JP54, D2, Mazut P.A.I. – Proven Absolute Oil Integrity Matters

RJ Hender – Honest Oil Seller
Wed, Aut 7, 2014
Subject: JP54, D2, Mazut Proven Absolute Oil Integrity

~~   JP54, D2, Mazut P. A. I.

     Bad Oil Brokers have made things tough for every Oil Buyer and Seller.  I was introduced to my first Oil Seller over 20 years ago, through my Radio Program.  Since then, I have been wading through the Good Sellers, Bad Sellers, Bad Buyers and Good Buyers.  These ‘ Fake Oil Buyers & Fake Sellers ‘ have made the rest of us very untrusting of every Oil Contact that reaches out to us. 

     Today, I work with 10 Direct Sellers and every one of them have different procedures for JP54, D2, Mazut, LNG, ULSD, JPA1, BLCO and other fuel products.  If you need fuel contact me

     Only 2 of my Direct Sellers offer CI, Dip & Pay for JP54, D2 or Mazut.  One of these Sellers requires a Soft Probe and an ICPO from the End Buyer before providing their SCO.  Since one of these Sellers secures JP54, D2 & Mazut from Rosneft, for their/our End Buyers, these procedures are posted at the bottom of this article.   

     It isn’t easy to match the right End Seller with the right End Buyer.  Both the Seller and Buyer continue to play the game ‘ I’ll show you mine, if you show me yours first. ‘  Nobody wins with this fearful, oil game. 

     I have 2 Shell Oil sources which can provide D6, D2, ULSD, JP54 and other oil products.  They/We  require a legitimate Letter of Intent and Company Profile from the End Buyer before they begin their selling process.  If you want a Production Contract from Shell then email me.

     One Direct to Refinery Seller requires an ICPO and Disclosure docs before they show their hand.  Yeah, refineries often dictate the procedures, whether we like it or not.  Do you want oil?  Are you ready to follow procedures?

     A couple of Oil  ReSeller friends of mine have plenty of JP54, JPA1, D2, Mazut and other fuels, but they also require evidence that they are dealing with a legitimate End Buyer.  They require an Letter of Interest and a Company Profile, on End Buyer Letterhead, up front. 

     Proven, Absolute Integrity is my objective.  Friendship with my oil contacts is another necessity for me.  Too often, before now, oil people have been happy to stab one another in the back for $money.  This Bad Oil Karma will come back to haunt you, if you play those kinds of no win games.  If you’re serious about buying oil

     I work with 2 Bonny Light sources, who are solid.  They both need LOI & CP up front. 

     When you’re working with oil sellers who are closing two to three oil transactions every week, it makes a big difference .  If you want to play oil games then go somewhere else.  If you are a legitimate End Buyer or if you work with a legitimate End Buyer then contact me.  I will do my best to match you up with the best Oil Seller Fit.

     I wish you the best this 2014 Oil Year…  RJ Hender  –  Below are CI, Dip & Pay procedures from one of my Sellers…

~​*ROSNEFT Procedures for initial lift*

1. Buyer issues ICPO with Banking Information, Company Profile & Bank
Reference Letter to ROSNEFT

2. Buyer & Seller executes SPA for 12 months supply (Please see Procedures

3. Seller (title holder) send to buyer CI along with TSR, current SGS, DTA
& ATS +C

4. Buyer verifies all documents & performs Dip Test

5. Upon successful dip test, buyer will issue MT-103 against transfer of
the assignable title to buyer & pick up fuel

6. IRDLC/ SBLC for remainder of contract

*Steps for Procedure #2*

After buyer issues ICPO, seller will issue buyer an SPA to be amended,
signed and returned to Seller. Seller signs SPA, and returns in PDF format
with company confirmation, and acceptance letter for supply of product.

Seller will then issue partial POP to include PSA affidavit, TSR,
certificate of incorporation & tax registration, Q&Q analysis & ATS+C via

Upon finalization of shipping terms and delivery schedule and shipping
documents, buyer & seller will lodge signed and sealed documents as well as
CPA (Charter Party Agreement) with their respective banks.
Seller issues Hard Copy of FULL POP documents, and 2% performance Bond via
bank to buyer's bank.​

*ROSNEFT Further Requirements*​

​The ICPO must be completed in the format Rosneft requests.  All following
documents must be copied on to Buyer's letter head except for the bank
reference letter, which must come from the nominated Bank/Financial
Institution. ​ All the following documents must be filled in, both English
and Russian, signed and returned.

1. Letter to president of Rosneft (Russian)

2. Letter to president of Rosneft (English)
3. ICPO Structure
4. Bank reference Letter (English and Russian)

5. Passport/Identification​

Kindest regards, RJ Hender…

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