Top 10 Autism Secrets – CDC Cooking Autism Data

William W Thompson
Mon, Aug 25, 2014
Subject: Top 10 Autism Reports

CDC Whistleblower Links MMR Vaccine to Autism; Story Promptly Censored>

A CDC whistleblower involved in a pivotal study defending official
assurances of vaccine safety broke his silence to expose how the study
he was involved in massaged the data to cover-up a 340% increase in
autism risk for African American children under age three who received
the MMR vaccine. William W. Thompson, PhD. was escorted out of CDC
headquarters a few days ago, and presumably fired from his position,
after being identified as the whistleblower. For his part, Thompson
told the Autism Media Channel, who released a video on his revelations,
that he was tired of lying.

Screenshots of ‘CNN iReport’ on CDC whistleblower before CNN censored

Following up on my earlier post (about Bobby Dee (pseudonym/handle) who
posted a CNN iReport on CDC whistleblower William Thompson saying he
cooked data to hide a vaccine-autism connection), here are the screens
of Bobby Dee’s report before CNN censored the story:
Rob Schneider says he has smoking gun on CDC vaccine-autism fraud>

Here is a copy of a letter actor and comedian Rob Schneider sent to
California Governor Jerry Brown’s office Friday. It is posted at . Schneider is to be commended
and supported in every possible way for stepping forward. Schneider
writes: “I have copies of the original CDC report that was later
suppressed and fraudulently changed.” I urge Schneider to post that
report now. Continue reading →>

Dr. Brian Hooker: Father of Vaccine-damaged Child and His Relentless
Pursuit to Expose Fraud at the CDC>

Health Impact News is not exclusively an outlet for news on the dangers
of vaccines. It is one of many topics we cover that the mainstream
media typically does not. However, we are in the midst of one of the
most significant news events of the century, and as of the time of this
writing, the mainstream media has completely ignored it. That will
change. As we have already reported, a top researcher employed by the
U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has come forward as a
whistle-blower, confessing to his participation in actively covering up
data that clearly links vaccines to autism. (See: CDC Whistleblower:
CDC Covered Up MMR Vaccine Link to Autism in African American Boys)
This is not a story the mainstream media (MSM) will be able to ignore
for long. However, the MSM is heavily funded by the pharmaceutical
industry, and the pharmaceutical industry has their appointed
spokespersons on all of the major networks.

“Drugs That Cause Parkinson,s”>

Parkinson caused by the antipsychotic drugs has been recognized since
the early 1950s. These drugs include the older major tranquilizers such
as Haldol, Prolixin, Stelazine and Thorazine, the newer major
antipsychotic drugs such as Risperdal, Orap, and Zyprexa, and drugs
used for nausea, vomiting, and acid reflux such as Compazine and
Reglan. The drugs have in common an ability to block dopamine receptors
in the brain. In effect, they cause Parkinson symptoms by making the
receptors unavailable to the brain’s own dopamine.

New Social Media Surveillance Program Violates Privacy to Keep You Safe>

The latest press release from Virginia Tech University uses a familiar
sales pitch which asserts that the only way to keep the public safe is
through pervasive surveillance. Even amid the public outrage and
pushback in the wake of the Snowden revelations, the establishment
continues to push forward with justifications about why it is in our
best interest to be under their constant watch…


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