Obama Watch – US Gov’t Owns Ebola Patent, Newly Engineered Epidemic

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Tue, Aug 5, 2014
Subject: Obama Watch US Gov't Owns Ebola Patent

 Ebola Outbreak Hits London
As Passenger Dies At Airport
Ebola terror at Gatwick as
passenger collapses and dies getting off Sierra Leone flight

UN Warns Africans To Stop Eating
Fruit Bats & Road Kill In Effort To Curb Ebola
Gaza Homeless, No Med Supplies, Morgues Full
Israel wiretapped Kerry’s
calls during peace talks
Israeli agents were
eavesdropping on US Secretary of State John Kerry as he was mediating last
year’s futile Middle East peace talks, German magazine Der Spiegel has revealed.
Obama Dismisses Russia:
It 'Doesn't Make Anything'
Russians Say NATO
Not Interested In MH17 Probe

ISIL militants capture EUPHRATES  dam,oilfield in
"The terrorist gangs …
have taken control of Mosul Dam…," Iraqi state television said
on Sunday.


Islamic State claims
first major victory over
Islamic State fighters seized control of
Iraq's biggest dam, an oilfield and
three more towns on Sunday after inflicting their first major defeat on Kurdish
forces since sweeping through the region in June. Capture of the Mosul Dam after an
offensive of barely 24 hours could give the Sunni militants the
ability to flood major Iraqi cities, sharply raising the stakes in their bid to
topple Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki's Shia-led government.
ISIS ‘Seizes’ Iraq’s Biggest Dam!
Controlling the Flow of Both ‘Tigris and Euphrates’
U.S.  to fight homegrown extremists
(Reuters) – The United States
is reviving a law enforcement group to investigate those it designates as
domestic terrorists, the Department of Justice announced Tuesday.
Forbes – Close All Libraries,
Buy Everyone Kindle
fall from sky in St. Louis, Mich., amid massive chemical cleanup
Painkillers May Do More
Harm Than Good; Even Tylenol, Ibuprofen Can Be Risky
U.S.Government Owns EBOLA 'Patent'!
Smoking Gun!
Why did the U.S.
Government patent
the Ebola virus in 2009?
Experimental Ebola Serum
Used on U.S. Patient
Ebola Vaccine Trials Soon – Perfect Way To Spread It
Experimental Ebola vaccine
will be tested on people NEXT MONTH as U.S. pushes clinical trial of possible
life-saving drug
Virologists Join Against Deadliest Ebola Ever
Accuses US Of Fabricating Satellite Images
US spy plane violates Swedish
airspace to escape Russia jets
A US Air Force spy plane has
reportedly violated Swedish airspace twice in order to escape Russian fighter
Quietly Passes Three Cybersecurity Bills
Man Loses Job
For Speaking Truth About 9/11
Facebook faces EU and US
probes over data harvesting
Die In Days Of Fighting At Libyan Airport
Half US Drone Victims In Pakistan Are Civilians
How London became the child
abuse capital of the world
Times Deleted Gold Manipulation Story
Gardasil: First Criminal Case
in Spain Begins
Over 400 Ukrainian troops cross into Russia for refuge
Russian sanctions crushing German business
The West is tightening the financial
screws on Moscow, but German companies are already feeling the kickback of a
slowing Russian economy and weakening ruble.
Saudis calls in
Pakistani troops for protection against ISIS
Panicked by the advance of the Islamic State
of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS), Riyadh has taken the drastic step of calling in
military assistance from its close allies to shore up the porous 500-mile
border, Gulf security sources said.
25 Critical Facts About This Ebola Outbreak That Every American
Needs To Know
Economic Collapse – The top health
officials in the entire world are sounding the alarm and the phrase "out
of control" is constantly being thrown around by professionals with
decades of experience. So should average Americans be concerned about Ebola?
Mexican Drug Trafficker Assaults Border Patrol Agent,
Gets Charges Dismissed
A Mexican drug trafficker who
assaulted a U.S. Border Patrol agent and sent him to the emergency room got his
assault charges dismissed in exchange for pleading guilty to drug trafficking
Feds Fly Unaccompanied
Minors to Alaska
The trip from McAllen,
Texas–where the current border crisis is occurring–to Anchorage, Alaska is a
nine and a half hour flight. This is almost double the time it would take to
fly the migrants back to their home countries in Central America; a flight from
McAllen to El Salvador takes just over five hours.
Homeless man jailed after Church insists on pressing charges
over stolen cookies worth $2.25
Florida, a hungry and homeless man was jailed after church officials insisted
the man be charged for stealing a few cookies valued at $2.25.
Leaked CBP Report Shows Entire World Exploiting Open US Border
A leaked intelligence analysis from the
Customs and Border Protection (CBP) reveals the exact numbers of illegal
immigrants entering and attempting to enter the U.S. from nearly every nation
on Earth. The report was obtained by a trusted source within the CBP agency who
leaked the document and spoke with Breitbart Texas on the condition of
Utah Language School Blogger
Fired forGiving Lesson on ‘Homophones’
Employer calls word
offensive, too close to "homosexual"
An English blogger writing
for the Nomen Global Language Center in Utah was fired for posting about
“homophones” last week after his employer said the word was too close to
“homosexual” and “homophobe.” …Woodger confirmed the firing in an interview
with the Salt Lake Tribune but claimed it was more due to the blog’s
confusing and “possibly” offensive nature…Bizarre incidents of political
correctness gone wild have seemingly become commonplace in
recent years. 
Water costs skyrocket 1,000% where half the nation's fruits,
vegetables and nuts are grown
Transportation alone, thanks to
skyrocketing fuel prices, has lifted the cost of everything we buy at the
grocery store. Now, one of the worst droughts in U.S. history is making the one
thing absolutely vital for food production — an ample water supply — more
expensive as well, and that, ultimately, will translate into even higher prices
at the market.
Deceased Marine's heart was stolen,
likely sold on black market; US court denies his family relief
The tragic death of Marine Sgt. Brian
LaLoup further darkened when his family learned that his body was left alone
and unguarded for days in the morgue, subjected to a secret autopsy in which
his heart was stolen and likely sold on the black market.
400,000 People Warned Not to Drink Toxic Tap Water in Ohio:
State of Emergency Declared
Raspberries provide significant protective benefit against
cancer, chronic inflammation and more
What Are Cantaloupes Good For?
Cantaloupes provide an excellent source
of antioxidants, like vitamin C and vitamin A (in the form of carotenoids).
They also contain important nutrients like potassium, folate, copper, B
vitamins, vitamin K, magnesium, and fiber. If you eat
the seeds (yes, they’re edible), you’ll also get beneficial plant-based
omega-3 fat in the form of alpha-linolenic acid.
Blood thinner drug manufacturer withheld critical safety data from
A German drug company has been outed for
lying to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and European regulators
about the safety of a popular blood-thinning medication. A series of papers
recently published in The BMJ explain that Boehringer Ingelheim, maker of
Pradaxa (dabigatran), withheld key data about how the drug can accumulate in
the bloodstream and cause major health problems, including death.
Ginger Found to Reduce Premenstrual Pain and Mood Symptoms
There’s Not Enough “Panic” to Justify a Cure For Ebola
In an interview with
Bloomberg News, Dr, Ben Neuman admits that there isn’t enough “panic”
surrounding the Ebola virus for the pharmaceutical industry to justify
developing a cure.
Atlanta hospital receives
hate mail
for treating aid workers
stricken by Ebola
cities’ crackdown on homeless people is ‘close to ethnic cleansing’
Independent | David Usborne reports on an
insidious campaign to drive out vagrants by a combination of police harassment
and increasingly draconian new ordinances.
State gay marriage bans face largest attack yet
CINCINNATI — The broadest
attack yet on states’ gay marriage bans will be Wednesday in a packed courtroom
in downtown Cincinnati, where lawyers challenging four states’ prohibitions
will stand shoulder to shoulder in hopes of convincing a three-judge panel that
the bans are unconstitutional.
The states – Ohio, Kentucky,
Michigan and Tennessee – have so far waged their battles separately, fighting
to uphold the bans that voters years ago embraced.
U.S. military can’t do churches … but ‘gay’ parades OK
“Whether it’s erasing a Bible
verse on a white board or the banning of pocket-sized Gideon Bibles from an Air
Force base, our military service members, under the Obama administration, have
experienced an unprecedented rise in the suppression of their religious speech
nuclear deal with Russia fails as tensions rise
It was only 11 months ago
that the U.S. energy secretary – Ernest J. Moniz, a former MIT professor who
has championed scientific programs that would bury the Cold War competitions
between the United States and Russia…
Senate 'Quietly'
Introduced Another
"Gun Confiscation
Senate on Tuesday claims to
be aimed at removing guns from domestic abusers, but since no authority was
given to the federal government to restrict or regulate arms, it is
unconstitutional on its face.
Senators introduce gun control bill aimed to protect against domestic
Congressional Democrats
announced legislation Tuesday aimed at encouraging states to remove firearms
from domestic abusers.
Number of chikungunya
cases spike in New York and New Jersey as virus spreads rapidly
What Rick Perry said they
are finding record numbers of at the border should scare you
Rick Perry says
that they are now apprehending record numbers of illegal immigrants
coming from Syria, Pakistan and Afghanistan at the U.S.-Mexico border.
 The scary part, these are just the people we have caught.
ISIS Praises John McCain
For Helping Them Invade
The Muslim terrorist group,
ISIS, issued a statement attributing their success to the Iraq
war, and they had John McCain to thank for it. In the statement they wrote:
…the crusader John McCain
came to the Senate floor to rant irritably about the victories the Islamic
State was achieving in Iraq. He forgot that he himself participated in the
invasion of Iraq that led to the blessed events unfolding today by Allah’s
bounty and justice.
AI is 'potentially more
dangerous than nukes':
Musk claims a robot uprising could be a serious threat to humanity


'MH17 jet was shot down by
missile launcher put on the back of my Volvo':
says footage proves pro-Russian separatists commandeered his truck to transport


goat attacks dog on Mt. Timpanogos, hiker says
A hiker was forced to help
her dog down Mt. Timpanogos after she says a mountain goat attacked it.
Mountain Goat attacks are
extremely rare, but a man was killed by one at Olympic National Park in
Washington state in 2010. The man was trying to protect his wife and friend
when a 370-pound mountain goat fatally gored him, the
Associated Press reported. The goats can be a problem
around campsites and hiking trails, the AP reports, because they are attracted
to salt and minerals found on backpacks, human urine and sweat on clothing.
withdraws most troops from Gaza
Israel withdrew most of its
ground troops from the Gaza Strip on Sunday in an apparent winding down of the
nearly monthlong operation against Hamas that has left more than 1,800 Palestinians
and more than 60 Israelis dead.
Republican presidential hopeful Jon Huntsman attends pregnant Mormon daughter's
wedding: Self-confessed family 'trouble-maker' Elizabeth ties the knot just
weeks before she's due to give birth
At eight and half months
pregnant, 26-year-old Elizabeth Huntsman looked positively glowing as she wed
her boyfriend and the father of her unborn son, Eduardo Hernandez in Washington
Obama’s Africa summit
could slow commutes,
close streets next week in
starting Sunday as the
leaders of more than 40 African countries descend on the District for a summit.
The 2014 U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit is designed to
strengthen ties between continents and bolster economic development and trade.
Africa summit could slow commutes, close streets next week in Washington
Africa summit could slow commutes, close streets next we…
More than 40 world leaders are expected in Washington for three days of meetings 
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