch Up’
developments in the stalled
peace talks between Israel and the Palestinian Authority (PA)…
Head of Communist Party: Israeli Arabs Palestinian
Ayman Odeh, Secretary-General
of the far-left Communist Hadash party, said on Thursday that Israeli Arabs
were part of “the Palestinian people”.
To Protect a Mouse, Forest
Service Cuts Off Water Access in New Mexico
Although it hasn’t reached
Bundy levels of attention, leaders of a rural southern New Mexico county are
bravely pushing back against a federal land grab of their own.
In Otero County, New Mexico,
the federal Forest Service has fenced off a 23-acre section of land, preventing
a rancher’s cattle from getting to a watering hole located on the tract.
Earlier this week, the county
commission voted unanimously (with one commissioner absent) to empower the
sheriff to open a gate, making a way for the cattle, some 200 in number, to get
to the water. “We are reacting to the infringement of the U.S. Forest Service
on the water rights of our land-allotment owners," Otero County
Commissioner Tommie Herrell told Reuters. "People have been grazing there
since 1956.”
Will the UN Criminalize thePro-Life Movement as 'Torture'?
United Nations Committee
Against Torture called pro-life speech “torture.”
This move is part of a
broader push by the radical abortion lobby to essentially criminalize the
pro-life movement.
Francis Says Christians Do Not Exist Outside The
Roman Catholic Church
Francis also said that
aliens will be baptized when they arrive
May 16,
2014- Vatican City, Rome –
Pope Francis said that people cannot be Christians without the Church,
explaining that Christian identity is rooted in it and that believers cannot
stand alone.
“Our Christian identity is
belonging to a people: the Church. Without this, we are not Christians. We
entered the Church through baptism: there we are Christians,” Francis said
during Mass on Thursday, Vatican Radio reported…During Mass on Monday,
Francis also theorized about alien life forms, and suggested that even Martians
should be welcomed to be baptized as
Pope at Mass: We are not Christian
without the Church (Inc.)
2014-05-15 – Vatican Radio –  There is no such thing as a Christian without
the Church, a Christian who walks alone, because Jesus inserted himself into
the journey of His people: This was Pope Francis reflection at Mass this
morning in Casa Santa Marta.
Warning signs in Vienna as
Iran talks end with silence
progress made in talks as Iran charges Western powers with "excessive
demands" for a peaceful resolution to the crisis, US warns time running
China trims US debt
holdings by $800 million
China remained the United
States' largest foreign creditor in March, trimming holdings of US Treasuries
by just $800 million while No 2 Japan dumped $10.6 billion of US debt.
It was the third straight
month that China reduced its US Treasury holdings. Overall foreign capital
inflows into US Treasuries declined, with strong demand coming mainly from
Belgium, which continued its heavy buying of US debt. Russia was the largest
seller during the month amid speculation that its assets would be frozen as
part of sanctions over the crisis in Ukraine.
Sale Of Warships to Russia Shows Why The West Can't Stop Putin
Iowa Hospital Announces
Layoffs Due to ObamaCare
New Law In California
50 percent of Americans take
prescription drugs
About half of all Americans take at
least one prescription drug each month, and 10 percent take more than four,
according to a new government report. We spend a lot on prescription drugs. In
2011, Americans spent $263 billion on prescription drugs, which accounts for
9.7 percent of all national health expenditures (up from 5.6 percent in 1990).
Americans are depressed.
Adults' use of antidepressants increased more than fourfold between the years
of 1988-94 and 2007-10, from 2.4 percent to 10.8 percent.
schools are as segregated as they were back
then': Michelle Obama blasts education system for still being racist in Brown v.
Board anniversary speech
The First Lady was expected
to use the speech to celebrate about diversity in America. Instead, she took
racism head on, telling the Topeka, Kansas, seniors, 'by some measures, our
schools are as segregated as they were back when Dr. King gave his final speech.'



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