JP54, D2 Decisions – LNG, M100, JPA1, BLCO Below Platt

RJ Hender – Honest Oil Seller
Tue, July 29, 2014
Subject: JP54, D2, JPA1, LNG, M100, BLCO Oil Decisions

JP54, D2 Decisions 

     New events in Russia are already impacting the supply of JP54, D2 and other oil products around the world.  Since I work with 8 Oil Seller Groups, there are other sources, other than Russia, for fuel for my Buyers .  Fraud in the Oil Biz is getting worse too, so many Title Holders have put in place tougher procedures.  If you are a Legitimate End Buyer or if your work with an actual End Buyer contact me at  I will do my best to assist you. 

     One of my Sellers grew up in Kuwait.  Many of his friends from school, run many the Major Oil Refineries.  SR/we require a legitimate Letter of Intent and a Company Profile, on End Buyer letterhead.  Once the End Buyer can be verified then S R will provide the SCO for the oil product you need.  He helps supply 15% of the world’s fuel products.  Bad oil Brokers have made the process tougher for all of us.  S R is a wonderful man, who speaks 8 languages and he'll do anything he can to help you.

     One of my sellers needs an ICPO and CP from the End Buyer.  Since S M/we works directly with refineries then you can secure fuel here, below platt rates.  It's fun when you have a record of closing oil transactions. 

     I am connected to 2 Strong Shell Oil sources.  You can secure production contracts for D2, JPA1, JP54 and other fuels, out of Rotterdam and Houston, but you still need to be prepared to present the ICPO and CP. 

     One of my sellers is a Top 10 provider of oil, around the world.  This source owns or has access to 200 refineries and over 90 oil ships.  You can secure just about any oil below platt rates, but their procedures are Set in Stone.  You must present an ICPO – from the End Buyer and a Disclaimer document.  Do you need JPA1, JP54, D2, ULSD, LNG, M100, BLCO or any other fuel?  We can supply it for you.

     We believe that there are Oil Sharks out there, people who are glad to stab others in the back, for a buck.  We know that this kind of activity will create Karma that will come back to haunt these oil sharks. 

     We prefer to work with honest, integral oil buyers, mandates, brokers and others.  Let me know if I can assist you.

     As a Radio Host, I have been bringing people together for years.  It’s never been about what is in it for me.  I do my best to bring together Oil Book Ends

     I wish you the best 2014 Oil Year…  RJ Hender. 


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