Top 5 Steps for Dismantling Freedom – NWo Setting Up World Gov’t

Tom Gambill & Robb Ryder
Mon, June 30, 2014
Subject; Top 5 Steps to Set Up World Government

~~The following series of broadcasts lays out in detail, the
methods that have been used to bring this world under a one world government,
one world currency and religion which will be based on the New Age Movement and
Humanism.    The sources are varied; and includes many sources
that are listed on my website, in the About section.   The truth is
contained in the following broadcasts.   Always research the information
that you receive to confirm or refute.  

The five steps as laid out in the book, "Proofs of a Conspiracy" is
the basis of the series and in addition many other publications are used. 

The summary of their methodology is as follows:

1. Demolish the Very Foundations of Biblical Morality.
2. Dismantle the family, patriotism, and individual liberty.
3. Discard our Constitution and the Republic which it established.
4. Destroy the American Free Enterprise System.
5. Direct our attention toward the United Nations which will Drag and if
necessary Drug us into the global government for which it was

Watchman For Jesus
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RobbRyder here
Video: I am Christian I belong to the Church..  
A judge once told Ro.. “you belong to the State”..  ,  even though as a
Christian you  are one of the Purchased people, Holy Nation, Chosen Race… I
guess the judge  didn’t get the Memo.. 
So this video hopes to help uncover our recourse  by any source..   most
are based on  going to your brother first … the Church's version of an
administrative  process. 
One source of recourse is considered as “one of  the best kept secrets of
the Church” by a highly acclaimed Canon Law  Professor… Hierarchal Recourse 
After reading it.. seems a simple concept.. You  send it back up the chain
of command..   very simple procedure, right to an advocate, very few levels
    1.  the one that you disagree  with 
    2.  His diocesan Bishop  
    3.  Roman Pontiff as the Holy  See
But it has a couple details that need to be  followed… hence the video.. 
Also a similar process of conciliation and  administrative tribunal is
available at the Archdiocese level.. that utilizes  a “conciliation clerk”..
(didn’t know that till now)..  so in that case its back to going to  the right
clerk… not just any clerk.. 
Finally the tribunals of Vatican City State have  jurisdiction over anyone
that administers the Patrimony of the Holy See and  any one connected no
matter how remotely to the Roman Curia.. this includes at  least all employees
and officers of the Church… but I have a feeling its much  broader than
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Gospel of Thomas: 

11 Jesus said, "This heaven will pass away, and the one above  it will pass
away. The dead are not alive, and the living will not die.  During the days
when you ate what is dead, you made it come alive. When you  are in the
light, what will you do? 0n the day when you were  one, you became two. But
when you become two, what will you  do?"

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