LNG, ULSD, D6, M100, JPA1, BLCO, D2, JP54 Demands – Will You Follow Procedures?

RJ Hender – Honest Oil Seller
Sat, Sept 6, 2014
Subject: Shell Oil JP54, D2 Seller

Unique Oil Buyer Needs – PAI Proven Absolute Oil Integrity

It’s been great to meet with Oil Buyer Mandates, some brokers and End Buyers.
Now that I am 7yrs in to the Oil Business, I still do my best to address unique
oil needs of every buyer. It’s not easy some times. Too often a buyer broker
will explain how the End Buyer will follow oil procedures and then at the wrong
moment, the buyer demands changes.

Refineries determine buying procedures. Sellers, Title Holders, must determine
whether a Buyer actually has oil experience and whether a buyer is legitimate, with
the ability to pay for their fuel and perform, according to buying procedures.
Legitimate End Buyers must learn to trust some times. With all the oil jokers
around these days, it makes doing any oil business more difficult.

Are you a buyer who can provide a legitimate ICPO or LOI and a Buyer Profile, to
verify that you are genuine? If so, contact me RJ@MorningLiberty.com

Do you work with a legitimate End Buyer who can provide their LOI or ICPO and a
Company Profile, on buyer’s letterhead then contact me. RJ@MoriningLiberty.com

I work with refinery owners. They don’t mess around. Because their SCOs have
been misused and passed out all over the internet, they refuse to provide their
SCO until a legitimate End Buyer provides an ICPO and a Soft Probe or until a legit
End Buyer provides an LOI and CP on buyer letterhead.

Do you want to get down to Oil Business?

Do not come to me, if you and the End Buyer refuse to follow Seller procedures.

It’s getting tougher and tougher for many Oil Buyers to secure their D2, JP54, M100,
LNG, ULSD, D6, JPA1, BLCO or other fuel products. For years, as I have been introduced
to and I have agreements with strong Sellers, I have been doing my best to match every
Legitimate End Buyer with one of my 14 Oil Sellers. These sellers are my friends. These
Seller Friends of mine refuse to be harassed. These Seller Friends of mine are willing to
to work with honest, integral Buyers and Mandates and some Brokers, but their time has
value. If you are serious and if you will follow procedures then email me. RJ@MoriningLiberty.com

Now, my Sellers don’t all have the same procedures. Now, my Sellers don’t all have the
same prices. From various ports, and depending upon the procedures you may pay a little more
or a little less, but what’s important is that this fuel is available.

Many Title Holders refuse to do business with ‘ little oil guys. ‘ Yeah, some of these
Sellers already are involved with their End Buyers and refuse to take on any more oil relationships.
Well, where does that leave the rest of us?

I will do my best to help you.

With my Shell Oil sellers, I can help line up production contracts for you for D2, JP54, JPA1,
and other fuel products.

With my refinery owners, they have lots of oil attitude. End Buyers must be prepared to
provide evidence that they are real. Once in a while we may provide SCOs up front. Most of
the time End Buyers need to bring an LOI or ICPO along with a Company Profile, up front.

I have a few strong re-sellers who do their best for every End Buyer.

Some of our procedures are FOB, some CIF, some CI, Dip & Pay… Some of my Sellers are
closing several oil transactions every week.

There is no guarantee in this oil business. It’s interesting to see how oil is in fact,
real money. Oil it seems, is what makes the world go around. There is a sense of duty
and responsibility to involvement in this oil industry.

We do not go around the very people who assist us in bringing their Buyers to our Sellers.
There is great value in the work we do. Oil Back Stabbers always have karma coming back
to bite them in the ass.

With PAI – Proven, Absolute, Oil Integrity – I will continue to do my best to assist every
honest buyer or seller who reaches out to me.

I am already building a list of Buyers and Sellers who perform, honestly and those who don’t.
Soon enough, I will be publishing this list of liars and performers, in the oil industry.

I wish you the best Oil Year 2014… RJ Hender

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