JP54, D2, LNG, Mazut, BLCO Procedures – 5 Mil Bbls JP54 Joint Venture from 1 Seller

RJ Hender – PAI Proven Absolute Oil Integrity
Mon, Aug 25, 2014
Subject: JP54, JPA1, D2, Mazut, LNG & BLCO Procedures

JP54, JPA1, D2, Mazut, LNG & BLCO PAI Procedures

I am happy to introduce your End Buyer to my Oil Title Holders. Yeah, as a Radio Host I have met people from all over the world, even Oil Sellers. Usually, my Oil Seller friends are pleased to provide JP54, D2, Mazut, LNG, JPA1, D6, BLCO or other fuel products, but they refuse to work with somebody who refuses to provide a legitimate Letter of Interest, a legitimate Buyer Company Profile, a legitimate ICPO or other legitimate Oil Buyer documents. You can reach me at

Below I have some procedures laid out for you. From one JP54 source, they always do business with a Joint Venture Process. Right now they have JP54 contracts available of 5million barrels per month.

My solid, Bonny Light seller has provided his BLCO procedure for you, below.

My two Shell Oil sources continue to close Production Contracts for fuel, out of Rotterdam and Houston.

One JP54, D2, Mazut and LNG Title Holder is closing a couple of transactions every week. Right now they have JP54 available at $113 per barrel.

One Title Holder requires a Soft Probe from every End Buyer.

Since the refineries require an LOI and CP from every Buyer, Sam must follow these procedures in providing you D2, JP54, LNG, Mazut or other fuel.

Now, I will continue to do my best to match every Buyer with one of my 12 Seller Friends. Count on it, we will do our best. We expect no less from you.

Here’s to a Profitable 2014 Oil Year…RJ Hender

BLCO Procedures…
1. Seller and Buyer exchange signatures on SPA .
2. Seller’s bank swifts Partial POP to buyer’s bank for verification.
3. Buyer issues MT799 (POF) or BCL (RWA) from Prime bank
4. Seller loads vessel and provides to buyer the vessels name and IMO#, ATS, Bill
of Lading, Cargo Manifest and Q88
5. Buyer verifies vessel and cargo information with NNPC Bonny terminal.
6. Buyer signs provisional CI based on bill of lading quantity.
7. Buyer provides the Laycan (For Rotterdam Terminal)
8. Seller issues NOR and takes the ship to Rotterdam (preference)
9. Buyer boards the vessel with their inspection team does Q&Q.
10. Buyer pays MT103 based on Q&Q results by Buyer’s inspection team

Here’s Joint Venture Procedures for JP54, now available at $113 per barrel
1. buyer and seller enter into Joint Venture (“JV”) Agreement.
2. JV opens a bank account (totally secured and under 100% management of
Buyer, as per Banking Resolution Letter).
3. ICPO in the name of the JV is issued to Rosneft (in some cases ICPO may
not be needed).
4. POF will be confirmed via MT799 (or other options).
5. AFTER DIP TEST funds will be transferred into the JV then to the seller.
6. JV agreement will state that cost of product to your buyer is $113 per
barrel and detail our partner company’s margin.
7. After each monthly transaction is successfully complete, your buyer
will transfer the margin to our partner company’s nominated bank, as will
be outlined in the contract.

Procedure Requirements from Source who own or operate many refineries and many oil ships…
All we need is an ICPO and the disclaimer document filled Out and returned
and both the Buyer and Seller can go to Contract.

Procedure for D2, JP54, JPA1, Mazut…
We represent a number of refinery groups, the below procedures are for a
specific seller and refinery, but can be placed at other refineries if the refinery group cannot
deliver for any reason.
1. Buyer issues ICPO,
2. Seller issues full corporate contract.
3. Buyer countersigns and seals contract and sends back via email to Seller.
4. Seller issues proforma invoice and partial POP documents to Buyer via Seller’s official
email address to Buyer’s official email address, contents of which are listed below:
A. Copy of license certificate.
B. Copy of refinery approval to export the product.
C. Copy of statement of availability of the product.
D. Copy of the refinery commitment to produce the product.
E. Copy of deeds of product transfer,
F. Copy of certificate of analysis of product by lab.
5. Buyer’s bank will within three (3) banking days, send *MT103-23 (conditional Mt103)
against proforma and partial POP document to enable us to load the product.
6. Seller will commence loading and inspection at loading port. Then Seller issues and sends
full proof of product (POP), including shipment documents (Q88, SGS report certificate,
bill of loading and test report) to Buyer’s bank or buyer.
7. Buyer releases payment to Seller’s bank after inspection at discharge port of Buyer.
* Please note that MT103-23 is still in use by the Russians, we realize that certain banks do
not issue MT103-23 any longer, but the Seller will only accept this payment option.

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