JP54, D2, JPA1, BLCO Available – End Buyers Must Follow Procedures

RJ Hender – Honest Oil Seller
Wed, Nov 12, 2014
Subject: JP54, D2, JPA1, BLCO 2014 Available

Below, I spell out 2 sets of Procedures for BLCO that may work for you. Take a look, for yourself.

I continue to hear of Buyers who can’t find JP54 or GasOil or BLCO in this last
quarter of 2014. From several, Direct to Refinery sources, I have Spot Deals and
Production Contracts and Allocations available right now.

One of my Oil Seller friend refuses to speak to anyone, but genuine End Buyers.
Usually, he will not provide SCOs for JP54, LNG, D2, JPA1, Mazut or other fuel
products until he has legitimate LOI and CP documents from an End Buyer. A few
days ago, this Oil Seller friend provided me with SCOs, but under the stipulation
that I provide these oil offers to End Buyers only. From a few Russian Refineries,
he can provide just about as much oil as any buyer may need. If you are a real
End Buyer then I invite you to contact me…

Within the last 2 to 3 weeks, several Spot Deals for JP54, D2, JPA1 and BLCO have
become available. This fuel can be lifted in Rotterdam or in the States, depending
upon the price and procedures, that the Seller/Refinery sets. We need to verify that
you are or that you work with a Genuine End Buyer of oil first, and then we can give
you these oil offers. Are you prepared to provide us with your legitimate ICPO and CP
first? Let me know.

I have seen it, long before now many providers of JP54, D2, Mazut, D6, BLCO, LNG, REBCO,
JPA1 and other fuel products are shutting down for the year or all their allocations for
2014 are spoken for. Some of these Refineries and Sellers are turning Buyers away.

It’s a tremendous blessing that I work with over 12 Direct to Refinery Sources of Oil
so that I can help provide the little guys, with oil products. It seems that procedures,
prices or personalities can get in the way of completing oil transactions.

As my father worked in the US Coast Guard, I was forced to travel as my father served
America. I learned how to get along with just about anyone.

I have seen angry End Buyers, who want the procedures or prices, on their terms or they
get angry and walk away.

I have seen Sellers that refuse to budge, from their prices or procedures, as well.

In the game of ‘ You Show Me Your POP First, ‘ or ‘ You Show Me Your POF First, ‘ many
buyers and sellers are both losing out.

We refuse to stab our oil friends, in the back for a quick buck. We realize that Trust
Takes Time.

One of my Shell Oil sources, I have known since 1985. I didn’t even know that he was
in the oil business until 2 years ago. We used to work together, building homes. Now,
he works with 3 of Shell Oil’s top contract signers. I’d be glad to introduce you to him,
if you would like to secure a Production Contract for jet fuel or diesel fuel or other
fuel products, from Shell.

One of my Direct to Refinery oil seller friends, requires an ICPO up front and 10% down
payment for all the fuel they sell. They now provide jet fuel and diesel fuel and ULSD
to UPS, Airlines and other Major Oil Buyers. Yep, placing 10% down gets your oil placed
on one of their 90 oil ships, headed to the port of your choice. The 90% balance is
expected once your fuel reaches it’s destination. I’d be glad to introduce you to this
strong refinery choice, but it’s a procedure that doesn’t work for all buyers.

I’ve seen many Major Oil Buyer lock up oil contracts with many Refinery Sources and it’s
left many smaller, but serious oil buyers, out in the cold.

I am in to customer service, whether it’s helping somebody purchase a $25 product from
my website or whether it’s helping an Oil Buyer secure his $Billions in fuel products.

It’s about people.

It’s about trust.

It’s about leaving enough meat on the bone for everyone.

I’d be glad to help you, but you need to be ready to follow procedures. Yes, most of
the time the Refinery sets the procedures. Let me know if I can assist.

1. Buyer send’s ICPO and or BCL to Seller.

2. Seller send’s Draft Contract

3. Upon acceptance of Draft contract, buyer and seller execute the contract

4. Buyer signs and returns the contract and both parties lodge contracts at
their respective banks.

5. Buyer sends to Seller signed ICPO from Bank or bank BCL, stating their
willingness to send the
Instrument and at a stated Time and date.

6. Seller send’s as PPOP the following: Attestation Copy for Proof of
Availability of Product, Tanker’s Storage
Receipt, Proof of Commitment to Produce the Product, Dip-Test
Authorization, + One Past Trade Reference and
First Page of Seller’s National Passport.

7. The Buyer issues a payment instrument with a minimum Validity period of
4 months.
The following instruments are allowed: POF MT799 OR DLC (which must be
Revolving). No other instrument is allowed.

8. Seller signs contract with the shipping company, with Official
Notification to Buyer
by Shipping Company.

9. Dip Test Analysis OPTIONAL, and at Buyer’s Expense. The Test Analysis
Report must be carried out by Seller’s
Appointed Russian Accredited Company amongst Buyer’s Representative Group.
Seller send’s 2% performance Bond
(PB) to activate the Buyer’s Payment Instrument.
the Seller

10. Seller Swifts POP to the Buyer’s bank for verification and Confirmation
from the Seller’s bank.

11. Seller sends via express Courier the registered Hard Copies of the
contract to the buyer; both parties lodge their copies of the registered
contract with their respective banks.

12. Lift commences with SGS Survey Report.

13. Buyer release payment to the seller at sight MT103 after shipment,
delivery per shipping schedule program via SWIFT Fund Transfer within 5
(five) banking days, after discharge of cargo and receipt of all relevant
shipping documents for immediate negotiation, and credited at buyer’s bank

14. Seller releases payment to all brokers.

2nd Set of Procedures
BLCO on TTO Nigeria water Price USD $12 Gross / $7 Net
Quantity: 2,000,000 bbl. We will have the ATS, BL and Cargo Manifest.
CLAUSE 9: TTO Nigerian waters Procedures

1. Seller and Buyer sign SPA. Seller to provide proof of product detail
with ATS, BL, and Cargo Manifest. Buyer returns signed SPA to Seller with
ATB Format and Supercargo DETAILS. Buyer bank provide either of the
followings (a) Bank Capability Letter BCL.(b) Bank Reference Letter BRL (c)
MT 199 Or MT 999 from Buyer’s Account Officer Email domain to Sellers
Account Officer’s Email domain.

2. Seller’s vessel issues ATB/Security clearance to Buyer/Buyer’s
representatives Super cargo and Inspector boards’ to board for cargo
confirmations and attestation from Seller’s captain desk.

3. Upon confirmation, Buyer’s Super cargo and Inspector boards Seller’s
loaded vessel at Sellers expense.
4. Whilst Buyer’s Super cargo is still on board Seller’s vessel following
Attestation of Cargo, the Buyer’s Inspectors disembark to conduct Q & Q for

5. On successful conduction and confirmation of cargo in Nigerian waters,
Buyer’s bank issues MT 103/23 via swift in USD for 2 million barrels of
BLCO to Seller and all agents in conformity with the Q&Q report.

6. Upon confirmation of Buyer’s payment instrument MT 103/23 by Seller’s
nominated bank, Seller hands over all original hard cargo document
including TITLE AND ATS to Seller’s Banks.

7. Buyer Takes over the vessel and sail to POD.

Here’s to a solid finish for this 2014 Oil Year and to a Strong Start in 2015… RJ Hender

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