Out Fest – Disney World Not Safe for Children in July

Eugene Delgaudio
Wed, June 11, 2014
Subject: Family Out Fest is Pro Gay Agenda at Disney World 

Warning: Disney World is not safe for kids this summer

Be warned if you or any of your friends plan to visit Walt Disney World
this summer.

Without realizing it, you may be exposing your children to disgusting
activist displays by radical homosexuals.

You see, Walt Disney World will be host to a new program dubbed "Family

This “Outfest” is a concerted effort to drastically increase the
presence of homosexuals in Disney parks, and will undoubtedly include
significant displays of homosexual propaganda around the parks.

Disney is now a major partner in the effort to make Americans accept
homosexual couples as “normal” families.

And they will be encouraging displays of homosexuality and “gay pride”
throughout their parks in July.

We’ve all seen how perverted “Gay Pride Parades” can get — I dread
what behavior this “Outfest” will bring to Disney’s supposedly
family-friendly streets.

"Outfest" is scheduled for the first week of July — including 4th of
July weekend.

And families buying tickets for this week are not being warned of what
else they will experience.

As America’s foremost pro-Family advocate, it is up to Public Advocate
and supporters like you to spread the word to everyone who might visit
Disney with their family this summer.

Please click here to forward this email

to all your friends and family, warning them that Disney is no longer
safe for children.

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