Top 50 Anti GMO Food Companies – Yummy Death by Cancer

John DiNardo
Wed, Oct 8, 2014
Subject: Yummy Death by Cancer – GMO Food Producers

DO NOT BUY from the following anti-GMO-labeling companies.
The following companies are responsible for producing the majority
of GMO-laden processed foods sold in the United States and for
making financial contributions to fight California’s anti-GMO labeling
campaign [JD: so that they can continue to poison our families, silently,
so that we won’t know enough to buy non-poisonous foods, and thus,
we and our children will continue to be diseased, crippled, and
secretly murdered] .
Don’t put these poisonous food in your shopping cart:

Earth Grains,
Bumble Bee Foods, LLC: canned fish and ready-to-eat meats
Campbell Soups
Prego sauces,
Pace salsas,
Pepperidge Farms,
Swansons (broths),
V8 juice,
Cargill, Inc.
Pioneer and White Wings flour, baking and gravy mixes, and tortillas
Marie Callenders,
Orville Reddenbacher,
Chef BoyarDee,
Hebrew National,
David Sunflower seeds,
Wesson Oils
Silk soy milk
Horizon organic milk products [talk about walking both sides of the fence!]
Del Monte Foods
Dole Foods
Betty Crocker,
Bisquick, Gardettos,
Gold Medal flour,
Green Giant,
Haagen Dazs ice cream,
Hamburger Helper,
Muir Glen so-called organic tomato sauce,
Mountain High,
Nature Valley granola bars,
Yoplait yogurt and
more breakfast cereals than I can list.
Godiva Chocolatier
Hero North America: 100% “natural” jams and jellies (with GMO sugars)
Hershey’s chocolate
Hormel meats
House-Autry Mills,
Idahoan Foods,
Inventure Foods, Inc.
Smucker’s jelly and jam
Kelloggs cereals
Knouse apple sauce, juices, and pie fillings
Land O’Lakes butter, cheese, eggs, spreads, creams and more
Candy bars: Snickers, Skittles, and more,
Pedigree and Royal Canin pet food
McCain frozen potato products and snack foods
McCormick spices, packaged seasoning mixes, and instant sauces
Morton’s Salt
Nestlé chocolate, bottled water, dairy products, cereals, baby food,
ice cream and more
Ocean Spray Cranberries, juice, dried fruit, snacks, and sauces
PepsiCo. sodas, beverages like Naked Juice,
Sun Chips,
Quaker oats and cereals
Armour hot dogs,
Aunt Jemima
Mrs. Butterworth’s syrup,
Bird’s Eye vegetables,
Duncan Hines cake mixes,
Hungry Man dinners,
Mrs. Paul’s fish foods
Van de Kamp’s fish sticks,
Nalley’s chili,
Tim’s Cascade potato chips, and more
Reily coffee, tea, cake mixes, mayonnaise and more
Rich’s Products Corporation: too many to list… click the link to see them
Richelieu Foods, Inc.: pizza and sauces… and an organic line on the side to
keep us no-GMO people quiet
Sara Lee
Ball Park franks,
Jimmy Dean sausage,
Hillshire Farm meats and more…
Sargento cheese products
Sunny Delight beverages
Wrigley gum, mints and candy

The War Against GMO Labeling

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  1. Harold Randall says:

    This list is what’s on the shelf’s at the store…I said back in the 70’s, the only way to defeat america
    is through the food. Will you list what we can eat.

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