JP54, D2, Mazut CI Dip & Pay – LNG, ULSD, REBCO, BLCO Direct to Refinery

RJ Hender – Honest Oil Seller
Thur, Oct 30, 2014
Subject: JP54, D2 & Mazut CI Dip & Pay Procedures

FOB procedures work for most buyers. CIF procedures continue to be pushed by China Buyers,
but because of China port stalemates, most of my Direct to Refinery Seller Friends refuse to
provide any oil products to China buyers.

If your End Oil Buyers if from China, then consider a FOB or CI, Dip & Pay procedure for them.

I’d be happy to help arrange an Oil Conference Call with my Seller(s) but you must be ready to
follow Refinery Procedures. Contact me

Yes, I work directly with a Bonny Light Refinery source. They prefer to sell on FOB terms.
This last week, we had a Spot Lift of BLCO, at a Tank Farm in America. It went quickly.

I work directly with a couple Shell Oil sources and they always expect an LOI or ICPO and CP,
from every Buyer. Are you prepared to secure a production contract for the oil you’re looking for?

I work directly with 1 Direct to Refinery Seller Friend who demands an ICPO and CP from every Buyer.
They also require 10% down and 90% due upon delivery of their fuel. As they own or operate with
over 200 refineries and 90 oil ships, you can count on a steady supply of fuel.

From the middle east, my Direct to Refinery Oil Seller helps to provide 15% of the world’s oil supply.
Because of all the bad brokers out there, they require an LOI and CP up front, from every End Buyer.
Then they provide their SCO, if the buyer checks out.

Rotterdam is getting ready to shut down. Spot Sales are showing up, all over. How do I reach you, as
a JP54 or D2 or BLCO Spot sale shows up?

From one of my Oil Sources, I have described their CI, Dip & Pay procedures below…

1mil bbls to 5mil bbls mo with rolls and extensions available
Russian Federation
$90 Gross/$85 Net
Inspections SGS/CIQ
Loading Port – Vladivostok/Novo

D2 – GOST 305-82
100,000 MT mo to 1mil MT mo with R & E
Russian Federation
$680 Gross/$675 Net
Inspections SGS/CIQ
Loading Port – Vladivostok/Novo

Mazut – GOST 10585-75/99
100,000 MT mo to 1mil MT mo with R & E
Russian Federation
$500 Gross/$495 Net
Loading Port – Vladivostok/Novo

CI, Dip & Pay Procedures

1 – Buyers provides ICPO and CP from the End Buyer, to the Seller

2 – Seller provides Refinery Commitment and Assurance Letter of their capability to supply
JP54, D2 or Mazut

3 – Buyer signs and returns to the Seller the Commitment and Assurance Letter

4 – Buyer provides for the Seller their vessel information and details, Port Clearance
Nominated Vessel Terminal

5 – Seller Issues to the Buyer

A – DTA Dip Test Authorization

B – Shore Tank Receipt

C – 2% Performance Bond (2%PD)

D – SGS report of the product, upon confirmation of the buyer’s vessel port
clearance, from the buyer’s bank

6 – Upon confirmation of ACT of TRANSFER in the Buyer’s Name, Seller issues to
the Buyer, Title of Ownership Certificate, to be followed by all export documentation

7 – Buyer conducts their Dip Test and lifting commerce and Buyer releases payment to
Seller, as agreed by both parties, after the positive quality and quantity Dip Test Results

8 – Subsequent lifts can commence, according to the terms and conditions of Buyer & Seller contract

We take care of brokers and intermediaries, who help bring oil business to us, but some times
when there are too many Daisy Chain people, the seller or buyer walks away.

Stabbing somebody in the back, for Oil Profits, creates Karma that always comes back to haunt
Oil Sharks.

Do you work directly with a Buyer Mandate then contact me

Here’s to a strong 2014 Oil Year Finish… RJ Hender

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