Obama Watch – US Nation of Cowards? La Raza Plans to Annex US SouthWest

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Tue, July 15, 2014
Subject: Obama Watch Gay Marriage Comedy

Democrat Congressman:
Tax Drivers for Every Mile They Drive
House and the Senate this week issued measures
intended to temporarily replenish the Highway Trust Fund before it runs out of
money next month, Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-Ore.) ended the week by proposing to
hike – then abolish – the federal fuel tax and replace it with a per-mile

Eric Holder called the United States
“a nation of cowards”

3D Tattooing – Latest Mutilating, Satanic
Craze – Pics

study suggests plants can 'listen'

Crimea's handover to
Ukraine is out of the question – Kremlin

Left Moves To Outlaw

Raises $1m Day Selling Captured Iraq Oil

Thatcher knew all about
underage sex
ring among ministers'

– 'I Supplied Rent Boys To Thatcher's

Warnings of
Westminster paedophile network 'ignored' because'there were too many'
social services official claims he warned Department of Health of Westminster
paedophile network but was told that he was "probably wasting [his]

Who Was Blackmailed Over Gay Sex Secrets

Signs Nuclear Energy Deal With Argentina

Russia Unveils
Hybrid Amphibious Drone Vehicle

Mexico Looks To Back Peso With Silver

The Head Of ‘The Central Bank Of The World’ Warns That Another
Great Financial Crisis May Be Coming
Economic Collapse – Most people have never heard of Jaime Caruana even though
he is the head of an immensely powerful organization. He has been serving as
the General Manager of the Bank for International Settlements since 2009, and
he will continue in that role until 2017…. So when Jaime Caruana speaks, people
should listen.

Chinese president begins South America tour
The Chinese delegation will visit Brazil,
Venezuela, Cuba and Argentina.

First Lady of Guatemala: Illegal Immigrants Not Refugees
Escaping Violence
Rosa Leal de Pérez, the first lady of
Guatemala, believes the influx of illegal immigrant children into the United
States has nothing to do with violence. Ms. Pérez said the reason thousands of
unattended children are fleeing north is to be reunited with their families in
the United States. She said U.S. immigration policies are breaking families
apart and creating a humanitarian crisis.

C.D.C. Closes Anthrax and Flu Labs After Accidents
NY Times – After potentially serious
back-to-back laboratory accidents, federal health officials announced Friday
that they had temporarily closed the flu and anthrax laboratories at the
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta and halted shipments of
all infectious agents from the agency’s highest-security labs.
**Biological Hazard in USA on Monday, 14 July, 2014
* View the
ALERT MAP: RSOE EDIS – Emergency and Disaster Information Service

DHS Agent Opens Fire During Pro-Israel Rally
The Los Angeles Police Department
confirmed Sunday evening that a Department of Homeland Security agent opened
fire during a pro-Israel rally in front of the Westwood Federal Building. The
protest, which drew as many as 2,000 participants, reportedly turned violent
after pro-Palestinian protesters began attacking several attendees with sticks.

Abby Martin Reports On Violence Of SWAT Teams,
The Following Day Her Producer Is Raided By SWAT
Abby Martin on the high
prevalence of SWAT raids across the US, and how only one day after reporting on
the issue, one Breaking the Set producer’s home was violently raided by a SWAT

Border Patrol Warns MS-13
Using Nogales Processing Center as Recruitment Hub
Border Patrol sources,
violent MS-13 gang members are using the Nogales processing center in Arizona
as a recruitment hub and as a transfer point for gang members to get into the
United States.

Black American from Gang-Besieged Baltimore: 'Where Can I Get
"My children cannot play outside. I
cannot take my trash out without locking the door – it's awful. Who is going to
give us anything? Where can I get asylum? Where can I get refugee status? I
don't know what I can do. Nobody cares what happens to my children."

Despite accusations of excessive force, Albuquerque police
purchase 350 AR-15 rifles
Albuquerque police have called on a local vendor to supply 350 AR-15 rifles,
according to KOB-TV, which cost approximately $1,000 each. The contract calls
for the rifles to arrive over the next two years. Subsequent quantities of 50
rifles are part of the deal, if the department deems them necessary.

Feds Investigate “Racist” Depiction of Obama as a Zombie
Making fun of the president is now
considered a domestic threat requiring DOJ intervention.

Two homes forcibly commandeered by police, innocent homeowners
Police forcibly commandeered homes from
two innocent families because they wanted to use the properties to surveil a
neighbor. After their plan was denied by phone request, police conspired and
executed a plan to break into the homes and arrest the innocent homeowners, a
lawsuit reveals.

You Feel Poorer (Chart)
In the last fourteen years, has your
income increased over 50%? If you think it has, has it done so after taxes?
Even if it has, you likely have not kept up in terms of inflation…. To
understand the loss of purchasing power, look at this series of items…

White House opens door to tolls on interstate highways,
removing long-standing prohibition
With pressure mounting to avert a
transportation funding crisis this summer, the Obama administration Tuesday
opened the door for states to collect tolls on interstate highways to raise
revenue for roadway repairs.

Trump Plaza To Close In September As Atlantic City Implosion
Claims Fourth Casino
The Atlantic City casino industry
implosion continues. Following the second, and final, bankruptcy of AC's
"state of the art" Revel Casino a month ago, as well as the
shuttering of Atlantic Club hotel Casino and the Showboat hotel casino, the
grim corporate reaper has come for one of the most prominent boardwalk casinos
of all: Trump Plaza.

Nurse exposes VA hospital: Stolen drugs, tortured veterans
Last fall, Riviello challenged the
treatment of a female veteran strapped to her bed for hours on end, in
violation of VA rules. As a result, she was stripped of her nursing duties. Now
she’s one of 37 whistleblowers nationwide whose allegations of retaliation are
under investigation by the US Office of Special Counsel.

The ultimate goal of the NSA is total population control
The NSA will soon be able to collect 966
exabytes a year, the total of internet traffic annually. Former Google head
Eric Schmidt once argued that the entire amount of knowledge from the beginning
of humankind until 2003 amount to only five exabytes.

Chinese hackers break into US federal government employee
Chinese hackers broke into the computer
networks housing the personal information of all federal US government
employees in March in an apparent attempt to target people who had applied for
top-secret security clearances.

Congressman secretly forced EPA to lift ban on deadly
weedkillers made with heavy metal arsenic
The U.S. is in the midst of an arsenic
crisis. And yet a single U.S. congressman, admittedly influenced by corporate
lobbying, is consciously blocking efforts by the Environmental Protection
Agency (EPA) to impose new restrictions on the chemical element that would
protect the public against this known neurotoxin and carcinogen.

town enforces ‘zero tolerance’ policy on grass length requirements
The town of Abilene has instituted a
‘zero tolerance’ crackdown on private property owners whose grass does not meet
government-mandated length requirements. Code enforcers literally drive around
with measuring sticks to determine which lawns have been deemed too long by the
town. The property owners are then threatened with letters and are ultimately
given Class C Misdemeanors if they do not comply.

Church Changes Its Story on Aid Given to Illegals
Catholic diocese in Southern
California is apparently changing its story about the assistance it has been
giving to illegal immigrants, which includes sheltering them and arranging
their transportation to other parts of America…Catholic leaders dipped into
politics last year when they heavily pressured Congress into passing amnesty and in
2012, Pope Benedict XVI asked Catholics to “welcome waves of new immigrants, to
provide them with
pastoral care and charitable assistance, and to support ways of regularizing
their situation.”

Hides Toxicity Test Results on RoundUp, Calling them ‘Commercial’ Secret
Talking about Monsanto’s
latest attempt to obstruct justice…

Think Tank: North American Community “Will Be Forged in the Heat of Conflict”
Globalist think tanks have
eagerly awaited an event like this for many years.

The Middle East Problem

La Raza Plan to Annex
Southwest Exposed
Alex Jones breaks down the
dangers of race based gangs and the La Raza plan to annex southwestern U.S.
border states.

Oklahoma Hit By Seven Earthquakes In 14 Hours,
Surpasses California In The Number Of Quakes In 2014

Citigroup to pay $7BILLION
to settle a Justice Department probe into sale of subprime mortgages that led
to financial collapse

Conspiracy Of Silence
(Banned Discovery Channel

Supreme Court may not take Utah’s same-sex marriage appeal
Same-sex marriage » State’s
bid for U.S. Supreme Court clarity is no certainty.
U.S. Supreme Court, which is
on its summer hiatus until October, has complete discretion over whether it
will hear the case.
After Utah files its
petition, the Supreme Court has options:
• The nine justices may
choose to wait until a majority of the country’s appellate courts have weighed
in on the issue.
• They may take the case on
its own or combine it with cases from other states and jurisdictions.
• Or they may reject the case
— effectively allowing the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals’ ruling to stand.

a rash? iPad, other devices might be the cause
Unexplained rash? Check your
iPad. It turns out the popular tablet computer may contain nickel, one of the
most common allergy-inducing metals.

One in 50 priests is a paedophile:
Pope Francis says
child abuse is 'leprosy'
infecting the Catholic Church
Pope Francis quoted as saying
figure included bishops and cardinals
He condemned child sex abuse
as 'leprosy in the church', in interview

Utah Catholic schools continue to thrive
While Catholic schools in the
East and Midwest are consolidating and shutting down from dropping enrollments,
those in Utah and other parts of the West and South are bucking that trend and
remain stable. There are 5,500 students attending 18 Catholic schools
in Utah, a number that has remained stable for about eight years, according
to Sister Catherine Kamphaus, superintendent of Utah's Catholic schools.

gas prices increase 14 cents from last month
Utah fuel prices in May
showed the greatest increase in the nation, jumping 28 cents per gallon. This
month, the average price rose 14 cents, AAA reported. The current average price
for regular gasoline in the Beehive State is $3.71.

Americans' trust in government institutions, ranked
How important is it to trust
the government? Which public institutions have succeeded in securing that
trust, and which have failed to capture the loyalty of the American people?
A recent Gallup poll asked Americans how much they trusted various institutions,
such as public
school systems and government entities, and compared the data to responses from
previous years.
Here are the results, ranked
from the least trusted to the most.

Are Americans Really
Dumber than a Bag of Hammers? (YES)
The Washington Establishment
and its co-conspirators in the "International Community"
certainly must think so.

seeks governors' support on immigrant kids
Health and Human Services
Secretary Sylvia Matthews Burwell met privately with dozens of governors Sunday
as the Obama administration tried to get support from the leaders of states
that will host thousands of the Central American children who have crossed the
Mexican border on their own since Oct. 1.

was an attack from the heavens': The shocking moment a Siberian beach was hit
by a freak hailstorm on one of the hottest days of the summer
Bathers ran out of the Ob
River in western Siberia clutching their heads as hail the size of golf balls
fell from the sky.Footage of the freak weather – on a day which saw
temperatures rising to 37C – includes one female voice saying: ''If we die, I
love you.'

fist-bumped joker who replied 'Only when I'm having sex!' after the President
asked him if he was gay
* The president visited Austin eatery Franklin Barbecue on Thursday where he met
cashier Daniel Rugg Webb
* Webb said to the president 'Equal rights for gay people!'
* The president asked Webb his sexual preference and laughed at the answer before
realizing children were around

'Daddy, I'm getting married toCharles Manson!':
Father relives moment his
daughter, 26, revealed she was marrying the infamous killer, 79, and how –
incredibly – he has come to accept it

Ukraine conflict: Rockets ravage suburb of Donetsk

Soon, Applebee's May Be Asking You to Put Your Phone
initiative titled “No tech Tuesday.”

Why Beef Prices Will Rise Again
Milk production is forecast
higher for 2015…Chicken and turkey production is forecast to be rise next year
Why Beef Prices Will Rise Again, Despite Recent Slide –
24/7 Wall St.

Cities With The Most
Abandoned Homes

Bulgaria tries to contain bank run
Bulgarian authorities have
made seven arrests and pumped more than $2 billion into the country's financial
system in a bid to prevent a bank run spiraling out of control.

Makes A NWO Globalist Speech
Putin: The 21st century world
is globalized and interdependent

Talks With Fidel Castro

Finds Link Between Antibiotics and Chronic Infections

Chinese man charged with hacking into US fighter jet
Su Bin accused of breaking into computers at Boeing
and elsewhere to steal files on F-22, F-35 and the C-17 carrier

Indiana stored babies’ DNA, blood for research without
parental consent
The Indiana State Department of Health has been
collecting babies’ blood and DNA without their parents’ permission since 1991, Now
the state wants to know what to do with the blood samples.

The Horrible True Extent Of Brit Home Office Pedophilia

Thousands of Gaza civilians flee after Israeli warning
Reuters) – Thousands fled their homes in a Gaza town
on Sunday after Israel warned them to leave ahead of threatened attacks on
rocket-launching sites, on the sixth day of an offensive

Launches Ground Operation In Gaza: Special Forces Raid Alleged Rocket Compound
Israeli ground troops have entered northern Gaza to
take out a number of missile launch sites.

Obama calls GOP lawsuit over executive overreach a
‘political stunt’
President Obama on Saturday unloaded on House
Republicans’ plan to sue him for executive overreach, calling the move ‘a
political stunt’ and a waste of time and money.

Ron Paul: The
Collapse Is Close
Nations like Russia and Japan could be turning to the
gold standard, and the U.S. is none too pleased.

Correspondent for the New York Times Refers to American Citizens as “Children”
We have mediocre, control-freak bureaucrats in the
mainstream media and government who see themselves as our parents.

Released In U.S. Given Three Years Until Court Date
Court dates will only increase further into the

al-Qaeda Commander: ISIS Works for the CIA
Jihadist groups part of “Clean Break” plan to
balkanize Middle East.

ICE lets contract for 42,000 pairs of oversized

TSA grants security amnesty to illegals: no ID
to fly
commercial airplanes, but only if you're NOT an American

New emails
shows Lois Lerner trying to cover up her tracks

82 Shot, Chicago Considered War Zone,
Military Deployed
Mayor Rahm Emmanuel has called on the assistance of
the United States military to help patrol the blood-soaked streets of Chicago.
The unprecedented move is one step away from declaring total martial law in the
nation’s third most populous city.

70% of Agents Being Pulled Off Patrols for Paperwork
70 percent of the border patrol agents have been
reassigned for administrative duties including processing of aliens,
transporting aliens, and, yeah, leaving a porous border in the country."

Judge Jeanine Pirro: Crisis At The Border,
America Under Attack

Feinstein Invokes Nazis Concerning Unaccompanied
Minors on Border
Dianne Feinstein has likened deporting the unaccompanied children at the
U.S.-Mexican border to deporting Jews back to Nazi Germany. (H/T Andrew Johnson at
NRO). To be precise, the California Democrat argues that
deporting the children would be akin to turning away "boatloads of Jewish
immigrants trying to come to this country during Nazi Germany and getting
turned back."

China buys $22bn worth of US homes, leads global pack

Russia vows response to Ukraine shelling Russian city
An artillery shell from Ukraine has hit a private
house in the Rostov region of Russia, killing a citizen and leaving two more
injured. The Russian Foreign Ministry promises heavy consequences.

Possible Resignation: Merkel confidant expect
voluntary resignation of the Chancellor
A possible electoral defeat
should not decide their future: Angela Merkel is determined according to
SPIEGEL information, as the first German head of government since 1949, one day
to depart voluntarily from office.

Illegals Released In U.S. Given Three Years Until
Court Date
Court dates will only increase further into the future
The courts are buried under a massive backlog due to
the sharp increase in illegal immigration according
to the AP and considering that the 90%
of illegals who miss their court dates are rarely prosecuted anyway, the
U.S. has effectively established a de facto amnesty program which will only
ensure that more illegal immigrants cross into America.

TSA is allowing illegal immigrants to fly on passenger
jets with just a piece of paper and no photo ID

Is Your Church Part of the New World Order?

Interfaith: LDS Church

That motorbike was FLYING: Gyrocopter that can hit
112mph on land and in the air goes on sale

Schumer to Religious Americans:
Pick One—Your Faith orYour Business
At a press conference Thursday, Sen. Chuck Schumer
(D-N.Y.) said people with religious beliefs who disagree with the Obamacare
contraception mandate should be given a choice between living by their faith or
being allowed to form a corporation to do business…
“You’re born
with a religion or you adopt a religion.
You have to obey the precepts of that religion and the
government gives you a wide penumbra –
you don’t
have to form a corporation,” Schumer said.

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Inc.
website of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints(Mormons)…© 2014 by
Intellectual Reserve, Inc.

Pick One—Your Faith orYour Business
“You’re born
with a religion or you adopt a religion.
You have to obey the precepts of that religion and the
government gives you a wide penumbra –
you don’t
have to form a corporation,” Schumer said.

From polygamy to same-sex marriage, Utah leads the way

Bill seeks to allow states to manage wild horses
RENO, Nev. (AP) — A Utah
congressman has introduced legislation to allow Western states and American
Indian tribes to take over management of wild horses and burros from the
federal government.

Shocked drivers watch as gurney with a dead body
strapped to it slides out of coroner's van and onto busy road
* Incident occurred about noon Friday in Feasterville, Pennsylvania
* Coroner said it 'deeply regrets' what happened
* Body was retrieved within minutes with the help of a passer-by

dies in front of his 11-year-old son after being bitten by a copperhead snake
he picked up while on a camping trip
A Missouri father died Tuesday in front of his young
son after being bitten by a copperhead snake. Timothy Levins, 52, was bitten by
the poisonous snake while camping with family at Sam A. baker State Park, about
100 miles south of St Louis.

Palin blasts Obama for 'racking balls, getting buzzed on suds'

Palin blasts Obama for 'racking balls, getting buzzed on…
She also reprized her claims from earlier this week that Obama should be impeached
for his overstepping his authority.
View on www.dailymail.co.uk Preview by Yahoo

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