ULSD, LNG, Saudi Light, BLCO & the Usual Oil Products Available

RJ Hender
Tue, May 27, 2014
Subject: Honest Oil Seller

Honest Oil Seller

The Letter of Intent is needed from the End Buyer. As my Direct Oil Sources have provided their SCOs to brokers & buyers the SCOs have been shopped all over the internet. For this reason an LOI and Buyer Company Profile is required for every End Buyer, on Buyer Company Letterhead, before we provide our SCO.

Saudi Light, Basrah Light, Bonny Light, ULSD, LNG, Crude Oil and Mazut are available along with the usual fuels; JP54, D2 and JPA1. If you are a Genuine Buyer or if you work with a Legitimate End Buyer then you can contact me directly at RJ@MorningLiberty.com

Oil & Gas Traders DMCC is One Solid Source for oil. Make out your LOI for each oil product you are requesting.

I work with 5 Oil Seller Groups because there is no way that 1 oil source can provide every oil product.

My Commercial Account Holder from Shell Oil, can help set you up with a Production Contract for D2 or JP54.

My Solid BLCO Source is safe and they have been closing blco transactions on a regular basis.

I have a team of Experts who examine every Broker/Buyer who contacts me. We take a careful look to see if; 1 – Are you who you say you are? 2 – Do you have honesty and integrity? 3 – Does your End Buyer actually have the $money to close the oil transaction? 4 – Together, can we make honest oil money?

Yes, there are too many Oil Back Stabbers. With trust and honesty I am working with people that I can count on and that you can count on.

What is the target price of the oil you are looking for? What is the destination for the fuel? Do you have oil storage tanks? Who is our Direct Contact for working with you? Contact me at RJ@MorningLiberty.com

Honesty & Integrity in business activity brings it’s own rewards.

Here’s to a Strong 2014 for you and us all.

God Bless… RJ Hender RJ@MorningLiberty.com

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