Dinar RV Push – USofA Bankruptcy Making Way for GCR

Stage3Alpha, ZAP, JC Collins
Thur, Oct 30, 2014
Subject: Dinar RV Push for GCR

…. Stage3Alpha:
R.V. / GCR October 30, 2014 at 7:52am what happened last night……the two signatories that were in place did their thing at 2 am eastern as the corporation of America was declared Bankrupt and they turned on the new banking system…. thats what happened last night… so you all know where we are at today. have a great day…. lets see this finished …its not everyday the corporation gets declared as bankrupt , and how often do we hear the new bank system was turned on……………..Happy Timberdays………one day closer

OMEGA MAN October 29, 2014 at 1:05pm a friend of mine with bonds told me that some are exchanging now with a Tier 3 Platform in Zurich and getting British pounds…and heard yesterday that there were privates exchanging in HK, so we must be close…






Clayton Albrecht: Ahh the Financial Phoenex, always taking a new form, but still the same damn, stinkin bird which cannot sustain it fiery self. Looking very much forward to your plan of Organizing The Masses, JC, hopefully we will soar on the wings of a more stable creature…perhaps we will grow our own 😉

chuc1997: Good piece…2 questions:

What happens if the US Congress doesn’t pass the IMF legislation?

Why would oil accept paper SDR’s when they can trade for yuan and yuan for gold? If anything, recent Saudi moves demonstrate that they cannot be bossed around by the West…

JC Collins: The US has a bigger sovereign debt problem than anyone else. They will pass the reforms.

Oil, as you state it, will use SDR’s as the hinge so they also issue SDR bonds through their Sovereign Wealth Funds. The power behind the MFS and SDR is greater then the west.

And if Saudi doesn’t want to get invaded by ISIS I’m sure they will play ball.

Kbnow: Really what we have at our hands is a solvency/settlement/ resolve issue not mere liquidity. As we all know the world went off the gold standard in 1971.

No way with all the $ out there for it to be converted into goods. Store of wealth is key. Besides gold and silver, where safely can all this money go for preservation of purchasing power?

The psychopath runs off power, money, and control. A medium of exchange/ currency crisis creates anarchy. This would remove power, money, and control of the elite with a dollar collapse.

All cash/currency is rendered utterly worthless. They obviously have enough gold/silver to reboot the system if it were to fail.

However, they lose all the trillions/billions of currency they own because a dollar collapse will erase all unbacked fiat curriences from this earth. That’s why I think governments/ central banks/ corporations/ wall street(finance) want the SDR, just more of the same game.

Is this why gold/silver are held down artificially to deter buying? Stocks, housing, bonds, and cash held up? Do billionaires and trillionaires really have no way to store their wealth which is also their power and control? Maybe, they are more fearful than we give them credit.

They literally have to use propaganda and attempted mind control to convince us that if the system breaks it would be the worst thing in the world. For them it would because all their wealth would be wiped out besides their gold/ silver they have buried in a vault somewhere.

You can notice this in the seesaw in the fact that we inflate and deflate the American currency which is the backbone to the system yet it hasn’t broke( great depression(deflation) Great recession(inflation).

With each crisis the whole of the population is asked to burden more of the weight when in reality if we let the system fall to tethers we could start over with sound money no matter if it had to be grams in circulation.

Keep in mind as well that America has served its purpose for the money changers. They wanted central banks in every single country, that task is now complete which why it’s okay to let American hegemony disappear. We will go through a deflation, great depression lite period.

Jobs will be lost at accelerated rates like in 08 and the solution will be thrown out there as the SDR for liquidity since the dollar/ fed is too overleveraged and the balance sheet is bloated.

Then the system will reinflate/ liquidity added to the system in that manner.

In closing, the universe is working in our favor in that it is constantly breaking down this unnatural unsustainable system but we the people keep letting the money changers and rent seeking elite throw the extra stress of the system on our backs.

If one has billions/ trillions of dollars where can they legitimately park their money for preservation of purchasing power? Since the gold and silver markets are too small that is out…

I never really thought about people with that much money being scared to lose it all. Well when they die it must submitted back to the earth like everything else that was borrowed during this wonderful journey we call life :-). I believe the true intended purpose for this planet was abundance and a good life for all.

But obviously we need sound money, the suppressed free energy technology, and the government to stop enabling monopolies and the like. I think a golden age is possible in this new millennia if enough people step up to the plate to grasp it. Time will tell…

Steve Henningsen (@Stevephenni): “Since the gold and silver markets are too small that is out…” ☺️

I’m sorry, but I can’t help but chuckle every time someone makes this statement. It is simply a question of price, not supply. They can print trillions more dollars, euros, yen or SDRs, but it does not have perceived value (It’s all about faith folks!) without something included that has no liability attached.

Tommydelicious: The point is LIQUIDITY. If big players stay out of PM markets, it feeds on itself. There is a lack of liquidity. Why would I hold 100 million of platinum if I can’t sell it? Bonds are super liquid, stocks less so, but plenty liquid. PM’s……not so much.

Kbnow: I see your perspective. I don’t think they can allow the gold and silver prices to be adjusted to the money supply without causing disruptions to the current monetary system.

Therefore, I was suggesting that given current prices of both metals, billions and trillions of currency can not find the physical for delivery in quantity. I agree, supply is not the issue it is the price! No counter party risk is why gold and silver are great. Intrinsic value is the name of the game.

Tommydelicious: The major stock markets are the place that private equity will park. S&P 3000 in a few years. There’s no where else to go. PM’s are way too small a market for the big money, they don’t swim in those waters. Sharks need deep water, and equity markets are sufficient at this time. Sure things will change a few years down the road, but for now……..

Ozymandias 3: Mr. Collins: The international plot thickens as we write.

Thank you for your diligent and labours. What great stressful sufferings you endure to publish and shall endure to write truth. They are all greatly appreciated. Kindly carry onwards and know that you are not alone. Many kindred souls are with you in laboured tandum. Peace Be With You, Oz

JC Collins Thank you friend. Glad to know you’re out there.

matt (@speedspirit42) “The broader CSI at play is being implemented exactly as we have been explaining it since January.” JC Who is this we, you got a mouse in your pocket?

As far as your notion about Britain leaving the EU here is the latest bombshell which opens the door for their leaving from Martin Armstrong’s site.

“The EU Commission is demanding that Britain pays them almost £2 billion pounds because their economy has boomed while that controlled by the Commission has imploded.

An angry David Cameron was on a collision course with the European Commission this afternoon as he flatly refused to agree to a demand that Britain hand over an extra £1.7bn by December 1st”

JC Collin: Good question Matt. Lol. And no, I don’t have a mouse in my pocket. The idea of using “I” when referencing past specifics in order to confirm its correctness is something I try to avoid as it makes me fill self centered and ego driven. So I use “we” lots in those situations.

It makes me more comfortable to communicate that way. As an example, it was “I” who started the blog but it is “we” who are journeying and discovering together.

Jack Jackson (@hugovictor54) Dear J.C.: Yes, you have fairly estimated heaven and earth. Your understanding is priceless, your intellect without peer.

But, what of your immortal soul? Is this Egyptian model all that? I know that it accounts for a lot. But does it account for everything? Your friend, seriously, Pdog p.s. I have thrown chain on a rig p.s.s. Its ok if you don’t post me.

JC Collins My immortal soul is doing great. Why wouldn’t it be?

irrelevant111 Interesting insite from all. Time as always will tell. The migration eastward is self evident. Appears how long the Fed n Central banks can hold on to the reins. Once again, China, Russia n BRICS are in the drivers seat as the chess game continues.

They all seem to be common bedfellows. One thing remains certain, change is a certainty to the detriment of people from the west. Pray for balance as the tide changes…

JC Collins How you determine that the BRICS are in the drivers seat is beyond my imagining. The BIS is the only one driving anything here. This “migration eastward” you mention is scripted and strategically determined so the MFS system is balanced.

China, Russia, or the whole BRICS group are not overthrowing anything. Period. I use rationality and logic in my analysis, not hype. Respectfully friend.

irrelevant111 As always, time will tell. I’ve studied as well. They r all integrated to some extent. Reread my words. There is a power shift, just a matter of time. No disrespect, just my opinion. Gotta love the dialogue my dear friend. Never say it is not so until it becomes now… All else is conjecture…Best Always

JC Collins No disrespect taken. Subtleties are not in my comfort quadrant.

Jack Jackson (@hugovictor54) touche` my good friend. I am an old attorney, so I have to ask, but look, this IS the end all and be all. I am making decisions based upon what you say. Please, few enjoy the texture of your script the way I do. It is “music for my soul”. And I generally don’t feel that way towards canucks! 🙂 Pdog

JC Collins Fair enough. Us Canadians can be an ornery bunch, contrary to the friendly stereotype. Lol. I’m glad you find value in my modest attempts at further defining current events.

Jack Jackson (@hugovictor54) Dear J.C. I have pulled pipe all night long in the Montana sky. I have been the worm and crawled through mud. Also, I have stood in court and addressed the federal magistrate.

Now, I am kind of old and I see a man that I wish that I could have been. You bring to us a wealth of knowledge no where else to be found, quite literally. Just thanks buddy, If you stop now, I can’t blame you. But I don’t think that you will. Pdog

JC Collins I am humbled and grateful, sir. You’re comment brought a tear to my eye. To know that I mean so much to another is both scary and encouraging.

In my world I feel less than those around me. And I will of course continue because I am in service to my fellow man. I wouldn’t know how to stop now.

irrelevant111 Dittos sir… Mr. Collins is a breath of fresh air as we attempt to discern.. The open forum is what enlightens all as we journey on…:) P.S. it is the subtelties n life that define man n not the the grandeose…

gustavsaure “You can begin to see the perfection of the emerging system as it completes the magic circle.” What I see is a giant slush fund.

irrelevant111 Mr. Collins, U continue to keep an audience n still attract many who seek truth as your writings reach beyond your blog. Your words of wisdom is far reaching. Stay the path, always… Best Always My Northern Friend, JR

daniel grig (@gelingrig) Dear Collins, The perception, people on the changes to the SDR is blocked by the media pro-BRICS.

We are very few that we see in this whole movement global geopolitical and financial, as the bases sit to switch to the new multilateral system environment to the BIS-IMF-SDR.

I think that 95% of people who are informed of the alternative media, understand everything that happens with the YUAN, as the evidence more clearly than the BRICS, are winning the battle and are the remedy of the dezastre left by the United States and the dollar.

Sources as, “China Daily” and “The voice of Russia” (RT) especially, they focus so the events, as the result of the fight, of cooperation, against the West, where the United States lost and emerging countries earn (the eternal duality).

The fall of the dollar, the people does not interpret it as manipulation of private banking, but as the victory of the BRICS on her Kabbalah Zionist (the scapegoat).

I think that this hoax and that lie will continue to the extent that the path of the SDR opens more and more.

I’m sure the media pro-Brics, arrived to interpret and lie saying that the BIS, will be cleaned of corrupt people, that the IMF will be renovated under the supervision of the BRICS, etc etc.

Fulford in the last report, said that the Chinese White Dragon, has purchased the Federal Reserve and in today’s report said that the BIS and the IMF will be cleaned, and the troops of the United States, is le daran missions of peace in the whole world to take care of the environment and to keep the peace…

Missing say that the White Dragon will have buy the BIS and the IMF and in this way, the adesion from China to the SDR basket will be seen as something normal, not as a disgrace that the BRICS are joined with the owners of finance, such as puppets, as pawns.

I want to say is to publish lies and disinformation throughout this year and 2015 to apologize to China and Russia, who are subject to the pressures and dealings with the private banking sector through agreements and contracts with IMF-G20-BIS for many years.

I do not think that there will be a time in which people will know the truth about SDR by the media masses. Always there will be distortion of reality and interpretations, which planted confusion.

Not is if it is a reality, but I think that you’re the only one in the world that the issue of SDRS, of a constant shape, and with maximum interest and passion, following this process step by step.

I believe that liquidity in bonds SDR, that we started the year coming, apparently, coincides with the Chinese new year, with the global reset, “The Jubilee” environment to the Chinese yuan (who preach the pro-BRICS).

Luminita Muresan Gentlemen, I am over 50 highly skilled and unemployable. 🙂

However,I feel a bright future as any system is better than no system. Yes jobs will disappear, they have already, but on the annoying new fiscal regulations (pertaining to contractors) I sense the the extension of the business and the replacement of the professional with an incorporated entity, capable of financial sustainability.

That would probably act as a covert culling, and will endanger the last thinking breed of professionals, the 60s generation. I praise JC for his ‘dragon spirit’, as through his reasoning, he’s protecting the source of future questions.

My questions are:

Will the change of the financial system change and reform the political class or the social values?

And will the new financial system allow people to work and be creatively involved?

As it transiting at the moment, there is quite a large hiatus between work and money. Can anyone help with insights?

daneackerman “Will the change of the financial system change and reform the political class or the social values?”

Only as much as a system can. The inherent unbalanced human may still be lurking. As such over time they will find cracks in the new system through time.

JC has emphasized the importance of each one of us to look inside and explore ourselves in order to find the balance and true direction we are supposed to be experiencing. Until we have done this successfully no matter what system is in place we will find an unbalanced shortcut or loop hole in the system.

“And will the new financial system allow people to work and be creatively involved?”

Work has always been allowed. Would the creativity be to the benefit or detriment of the company that one would work for? Once again a possible answer is personal balance (not inferring your personal balance but all of ours). You’ve heard that there are a million people waiting for that position. But how many are balanced?

As it transiting at the moment, there is quite a large hiatus between work and money. Can anyone help with insights?

Sorry I don’t quite understand this question.

But your questions created a question in me. We are discussing people here, human beings. What about legal entities called corporations?

They file the paperwork to become a corporation as such they get corporate paperwork much like a birth certificate. They have FEIN (a tax ID) that works and looks much like a social security number. Now when people create this corporation they fill it with time and labor and wealth accumulates.

However, I am thinking that since its an externalization of us then it is a corruption of the process as well. As such could some corporations be more balanced and worthy of our time and labor than others?

Wonder if the old sole proprietorship way of the owner (a person) being fully accountable for the company was anything like man and his conscious or soul? Why did we move to corporations which allow the leaders to escape accountability? Perhaps corporations are a reflection of soulless people?

Can a non-profit be a corporation in balance?

daniel grig (@gelingrig) Hello, Luminitza When there is liquidity of money there is work. What will be the owners of this system that are implemented the SDRS as the future currency on sovereign of global reserve, more than sure that they increase liquidity once the yuan came into the basket.

This increase in liquidity will be sold to the masses, as the blessing and prosperity that brings the new system BRICS. I think that we have to aprobechar this new flow of money and save on precious metals or real.

According to appreciate Mr Collins, in 2015, these architects of the new system to increase liquidity, that will bring more work to the masses.

This lasted a few years until you accumulate again ruiqueza, and rather than safe, again we will have a crisis, this time on the SDRS and the cycle is repeated, the FIAT system is unsustainable.

SDRS are an increase of oxygen to a patient is stifling to keep you live more time, but without cure you, keep you alive, sick.

Didiusjulianus Dear JC, I have followed your blog since being made aware of it via “The Burning Platform”. Thank you for your insights and explanations.

Even though in the middle of my life I am immature but awakening in my spirit and understanding of what you write. I look forward to more.

On a practical level, I am curious as to how you see New Zealand in all of this. I understand it as a frequent experimenting ground for the NWO (eftpos or debit cards in the 1980s for example) and a captive of the system yet a place that is still somewhat different.

There is that famous quote of Kissinger which went something along the kines that “the plans of NWO are different in different parts of the world”.

JC Collins New Zealand is much like my home country of Canada. It seems we also get everything first and we just keep chucking along.

The implementation of the machinations are tailored for each region and country. The demographics of the disorganized masses vary from country to country and what works in Toronto or Auckland may not work in Hong Kong.

It’s like I stated in the post, “It is also important to note that the conditions outlined above are not quantified and have been tailored to align with the policies of each member country.” There are many spokes on the wheel but they are all attached to the center.


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