Below Platt D2, JP54, Mazut – Direct to Refinery Oil Sources

RJ Hender – Honest Oil Seller
Thur, July 10, 2014
Subject: 20 Below Platt D2, Mazut

Below Platt D2, JP54, M100

For 2 weeks my Direct Oil Source has had D2 and Mazut available for 20 Below Platt rates. We have JP54, D2, Mazut, LNG, BLCO and other fuels available. It’s been interesting to see how many End Buyers were not End Buyers at all. If you are serious about securing these fuels email me Some times the oil rates go up or down, but I do my best to inform my Legitimate End Buyers of their fuel options.

Because of conflicts in Ukraine and Iraq it has been more difficult for many people to secure JP54, but my source(s) can secure it for you.

My direct Shell Oil source has Production Contracts available, for serious End Buyers, out of Rotterdam and Houston. How much D2, JPA1, JP54 or Crude Oil do you need?

My Direct from the Refinery source has oil available for legitimate End Buyers, at below platt rates. There are procedures that you must be willing to follow. My Seller has provided SCOs too many times, just to have them shopped all over the internet. For this reason, bad oil brokers have forced my Seller to require a Letter of Intent and Company Profile from the End Buyer, on Buyer’s letterhead before my Seller provides any SCO and fuel.

How much oil do you need? What is the destination for the fuel you need? How much JP54 or D2 or Mazut or BLCO or LNG do you need every month? What price target are you looking for? Where are your storage tanks? Which procedure is best for you; CIF, FOB, TTO, TTT or CI, Dip & Pay? Who is the main contact person for your End Buyer? How do we reach you/them by phone, by skype, by email? You can reach me at

We refuse to go around anyone who helps bring us the End Buyer. Too many Oil Sharks are stabbing good people in the back for profit. Karma can be a bitch. My oil seller friends and broker friends and mandate friends can be counted on and are great to work with.

Honesty, Integrity and Friendship are the foundation of how we operate. We refuse to live by lying, cheating or harming the very people who we work with.

We wish you the very best Oil Year 2014… RJ Hender

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