JP54, D2, JPA1, Mazut, LNG, LPG Flow – BLCO Title Holder Ready

RJ Hender – Honest Oil Seller
Wed, Oct 22, 2014
Subject: Bonny Light Title Holder Ready

BLCO Title Holder Ready – Proven Absolute Oil Integrity

I get surprised every week in this Oil Business. New so-called Buyers contact
me, claiming that they are Ready, Willing and Able to buy their JP54 or D2 or
Mazut – urgently. Then, buyers or brokers are demanding procedural changes, instead
of following procedures that are set by the Refinery.

A few of my BLCO buyers can’t receive Off OPOEC Bonny Light. It’s a good thing that
I work directly with a BLCO Title Holder that has FOB and CIF procedures. If you need
Bonny Light, the gold standard of oil products, then contact me

Be prepared to provide a legitimate ICPO or LOI from the End Buyer, along with a genuine
Company Profile, for my Seller(s).

Most of the time, my Direct to Refinery Seller Sources can not provide a SCO until they
receive legitimate Buyer Documents.

Sam grew up with school buddies, that now operate much of the Oil Industry, in the world.
Sam/we can provide D2, JP54, LNG, Mazut or other oil products to Buyers, who are real. We
won’t go around brokers or intermediaries, but we need to determine that the Buyer is Real,
with LOI and CP documents, on Buyer Letterhead. Contact me

My Shell Oil Sources can arrange lifts for JP54, JPA1, D2 or other oil products, at Houston
or Rotterdam. John requires legitimate LOI or ICPO and CP documents from a legitimate buyer.
I’d be happy to help set this up for you. contact me

A few of my Direct to Refinery sources are available, to the right Buyer, who is willing to
provide legitimate Oil Documents. Jerry requires an ICPO and CP from each legitimate Buyer.
Roland says an LOI and CP are great and he can set up the Conference Call between the Buyer
and the Seller.

It’s been fun to see the Tug of War, between buyers and sellers who demand, you Show Me Your
Junk First and then I’ll Show You Mine, regarding private but necessary verification that the
Seller and the Buyer are real.

Well, some of my Direct to Refinery Oil Friends, I have known for 30yrs. Some of them, I
have known for 5yrs. Some of them, I have met and we are engaged in Oil closings, this lat

It’s not an easy business.

It still comes down to helping people procure what they need. It’s about caring for people,
even people who need Jet Fuel or Diesel Fuel or Heating Oil. Many of the Big Guys, are already
on contract, leaving many of the rest of us, Out in the Cold.

Well, from my radio program, I have been bringing good people together, for many years. From
my website and radio program, for many years I have been introduced to good people, even in the
Oil Business. Yeah, I just want to help people. You can contact me at…

Even the Little Oil Guys need some Love too.

I will do my best.

I know it’s about building trust and good relationships.

Here’s to the rest of a Profitable Oil 2014 year… RJ Hender

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