Obama Watch – Why Can’t China Support World Order?

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Wed, Oct 12, 2014
Subject: Obama Watch China Refusal to Support New World Disorder

Top Hacker: Chicago Nuke
AttackPlanned For 2015
Guccifer – the Romanian
hacker who accessed private email accounts of numerous top government &
military officials as well as the Bush & Rockefeller family – is quoted in
the New York Times as predicting a nuclear attack on Chicago sometime in 2015.

Something, Say Something’ Promotional Items Handed Out at NFL Games
Homeland Security mouse pads
tell football fans to report “unusual” activity.

Of US Nuclear System Showing Cracks

Obama: China should
‘underwrite global order, not undermine it’
US President Barack Obama
says the United States wants China “to be a partner in underwriting the
international order, not undermining it.” He made the remarks on Monday
during a news conference in Beijing, where he arrived to attend the
Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit.

Putin Are The Odd Couple At APEC

West ‘pre-staging new Ukraine

The Gates Of Hell Open Up In Moscow?


Welcome to Sweden –
the most cash-free society
on the planet
Electronic payment
evangelists say largely cash-free economy has cut costs and reduced crime rate

Murderous SWAT Teams

US Spends The
Most On This Drug

Duck In A NeoCon Congress

– Crime Down In 2013, Gun Sales At New Highs!

Fires US Made Missiles At Syrian Army

Is America’s Dream Rebel Army

Putin’s shawl chivalry gets
blanket coverage from Western media, Chinese censors

Border Patrol stripping
agents of their rifles
The News 4 Tucson
Investigators have uncovered that some U.S. Border Patrol agents have lost a
key part of their arsenal. And that has agents who patrol along the border
here, extremely worried.
We learned that U.S. Customs
and Border Protection’s Offices of Border Patrol and Training and Development
are inspecting the quality of agents’ M4 carbines throughout Border Patrol
sectors nationwide. But agents tell us, some of those M4s have not been
replaced. And, we’ve learned, agents are required to share rifles amongst each
“There’s a lot of agents
that are pretty upset over it,” said Art del Cueto

High School FORBIDS students from praying during free time

Booked On Delta Flight Vanishes

The real story of US coal:
inside the world’s biggest coalmine
Despite Obama’s pledge to cut
carbon emissions, production at North Antelope Rochelle mine in Wyoming is
booming – and climate change is off the agenda.

Automaker’ Gets $100 Million Fed Fine

Rush For Backup Plans To HealthCare.gov

How JPMorgan Chase Helped
Wreck the Economy – Vid

Woman ‘spontaneously’
revives after 45 minutes without a pulse

Syria civilians attacked with incendiary weapons

India mass sterilization: women were ‘forced’ into camps, say
Relatives of the 12 women who died after
a state-run mass sterilization campaign in India went horribly wrong have told
local media they were forced by health workers to attend the camp. More than 80
women underwent surgery for laparoscopic tubectomies at a free government-run
camp in the central state of Chhattisgarh on Saturday. About 60 fell ill
shortly afterwards, officials said. At least 14 were in a very serious
condition by Wednesday and the death toll was expected to rise.

Russia to launch alternative to SWIFT bank transaction system
in spring 2015
Russia intends to have its own
international inter-bank system up and running by May 2015. The Central of
Russia says it needs to speed up preparations for its version of SWIFT in case
of possible ”challenges” from the West.

Now ISIS wants to introduce its own currency: Plans to bring
back solid gold and silver dinar coins announced in Iraqi mosques
While ISIS has yet to confirm the
introduction of its currency, social media is awash with claims that leading
religious figures announced the plans during recent prayers in Mosul and
Nineveh province. It is believed the terror outfit wants to use the independent
currency in areas it controls as part of its war on the West. The currency,
which could be introduced within the next few weeks, will involve changing from
regular dinars and Lira to golden dinars and silver dirhams.

China’s Latest Ghost Town: A
$50 Billion Fake Replica Of Manhattan

Over 20k Soldiers Wounded in Afghan War Theater, 90% Under
The number of troops wounded in action
has increased more than seven fold in the nearly six years that Obama has been
president — from 2,701 when he took office in 2009 to 20,040 now.

The Death Panels Are Coming
With Obamacare open enrollment about to
begin anew, rumors of trouble in Healthcare Paradise run rampant. Enrollment
has dropped to 30% below Congressional Budget Office estimates; fully 1 million
of the 8.1 million people who originally signed up for Obamacare dropped out.

Ferguson Residents Arm Themselves ahead of grand jury decision
A local gun merchant told CNN customers
bought 100 guns over the weekend. In nearby Bridgeton, the manager of a
shooting range said gun sales are up 40 to 50% as of last week. Most of the
weapons are home defense shotguns. Many residents are also receiving firearms
training. Customers told the manager they have bought guns and are receiving
training in anticipation of violence following a ruling on the Brown shooting.

Missouri national guard on standby for Michael Brown grand jury
The Missouri national guard will be on
standby to deal with any protests after a grand jury announces its decision on
whether to charge the police officer who shot dead an unarmed teenager, Michael
Brown, the state governor announced on Tuesday.

Civil Forfeiture Seminar Gurus Teach Cops to Dream Big
Released footage of a New Mexico attorney
at a “Vehicle Forfeiture Conference” – yes, that was the actual
seminar title – is quickly gaining ire. In it, the Las Cruces city attorney,
Harry S. Connelly Jr., encourages the police practice of seizure like he’s a
multi-level marketing guru motivating his underlings to look at everyone as a
potential dollar sign. Really, the analogy fits – a report from the Institute
of Justice documents that prosecutors (and the State) get a part of the cut.

Victory of female African American Republican congresswoman
shatters media’s false racism narrative
Her name is Mia Love, and she is Utah’s
newest congressional member. She is African American. She is a Republican. She
is the political opposite of every narrative the mainstream media and its
left-wing cheerleaders and sycophants have employed since before the first
African American president took his oath of office.

24 Reasons Why Millennials Are Screaming Mad About Our Unfair
Economic Collapse – Nearly half of all
Millennials are spending at least half of their paychecks to pay off debt, more
than 30 percent of them are living with their parents because they can’t find
decent jobs, and this year the homeownership rate for Millennials sunk to a
brand new all-time low. When you break U.S. adults down by age, our long-term
economic decline has hit the Millennials the hardest by far.

School cancels Veterans Day program
over 21-gun salute
For more than 80 years, a
local Wisconsin school district had hosted a Veterans Day program to honor
former soldiers, featuring a traditional 21-gun salute. But after reports
earlier this year of parents and students feeling “uneasy” about the firing of
guns on school grounds — even with blank rounds, as is customary in the 21-gun
salute — the Eau Claire School District canceled the program.
The decision was made in late
October, with school district official Tim Liebham saying “the shooting of guns [on
school premises],
even with blanks, is something we don’t feel is appropriate given

The coming climate onslaught
The Obama administration is set to roll
out a series of climate and pollution measures that rivals any president’s
environmental actions of the past quarter-century — a reality check for
Republicans who think last week’s election gave them a mandate to end what they
call the White House’s “War on Coal.”

Boston elementary school abandoned as 150 are sickened by
possible norovirus
One hundred forty children and 10 staff
members at Boston’s Condon Elementary School are among the latest to be
impacted by a possible norovirus outbreak.

What to do if you catch a cold or the flu – with homemade tonic
At the very first sign, that very first
cough with a tickle in the throat, or whatever it is that alerts you to an
impending viral attack, you can help your body’s defenses. Gargle with Apple
Cider Vinegar Gargle now. Use organic, raw, apple cider vinegar and gargle
every fifteen minutes for the next two hours. After that, gargle whenever you
think of it.

Commercial airplanes are rarely cleaned; food trays
contaminated with fecal matter; airborne germs abound
It probably isn’t much of a secret that
commercial airplanes are teeming with germs. But a new report by the Daily Mail
Online suggests that airplane cabins are likely far filthier than most people
realize, as planes are rarely deep-cleaned, and their tray tables are often
brimming with germs, including fecal matter from dirty diapers.

Doctors use HIV to cure Utah man’s leukemia
A Utah man’s leukemia is in remission,
thanks to an experimental therapy. Doctors injected him with HIV-infused white
blood cells, which were programmed to recognize, target and kill the cancer.

FDA Tests less than 1% of Food Products for Pesticide Residue

China Jails CIA’s
Uighur Imams
Uighur Muslims were present
at Osama bin Laden’s CIA-ISI Afghan training camps.
Video Emerges of Obamacare Architect Calling Americans “Stupid”
Gruber paid $400,000 by administration,
visited White House a dozen times.

The UN Using Vaccines To Secretly Sterilize Women All Over The Globe?
In some areas of the world, purposely
cutting off someone’s family line is considered to be one of the most wicked
things that you can possibly do.

Military Budget Could Soon Be As Big as America’s
China May Be Closing the Gap
on U.S. Military Superiority.

Opposition to Common Core Continues to Grow
As parents and educators
become increasingly vocal against Common Core State Standards (CCSS), the
national movement against the federal standards continues to gain power.

the US Sent a C-17 to a Chinese Air Show Despite Concerns Inside the Pentagon
The U.S. military sent a giant C-17 cargo
plane to an air show in China this week as a way to strengthen its relationship
with the People’s Liberation Army.

Cathedral to Host First Muslim Prayer
Washington National Cathedral
is hosting a Muslim prayer service for the first time on Friday.

Supreme Court could weigh
in on same sex marriage bans by next June
With a ruling last week by
the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals on same sex marriage bans, it appears likely
the Supreme Court will ultimately weigh in on the contentious issue, possibly
before their term ends in June 2015. It’s also highly possible that the
procedural timeline pushes the case into the Court’s next term, starting in October

‘Temple Mount violence endangers the lives of Jews
The violence on Jerusalem’s
Temple Mount endangers the lives of Jews around the world and places Israel’s
peace treaty with Jordan in jeopardy, the ambassador to Jordan, Daniel Nevo,
said on Monday.

Abbas: Arafat shrine will
bemoved to Jerusalem – ‘the capital of
on Sunday, the Fatah movement said the commemoration of the 10th anniversary of
the death of Arafat in Gaza would be canceled, Ma’an reported. The ceremony was
scheduled to occur on Tuesdy and would have been the first commemoration of
Arafat’s death allowed in the Strip since Hamas took control of Gaza in 2007.

Rep. Trey Gowdy: We Are
Making Significant Progress in Benghazi Investigation

Michael Brown’s parents to testify before UN about
Ferguson police violence

Apache Gun Ship Visits Utah
Not something you normally
see at the range.
This happened while my wife
was visiting some co-workers in Salt Lake City. They took her and their kids to
shoot some guns out in the desert. Just some shotguns and some pistols. They
were visited by an Apache Helicopter. According to my wife, “you could see the
gun under the nose waving at us”

School bans students from praying together
Warns religious talk
violates ‘separation of church and state’
For the last three years,
high-school senior Chase Windebank has been meeting with other students during
a designated free period to discuss their Christian faith, pray and even sing
But on Sept. 29, the
assistant principal of Pine Creek High School in Colorado Springs, Colorado,
told the students it has to stop because it violates the “separation of church
and state.”

To appease Muslims, school district drops Christian, Jewish holidays from
The Montgomery
County Board of Education on Tuesday voted to strip the names of Christian
and Jewish holidays from its school calendar amid complaints from the parents of
Muslim children seeking
recognition for Islamic holidays.

Another ‘eradicated
disease’ invading U.S.
fever brought in by ‘unaccompanied minors’
NEW YORK – Dengue hemorrhagic
fever has been added to the list of diseases brought by the surge of
“unaccompanied minors” who have illegally entered the U.S. this year.

Humans Could Win Right to
Marry Animals, Court Told
Appellate courts across the
nation are being asked to quickly affirm a ruling last week from the 6th Circuit
Court of Appeals that states may ban same-sex marriage. If they do not,
warns a Christian legal group, the perversion of gay marriage might soon extend
to legal recognition that people may marry animals.

Japan’s smartphone
‘zombies’ wreak havoc on the streets
the growing ranks of these
cellphone addicts are turning cities like Tokyo, London, New York and Hong Kong
into increasingly hazardous hotspots, where zombified shoppers appear to be
part of vast games of human pinball.

Lecture to focus on
politics of Mormon prophet-patriot Ezra Taft Benson
Come January, all adult
Mormons will spend a year studying the religious teachings of their 13th church
president: Ezra Taft Benson.
But those members of The
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints will hear little or nothing about
Benson’s right-wing political views— despite the fact that he was the only Mormon
apostle ever to serve in a U.S. president’s Cabinet, a staunch opponent of any
organization he deemed “communist” and an advocate of conservative
polices espoused by the John Birth Society,

survives 230-foot fall from California cliff
A 4-year-old boy suffered
broken bones but survived falling more than 200 feet from a seaside cliff and
landing on a rocky beach in Northern California, authorities and his family

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