Obama Watch – Google Wants to Store Our Genome $25 yr

Dave Cleveland
Sat, Nov 8, 2014
Subject: Obama Watch On the Brink of WW3

DARPA biotech division seeks ideas to solve Ebola
crisis, prepare for ‘next thing’
Pentagon’s main innovation
unit is looking for promising ideas that would help thwart infectious disease
outbreaks, including Ebola epidemic that already claimed almost 5,000 lives out
of 13,241 officially confirmed cases worldwide.

W Bush Visit Nurse Vinson – Vid

Illegals Spreading Chagas All Over US
Spread through the feces of
blood-sucking insects, Chagas can cause heart failure and damage intestines – Hundreds
of thousands of people in the United States have been infected with the
potentially fatal “kissing bug” disease, but U.S. health care workers’ lack of
awareness often prevents successful diagnosis and treatment

Ready For Long War Ahead

St Banks Hoard Billions For 1 Settlement

Gang Members Confess To Student Killings

Crazy Selfie From Hong Kong
Skyscraper – Vid

Spins Another Fake bin Laden Story

– US Sent Team To Israel To Learn War Tactics

Poll Sows Trouble Ahead For Hillary & Jeb

SEALs Publicly Argue
Over Who Killed ‘bin Laden’

Obama Sending 1,500
More US Troops To Iraq

Ferguson braces for ‘worst’ after grand jury decision
The jury is expected to make
a decision as early as mid-November, the St. Louis County prosecutor’s office

Rouble crashes as Russian
economy teeters on brink of recession
Currency instability is
reviving memories among Russians who suffered after the country’s default in
the 1990s – The rouble has fallen steadily in recent months amid rising
tensions with the west, but it took a dramatic downward lurch earlier this
week, plunging more than 10% in 48 hours.

Moscow to Kiev: Stick to
Minsk ceasefire, stop making false ‘invasion’ claims

‘Oliver Stone Eyes
Film On Putin To Show US The Truth

– UK, France Responsible Nazi March Into Europe
Putin suggests Britain and France were responsible for the Nazi march into Europe
Putin is reported to have
said that historians attempt to “hush up” the 1938 Munich Agreement, in which
Britain and France agreed to Adolf Hitler’s occupation of Czechoslovakia’s
It led to the carving up of
Poland and other Eastern European countries at the start of the Second World
War. The non-aggression treaty saw Poland virtually disappeared from the map,
20,000 Polish officers and intellectual executed by the Soviet secret police,
and the killing of three million Jewish people in Poland as a result of the
Holocaust…Putin referred to the same Nazi-Soviet pact as “immoral”.
Days after this agreement
with Moscow had been made, Hitler launched his invasion of Poland. The Nazis
easily advanced with no significant opposition, as the Nazi-Soviet treaty meant
there was no threat of Russia retaliating on behalf of Western Poles. Britain
and France could offer little support when they declared war, because of the
dual-threat of German and Russian forces in the region.

Chomsky – US, NATO
Intervention May Cause Nuke War

Syria To Get
Russian S-300 Air Defence Soon
S-300 batteries are advanced
surface-to-air weapons that can take out aircraft or guided missiles.

Explosions as Palestine
erupts in ‘Day of Rage’ against Israel Al-Aqsa mosque restrictions
Clashes broke out after
Palestinian protesters took to the streets in a “Day of Rage” against Israel on
Friday, after Israel imposed entry restrictions on the Al-Aqsa mosque – the
third holiest site in Islam, and the holiest place in Judaism.

– Jews Can’t Pray At Jerusalem Holy Site
Israel’s prime minister, Binyamin Netanyahu,
has pushed back against calls from rightwing MPs and ministers to lift
restrictions on Jews praying at the site known to Muslims as the Noble
Sanctuary and Jews as the Temple Mount, insisting there will be no change in
its status quo.

Cites Israeli War Crimes But Too Busy To Prosecute
the ICC decided that though Israel is “most likely guilty of war crimes” in
their attack on an unarmed aid convoy in 2010, the International Criminal Court
refuses to move forward.

Orders Homes Of ‘Terrorists’ Demolished

The internet is becoming a
‘dark and ungoverned’ place where paedophiles, murderers and terrorists can
safely operate, warns Met chief
* Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe met with law enforcement experts in New York
* He said encryption on computers and phones is frustrating police inquiries
* Police commissioner has warned parts of web are left as ‘anarchic places’
* He called on internet companies to do more to protect public from dark web
* A former senior civil servant warned cybercrime was speeding ahead of law
* While head of GCHQ says technology is ‘command networks’ for terrorists

Office Dossier On 80s Child Sex Abuse Missing

Cops Probing 7,500 Child Abuse Allegations

New York Deputy Slaps Man For Refusing Unwarranted Search

Seals Ensnared In Bin Laden Death Hoax
Bin Laden fable crumbles
further as Seal Team 6 members deny alleged shooter’s story.

names military bases as Ebola troop quarantine sites
The Pentagon said Friday it
has designated five military bases inside the U.S. and two in Europe as
quarantine areas.

Stunning Admission: “Gold Is Currency; No Fiat Currency, Including the
Dollar, Can Match It”
Do you think that gold is
currently a good investment?
GREENSPAN: Yes… Remember what we’re looking at.Gold is a currency. It is still, by
all evidence, a premier currency. No
fiat currency, including the dollar, can match it.

Queen Elizabeth murder
plot foiled
New Zealand MP Maggie Barry
has not been put off official duties in London by an uncovered plot to kill the

Likely Bought 10,000 Tons Of Gold…And If They Did, Here’s Why
Gold has long represented the
primary means of rebalancing trade surplus / deficits between nations. As a
nation ran a trade surplus with another, the exporter ended up with an excess
of the importer nations currency. The primary means to rebalance was for the
exporter to transfer back to the importer nation it’s currency in exchange for
gold. If this continued, the importing nations falling gold holdings would
represent a weakening currency…which would mean higher prices to the importing
nation and less purchasing of the exporting nations goods slowing down the
trade imbalance. Since the advent of paper money until 1971, this had been the
general method to rebalance.
The US assumed the role of
global reserve currency formally at the Bretton Woods conference just prior to
the culmination of WWII. The agreement entailed the US dollar would be the
“peg” to which all other currencies would maintain their value within a +/-1%
band. This was the resolution of what had been lacking between the two world
wars: a system of international payments that would allow trade to be conducted
without fear of sudden currency depreciation or wild fluctuations in exchange
rates. And of course, nations accumulating excess US dollars would be allowed to
freely exchange them with the US for gold. And so it was from 1945 through
The US had amassed 20k+ tons of gold following WWII as the
primary exporter during the war but by 1971 the growing surplus of dollars sent
abroad (initiated primarily under Johnsons’ Vietnam war and the creation of unfunded
liabilities) had been increasingly exchanged for US gold
holdings. The 20k+ US tons of gold were
down to
8k+ tons and falling precipitously. Nixon subsequently closed the gold
window and ended the basis of post war monetary rebalancing. In the
place of the Bretton Woods system of balance, Nixon initiated the Petro-Dollar
system with Saudi Arabia and eventually all OPEC members.

Approves Modified Potato. Next Up: French Fry Fans
A potato genetically engineered to reduce the
amounts of a potentially harmful ingredient in French fries and potato chips
has been approved…The new potato also resists bruising, a characteristic long
sought by potato growers and processors for financial reasons. Potatoes bruised
during harvesting, shipping or storage can lose value or become unusable.

marriage bans upheld in four states
Gay marriage is now legal in
32 states and in Washington DC.

dump shows Holder ‘at the heart’ of Fast and Furious debate

asks US for more troops in Baltic states, Poland to counter ‘Russia threat’

Don’t use term ‘Temple
PLO statement claims ‘Al-Aqsa
Mosque compound is not a disputed territory and all other terms, therefore, are
null and void.’ The Palestinians on
Wednesday urged reporters and news outlets not to use the term Temple Mount
when covering recent events in the complex which also houses the Al-Aqsa mosque…The
Palestinians argue that “Al-Aqsa
Mosque Compound is located in East Jerusalem, an
internationally recognized part of the Occupied State of Palestine.”…Israel’s
claim over East
Jerusalem, the PLO goes on to say, is not recognized by the
international community “in line with UN Security Council Resolution
478.” “This Resolution rejected
the Israeli measure as a violation of the Fourth Geneva Convention and
determined that: ‘All legislative and administrative measures and actions taken
by Israel, the occupying Power, which have altered or purport to alter the
character and the status of the Holy City of Jerusalem, and in particular, the
recent ‘basic law’ on Jerusalem, are null and void.'”

Swarm of earthquakes in Nevada desert is intensifying
About 750 earthquakes, mostly
magnitude 2.0 to 3.0, have struck the area about 50 miles southeast of
Lakeview, Ore., since the swarm started in July…The temblors have been growing
steadily stronger with time. Six earthquakes of magnitude 4.0 or greater have
struck the area since Tuesday and about 40 have struck in the last 24 hours, “This
week it has just gone crazy,” Madin said.

Google Wants to Store Your
For $25 a year, Google will
keep a copy of any genome in the cloud.

GERALD CELENTE – World is in
a CURRENCY WAR and Heading Towards WORLD WAR 3

Job Cuts
Surge 68%, Most In 3 Years; Worst October Since 2009

Will Soon Have More Waiters And Bartenders Than Manufacturing Worker


Harry Reid not a
worthy Mormon?
LDS Church, Dems cry foul
In the aftermath of this
week’s elections, an LDS bishop in Los Angeles set off political fireworks by
asserting in a blog that Mormon Sen. Harry Reid was not worthy to enter one of
the faith’s temples for his support of Democratic Party stances…”Members
of The Church of Jesus Christ of
Latter-day Saints are, of course, entitled to express their own
political opinions,” spokesman
Dale Jones said in a statement. “However, publishing such views
while using a title of a church officer, even if only as a leader of a local
congregation as in this case, is
entirely inappropriate.” LDS bishop Mark Paredes conceded Friday
that, in retrospect, he could have worded his concerns about Reid, a fellow
believer, “more artfully.”
Writing on his long-standing blog at the Jewish Journal, Paredes began by describing
of the “temple recommend” questions (meant to gauge adherence to
Mormon beliefs and practices) that asks members if they “support,
affiliate with or agree with any group or individual whose teachings or
practices are contrary to or oppose those accepted by the [LDS Church].” He
then detailed his beliefs that Democrats’support forsame-sex marriage,
gambling and abortion
rights was in opposition to the church’s positions on those

Great Salt Lake (PAGAN) Yoga Fest
draws dozens of master
yoga instructors
The festival concludes Mondayat the Sri Sri
Radha Krishna Temple in Salt Lake City.

Obama chooses NY prosecutor as attorney general

Obama chooses NY prosecutor as attorney general | KSL.co…
In a second trail-blazing pick for the nation’s top law enforcement officer,
President Barack Obama intends to nominate a federal prosecutor in New York t…
View on www.ksl.com Preview by Yahoo

In a second trail-blazing
pick for the nation’s top law enforcement officer, President Barack Obama
intends to nominate a federal prosecutor in New York to become the next
attorney general and the first black woman to lead the Justice Department.

Mikhail Gorbachev warns the world is ‘on the brink of a new Cold War’

Mikhail Gorbachev warns the world is ‘on the brink of a …
The former Soviet leader has accused the West of giving in to ‘triumphalism’ after
the collapse of the Soviet Union and the dissolution of the communist blo…
View on www.dailymail.co.uk Preview by Yahoo

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