Redeemed Lawful Money vs Federal Reserve Democracy Slave Notes

Dave Robinson
Mon, June 30, 2014
Subject: Redeemed Lawful Money Removes Debt

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Redeemed Lawful Money
“. . . if the trumpet give an uncertain sound, who shall prepare himself for battle?” — I Corinthians 14:8 — 04/29/14
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“. . . that I should bear witness unto the truth.” — John 18:33 // David E. Robinson, Publisher
Here's what redeemed lawful money
looks like. If you don't have one of these,
you ain't got real money. They're regular
FRN's, but since they were given by Fed.
Reserve bank upon a demand for lawful
money (pursuant to 12USC411), you can
depend on their expertise to know what
lawful money is. If a FR bank says it's
LM, who are we to argue?
And that should stop the minions of
the corporate Beast from presuming that
you only have private scrip FRN's, and
so are insolvent/debtor, subject to their
corporate statutes, which gives them
jurisdiction. And that's because lawful
money PAYS OFF debts, it doesn't just
DISCHARGE them as FRN's do.
BTW, that's the problem with most
sovereignty docs; you can declare
whatever you want, but if you're carrying
FRN's which are evidences of debt, then
that's a proof that you're a DEBTOR,
'law merchant', subject to their
corporate Matrix, b/c you ain't got any
real money.
You can get rubber stamps like that
And the story of how I redeemed lawful
money is here:
If you get paid with FRNs, you've got
taxable, plus use of FRNs is a gov't
benefit SUBJECT to regulation, such as
the sales tax. But if you make a demand
for lawful money pursuant to 12 USC 411,
then you obviously have no corporate
income. You have lawful money instead,
which AREN'T subject to State
regulation, which would include the sales
In other words, there's no tax on sales
done with REAL money, only on sales
done with funny-money FRNs. The
California gov't website says that sales
tax is a tax on the PRIVILEGE of selling
in the State of California. And if you've
got REAL money, i.e. lawful money, then
you're not contracting in the corporate
State, but in the REAL California republic,
a state of the Union, where selling is NOT
a privilege, and where you have a right to
property and gov't has no right to interfere
with your contracts.
Which is why having lawful money
should exempt you from sales tax.
In other words, when you use FRNs,
you're engaged in COMMERCE in the
corporate State of XX. But when you use
LAWFUL MONEY, then you're engaged
in TRADE in the California republic, NOT
in State of California. And in the Republic,
the State legislature has authority over
commerce, but not over trade.
And because of the 1933 US
bankruptcy and subsequent
demonetization of gold and silver in US,
lawful money is only the CIRCULATING
coins, and the FRNs they give you
AFTER you make a demand for lawful
money, pursuant to 12 USC 411.
And the reason why everyone gets
charged sales tax in US, is because
everyone VOLUNTARILY uses FRNs,
which is NOT REAL money, but only a
money SUBSTITUTE, use of which
places you INSIDE the corporate State.
That's like using Monopoly 'money' –
rules for using those are DIFFERENT
from those for REAL money.
And the reason why they don't give
you real money, is because FRNs are
gov't "checks" (obligations of United
States)written on an account that US
gov't has at the Federal Reserve. And that
account is $17 trillion in the red. And
that's worse than empty. So the amount
you demand under 12 USC 411, is instead
DEDUCTED from the national debt! And
if everyone did that, then the national debt
would go down to zero.
In other words, AFTER the national
debt is eliminated, THEN they'll give you
gold coins when you demand LM under
12 USC 411. Simple!
Circulating US coins are lawful
money, but to exercise your remedy, all
you have to do is make the demand for
LM under 12 USC 411. Then WHATEVER
they give you, is presumed to be lawful
money, and the burden of proof is on the
State that you don't have lawful money.
In other words, once you make the
12 USC 411 demand, you no longer can
be considered a user of their money
substitute, the FRNs. And with LM you're
no longer in the corporate State, you're
in the California republic where you have
Maine Republic Free State News, 3 Linnell Circle, Brunswick, Maine 04011 / /
unalienable rights and where statutes
don't apply to you unless there's a verified
complaint by an injured party.
And lastly, the federal corporate
Democracy known as the United States,
is just like a CASINO. Like a casino, it
has its own PRIVATE 'money' the FRNs,
while casinos have their 'money', the
casino TOKENS. And if you're in a casino
and have tokens, then you're SUBJECT
to casino rules. For example if you're
suspected of cheating, they can TAKE
your tokens without a court order. But
they CAN'T take your cash without a
court order, since that's not THEIR private
'money' over which they have jurisdiction.
Same with FRNs, those are PRIVATE
'money' of the federal Democracy, so if
you carry those, you're subject to their
rules, i.e. STATUTES and CODES, rather
than real laws. And if you have REAL,
lawful money, then obviously you AREN'T
subject to PRIVATE LAW of the federal
Democracy (=US Public Policy), but only
subject to PUBLIC Law, starting with the
organic Constitution of the USA.
And what happens in today's courts,
is that they enforce PUBLIC POLICY
of US, and one of the main ways of
getting out of that policy/jurisdiction is
Lawful Money and everything you bought
with them.
And here's one way to assert your
common law rights after you've made a
demand for lawful money. For example
in California you'd be able to assert the
civil code, since you now have the status
to do so:
California civil code:
"22.2. The common law of
England, so far as it is not repugnant
to or inconsistent with the
Constitution of the United States, or
the Constitution or laws of this State,
is the rule of decision in all the courts
of this State."

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  1. Dave says:

    What does Lawful Money look like, and how would you use it? Merchants know nothing about LM and will attempt to tax you when you buy some beer at the convenient store. How do you conduct your business with LM, buying at the grocery store, the internet, etc.? I’m perplexed. Sorry for the ignorance.

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