JP54 Refinery Direct – How’s 20 Below Platt?

July 2, 2014
Wed, July 2, 2014
Subject: JP54 Refinerey Direct

~~  JP54 Refinery Direct 

     Oil Buyers and Brokers continue to contact me, but few of them actually are prepared to engage in Oil Activity.  You are probably aware of how often fake brokers continue to say they are ready to do business.  Genuine Oil End Buyers, Mandates or Brokers can contact me at  

     My direct Shell Oil source has plenty of fuel available.  It does take a little time to secure Production Contracts with them, but it’s worth it.  Shell usually provides fuel at platt rates. 

     My direct middle east source has a major supply of LNG, D2, Mazut and other fuels.  Some times these fuels are available at 30 below Platt rates. 

     My direct to refinery source from Russia says that he has plenty of JP54 available, right now, for my End Buyers.  They require that every End Buyer provide evidence of storage tanks. On End Buyer letterhead, we need a Letter of Intent and Company Profile for each oil product that is requested. 

     My direct Bonny Light source says that his blco supply is available in the Forcados Blend, Brass Light, Brass Medium and Brass Heavy.  There are 3 options to buy this blco; TTO, TTT and CIF procedures. 

     My oil resellers are happy.  My end buyers are happy.  My solid buyer brokers are happy too, for we don’t go around the very people who help us put oil transactions together. 

     Yes, because of all the bad brokers out there, my Sellers require a Letter of Intent and Buyer Company Profile, on buyer letterhead, for every fuel that is requested.  Once the LOIs have been approved then we can proceed with legitimate SCOs for legitimate End Buyers.  Contact me

     I need to know your phone number, your skype name, the destination for the fuel that you need and we need to know the quantity of fuel that you are searching for.  Here's to a great 2014 Oil Year…  RJ Hender


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