Top 3 Anti NWo Orders – The Easter Maastricht Proclamation

International Common Law Court
Sat, May 31, 2014
Subject: New World DisOrder Be Gone

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“. . . that I should bear witness unto the truth.” — John 18:33 // David E. Robinson, Publisher

Breaking Public Announcement
issued by The Public Information
Agency of The International
Common Law Court of Justice

The Easter Maastricht
Proclamation of the Court that
nullified the laws and authority of
the Church of Rome and its
corporate subsidiaries will be
actively enforced by duly sworn
and trained Common Law Officers
commencing in the first week of
July, 2014.
Assisted by the community, the
Officers will enforce the lawful
annulment of these corporate
bodies in at least nine countries by
1. The arrest and imprisonment
of the convicted fiduciary officers
of the Church of Rome and of
England, along with their
accomplices and other criminals;
2. The seizure and public
expropriation of the property and
assets of these churches, and their
re-establishment as public space
serving the community, and
3. The re-consecration of these
former churches as entirely
congregational, self-governing
bodies under the authority of
public, common law.
Beginning on Monday, May 19,
2014, the ICLCJ and its
sponsoring Tribunal will
commence a rigorous three week
training program for professional
peace officers, sheriffs and
marshals who will be deputized to
enforce this Annulment against
these criminal church bodies. The
program will be held at private
sessions in Canada, the United
States, Ireland, England, Holland,
Belgium, France, Spain and Italy.
To apply for participation in the
Common Law Officers’ Training
Program, contact the Secretariat
e-mail at
and consult the Common Law
Community Training Manual online
at or softcover
printed edition below.

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