Obama Watch – Dan Page Player in PsyOps Warfare Targeting US Blacks

Dave Cleveland – HolyRomanEmpireRules.blogspot.com
Sat, Aug 23, 2014

Ebola Outbreak May End;
Current Combat Plan Suggests It May Last Well Into 2015

Dan Page of the St.Louis
County Police Department participating in a CNN Psychological Operation mainly
targeting black Americans. What is more interesting is a lecture Page gave in
good detail plans of the NWO takeover. Obviously he is STILL involved in
Military Intelligence/Psychological Warfare, but now, within the St.Louis
Police Department. Once again the Most High reveals all that’s done in the
dark. The Matrix continues to unravel.

police officer on leave over video in which he says: ‘I’m … a killer’
A Missouri police
officer involved in maintaining security in troubled Ferguson was put on
administrative leave Friday after a video surfaced showing him railing about
the Supreme Court, Muslims, and his past — and perhaps, he said, his future —
as “a killer.”
The officer, Dan
Page of the St. Louis County Police Department

White House strongly hints US will strike
ISIL in Syria

Senator Inhofe
warns of potential
attacks on U.S. soil

Deputy CIA Director: ‘I Would Not Be
Surprised’ If ISIS Member Shows Up To US Mall Tomorrow With AK-47
Former Deputy CIA Director: ‘I Would Not Be Surprised’ If ISIS Member Shows Up To US Mall Tomorrow With AK-47

Top Brass – Striking Syria Back On The Table

U.S. says
Russia must pull convoy from Ukraine or face more sanctions

Food Embargo On Russia Barely
Changes Prices

Supreme Court: Prosecutors May Use The Silence Of A Defendant As Proof
Of Guilt
California Supreme Court: Prosecutors May Use The Silence Of A Defendant As Proof Of Guilt

American company droppingU.S. dollar
‘We want to be
a leader in the sound money movement’
An American
company has announced it plans to stop accepting payments in U.S. dollars or
other “fiat” currencies and instead will rely only on online payments.
Denver-based Amagi Metals, which deals in precious metals, noted in its announcement
that since the dollar
was decoupled from gold in 1971, it has lost 97 percent of its value compared
to the yellow metal and 83 percent of its domestic purchasing power.
“The trend shows
no signs of stopping,” the company said.
“Both investors
and foreign governments have begun to lose confidence in the dollar’s future …
and so has Amagi Metals.”
The company,
therefore, plans that “by the end of 2016, the company will no longer accept
U.S. dollars or other ‘fiat’ currencies.”
“Instead, Amagi
plans to be trading exclusively in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.”

Ice Bucket Challenge: Do You Know What You Are Supporting?

46 Incredible
Photos You May Not Have Seen Before

artillery units in Ukraine, NATO says
Russian military has moved artillery units manned by Russian personnel inside
Ukrainian territory in recent days and is using them to fire at Ukrainian
forces, NATO officials said

Executes 18 Suspected Informers

Top General Calls On Obama To Wipe Out ISIS

US and UK
should back Assad to defeat ISIS – senior UK MP

poised to join forces with Assad in face of Islamic State
London Independent | Covert
co-operation may signal the beginning of a once unthinkable alliance.

‘Absolutely Certain There Will Be Another Mass Casualty Attack Against U.S.’

‘naked’ airport scanners can be fooled into missing concealed weapons by a
simple plastic sheet
… and experts warn they are vulnerable to hacking
* Body scanner fooled by covering contraband with plastic and under clothes
* Software can also be hacked to cover up certain sections of the body
* Scanners widely used in the US until last year and are still used globally

Million Scots Sign Declaration For Independence
the EU wants Scots Independent so they can to join the EURO)

– Why I Now Say Yes To Scotland Independence
Indeed the most recent data
from the Scottish Social Attitudes Survey in 2012 demonstrated
that, of the three main Scottish groupings – Catholics – Protestants and
non-believers – the Catholic sample indicated that 36% were committed to
Scottish independence; non-believers were about 27% and the Kirk 16%.

Ban On Powerful Vacuums Cause Rage
EU energy label that
prohibits motors above 1,600w

Ants Invade Hawaiian Islands

Biker Crashes Into Car, Flips Over Roof,
Lands On Feet

Florida same-sex marriage ban ruled unconstitutional in
federal court
A federal judge on Thursday
declared Florida’s ban on same-sex marriage unconstitutional, joining state
judges in four counties who have sided with gay couples.

Death Toll 100 Times Higher Than Gaza
UN report indicated the death
toll there has reached over 191,369 people

Chinese Top Gun ‘Barrel
Rolled’ Over US Plane
military photos show just how close the Chinese fighter jet came to the
American aircraft in the “aggressive” encounter.

Bob Munden – Super Humains

School Kid Suspended And
ARRESTED For Imagining Shooting A Dinosaur
Furious parents not
informed until police had taken son into custody
In another case of school
officials adhering to ridiculous zero tolerance policies, a student from South
Carolina was suspended and arrested by police recently after writing an
imaginative story about using a gun to shoot a dinosaur.

School Kid Suspended And ARRESTED For Imagining Shooting A Dinosaur

Former Navy Aviator
Confirms FEMA Camps

ISIS, Mexican Drug Cartels
Teaming Up?

Lunev on Russian
earthquake weapon and secret war plans

arrested for bomb threats at Utah County high school

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