JP54, D2, Mazut, LNG, LPG, ULSD, BLCO Dreams – ICPOs or LOIs & CPs Required

RJ Hender – Honest Oil Seller
Fri, Sept 12, 2014
Subject: Closing JP54, D2, Mazut Transactions Every Week

Proven Absolute Oil Integrity

It’s not an easy job to help match every serious and capable Buyer with the right Seller Friend, of mine. I spent much time
every day, calling, emailing and texting back and forth between Refinery Title Holders and End Buyers. If you are willing to
follow procedures and if you can provide legitimate oil buying documents then contact me

Just 2 days ago 1 buyer broker contacted me just to say that his so-called Buyer refuses to issue any LOI or ICPO or CP, but
he expects the Seller/Title Holder to hand over an oil FCO document. What a bunch of nonsense.

My Shell Oil friends have production contracts available for D2, D6, JP54, JPA1 and other oil products. I could help introduce
you directly to JT so you can move forward.

My Kuwait friend grew up in Kuwait, but now lives and operates out of Singapore. Many of his school buddies are running the
Oil Industry in the middle east and in Russia. His refineries require the LOI and CP from any serious End Buyer before he
has permission to issue a SCO. I could introduce you to him.

I have several Seller Friends who are owners or part owners with refineries. These sellers require an ICPO and CP from every
End Buyer, before they can move forward. Do you need JP54, JPA1, LNG, Mazut, D2, REBCO, LPG or other oil products?

I work with a few ReSellers who are great to work with. They will bend over backwards in order to assist you – Serious and
Capable End Buyers to secure their fuel. Yeah, they require LOIs and CPs from every Buyer, as well. These oil seller friends
are completing oil transactions every week.

My Bonny Light connection(s) have been closing oil transactions every week. A few BLCO procedures are available, but they do
require either an ICPO or LOI along with a CP from every End Buyer before they can move forward.

Here’s more details from 1 Seller, who may decide to provide fuel to you.
Buyers must issue LOI/ICPO and CP to the seller for an FCO to be issued to any End Buyer, the current legal mandate’s approved
price for the products offered for purchase will be represented in the FCO issued to the End Buyer, as
also requested by you, find below the acceptable procedure from the refinery, it is strictly Non – Negotiable and the refinery
will not entertain any time wasters.

Below we have listed some prices and procedures: Oil Prices are Subject to Change… FOB or CIF procedures are listed below as well.

50,000 MT per Month x 12 Months, USD 730 Gross / 710 Net
Over 100,000 MT x 12 Months, USD 730 Gross / 710 Net

50,000 MT per Month x 12 Months, USD 740 Gross / 730 Net
Over 100,000 MT x 12 Months, USD 730 Gross / 720

MAZUT 100 GOST –10585-75 & 10585-99
50,000 MT x 12 Months, USD 420 Gross / 410 Net
Over 100,000 MT x 12 Months. USD 410 Gross / 400 Net

100,000 Bbl. x 12 Months, USD 85 Gross / 81 Net
Over 300,000 Bbl. x 12 Months, USD 81 Gross / 77 Net

50,000 MT x 12 Months, USD 530 Gross / 520 Net
Over 100,000 MT x 12 Months, USD 520 Gross / 510 Net

50,000 MT x 12 Months, USD 390 gross / 380 net
Over 100,000 MT x 12 Months, USD 380 gross / 370 net

50,000 MT x 12 Months, USD 510 Gross / 500 Net
Over 100,000 MT x 12 Months, USD 500 Gross / 490 Net

1. Buyer Issues ICPO
2. Seller Issues SPA
3. Buyer signs and returns.
4. Seller issues Commercial Invoice for the immediately lift-able quantity along with the title
Transfer of Ownership Form/Certificate of Origin of the products/Tanker Storage Receipt.
5. Buyer signs and returns
6. Seller issues Dip Test Authorization upon transfer of Title to the buyers company name as
the full title holder.
7. Buyer Dips within 24 hours,
8. Upon conducting successfully Dip test Buyer pays by MT103 upon receipt of title to product along
with full POP.

Delivery: CIF ASWP.
Payment: By MT103 and Transferable LC.
Contract: 12 Months with possible rollovers.
Inspection: SGS or similar by Seller.
1. Buyer issue ICPO addressed to the seller company (Refinery)
2. Seller issues Draft Spa for all parties to review and endorsed along with the CNDA/IMFPA,
buyer sign and send back with letter of acceptance.
3. Seller sign Charter Party Agreement with the shipping company and seller pay 100% of the
monthly shipping cost to the shipping company.
4. Seller sends to Buyer for Verification the POP documents via E-mail, Product Passport
(Dip-Test)/ Tanker Receipt/Certificate of Origin of the Product/Title Transaction Application Form to
sign/statement of product availability/Company Export License/Commitment to Supply.
5. Upon Buyer’s verification of the product availability, Within 72 hours of receiving all the stated
documents, Buyer pays for the title change of ownership in other to secure the full title of the product
on the buyers name, within 72 hours of receiving the payment seller issue the DTA to enable the buyer
proceeding with the inspect at the loading port.
6. Seller transfers the ownership title to buyer’s company name as the new title holder and
sends to the buyer the Title Certificate and also shipping documents (Q88/Bill of Loading/Vessel Tanker
Details/Vessel ETA.
7. Seller Swift to Buyer Bank the Full PROOF OF PRODUCT (POP) and 2% PB.
8. Buyer issue payment instrument for the total lift able quantity via LC or MT103.
9. Lifting Commence, seller release payment to the intermediaries of the seller’s side and buyer to the
buyer’s side and to all
Parties involve in the transaction.

If all terms are acceptable, kindly provide your LOI/ICPO address to us with our cooperate procedure
stated in it for our review and proceeding not that without our procedure stated in the ICPO it will not
be approved. You can contact me

Now, if you are serious and capable then we could engage in some favorable oil activity together.

I wish you the Best Oil Year 2014…RJ Hender

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