JP54, JPA1, D2, LNG, Mazut, BLCO Flow – LOI & CP Necessary from Legit End Buyers

Honest Oil Seller – RJ Hender
Sat, Aug 30, 2014
Subject: JP54, JPA1, D2, LNG, Mazut, BLCO PAI

Proven Absolute Oil Integrity PAI – JP54, JPA1, D2, LNG, Mazut, BLCO Flow

By Skype, I just finished an Oil Conference call with one of my Oil Seller Friends.
The Buyer Broker that spoke with him by Skype this week was brash and then refused to
follow the procedures that our Refineries require. If you are serious about securing
fuel then contact me at

I work with 12 Oil Seller groups. I do my best to match your Oil Needs with the Oil
Seller that has JP54, D2, JPA1, LNG, Mazut, BLCO, REBCO or D6 to offer in a shrinking
available supply, today. Count on it, I put in long days to perform this oil matching
work and my Oil Seller friends put in long days too.

Outside of Russia, one of my Oil Seller friends helps supply fuel to 15% of the world.
The refinery determines the procedures, not Buyers…

My Oil Friends do not provide SCOs until they receive legitimate LOIs and CPs from
legitimate End Buyers. We tried sharing SCOs before, just to have them shopped all over
the internet by bad oil brokers.

My Oil Seller Friends need to know
1 – How much oil do you need per month?
2 – What oil target price are you seeking?
3 – Have you been in the Oil Biz?
4 – What is the destination of the fuel?
5 – FOB or CIF?
6 – Only a couple of my Sellers have CI, Dip & Pay procedures avail
7 – We need an LOI for each oil product you are seeking
8 – What is your contact info? email? Skype? Phone?
9 – email me and I can help you get the Oil Ball Rolling…

I will not allow Bad Buyer Brokers to harass my Oil Seller friends. If this
happens then we will end our contact with any brutal Buyers or Brokers.

Events in Iraq and in Russia are impacting the whole world’s supply of oil.

As I do my best to help provide you with oil, the least you can do is come prepared
to provide a legitimate Letter of Intent and Buyer Company Profile from your End Buyer.

We don’t go around the very people – Buyer Mandates, Buyer Brokers – who help bring
us legitimate buyers. At the same time, as we do our job in providing oil products to
you and your end buyers then you can treat me and my Seller Friends with respect and
you can come to our Oil Table prepared to follow procedures.

My 2 Shell Oil sources have Production Contracts for D2, D6, JPA1, JP54 and other oil
products out of the USofA and Rotterdam.

Many of my Oil Seller friends are closing oil transactions every week.

One of my Oil Seller friends requires a Soft Probe and a few other docs from legit
End Buyers.

Proven, Absolute Oil Integrity is what we aim for. I am working on creating a list of
End Buyers who keep their word, who don’t stab other oil people in the back and who can
be counted on.

As I am 7yrs in to this Oil Biz, already I have wonder Oil Seller friends and many
Oil Buyer friends. In the oil business there are many Buyers and Sellers who are privately
going about their business without any fanfare. As I share oil details with you, it’s not
about the oil fanfare, but it’s about my determination to assist Good People – Good Oil People
who will do their best others.

I will not put up with Bad Oil Brokers.

I look forward to creating new, solid relationships with Oil End Buyers and Good Brokers who
can be trusted and who will treat my Oil Seller friends with respect.

Here is to a wonderful 2014 Oil Year…RJ Hender

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