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Fri, Nov 21, 2014
Subject: Obama Watch Immigration Revolution

What flag are we flying? What is a civil flag? What does the gold fringe
mean?AREWE STILL UNDER MILITARY RULE?Hereare some pages that might shed some light
on these questions.http://www.freedom-school.com/truth/flag.htm MaliEbola Crisis
Worsens With Another Dr Death Pelosi Compares Obama’sExecutive Amnesty to
Emancipation Proclamation And the EmancipationProclamation was equally
unconstitutional, not to mention the fact that it ONLY”freed” slaves in states that
were in rebellion. Slavery was stilllegal in the north during the war, and the
unconstitutional …Those who don’tlearn from history are doomed to repeat it. Keep
cheering on yourdictator. See what happens. infringements of the federal government
are whatSTARTED the war. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C6Z2Bu99mjs Gohmert
Compares White House& Border Security – Vid Mexico Stops EnforcingImmigration Laws
In Northern Border With California

USMaking Homelessness Illegal Dr. Russell Blaylock Warns: Don’t Get the Flu Shot — It
Promotes Alzheimer’s
Http://healthimpactnews.com/2011/dr-russell-blaylock-warns-dont-get-the-flu-shot-it-promotes-alzheimers/#sthash.P1b5LnCM.dpuf 1g.Of

Turmeric A Day Could Boost Memory DictatorObama To Illegals – ‘You Can Come Out Now’
Obama heads to Vegas torally support for immigration overhaulDetermined to go it
alone,President Obama will head to Nevada on Friday to sign an executive
ordergranting “deferred action” to two illegal immigrant groups- parents of
UnitedStates citizens or legal permanent residents who have been in the country
forfive years, and young people who who were brought into the country illegally asof
2010.Obama will sign the executiveorder at the same Las Vegas high school where he
unveiled his sweepingblueprint for a national immigration overhaul nearly two years
ago. http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2014/11/20/in-immigration-speech-obama-will-announce-protective-status-for-two-groups/

Russia warns US againstsupplying ‘lethal defensive aid’ to
Ukrainehttp://rt.com/news/207479-lethal-aid-ukraine-washington/ Police arrest
several protesters as Ferguson awaitsgrand jury

RandUrges Congress To Sue Obama Over Immigration ‘Open Rebellion’: Chaos ifRepublicans Don’t
Withhold Funding for Obama Executive
Amnestyhttp://www.breitbart.com/Big-Government/2014/11/19/Open-Rebellion-Chaos%20if-Republicans-Dont-Withhold-Funding-for-Obama-Executive-Amnesty Obama issues immigration order onMexico’s ‘Revolution Day’The president’s
prime-timeaddress Thursday coincides with the date in 1910 when the Mexican
revolutionbegan…“November 20 is Mexican ‘Revolution Day‘or Mexican ‘Civil War Day,’
which is the equivalent of America’s 4th of

FedsPush Ferguson Tinderbox For Amnesty Distraction Russia’Invades’ Ukraine Again &
Again & Again… Ukraine’s Gold Reserves(20 tons) Reported MissingThe head of the
UkraineCentral Bank just announced on Ukrainian TV: “in the vaults of the
CentralBank there is almost no gold left.”
– 20 tons unaccounted for
– Likely didn’t just disappear, but has been quietly depleted over the past year
– Or has been spirited away to the US
– Historically this is a trend preceding failed states i.e. USSR
– Serious reason to believe US has possession

UkraineOut Of Coal In 30 Days Or Less Moscow Shock AsKiev Forces Fire On OSCE Convoy Jerusalem
synagogue attacksparks fear of descent into religious war Fears spread that
peacecannot prevail in aftermath of murder of four rabbis and a Druze policeman

IsraeliDrone Pilot Admits Errant Gaza Bomb Drops IsraelGives Demolition Notice To Pal
Families IsraeliMayor Bans Arabs From Building Kindergartens Erdogan -Assad Must Be
ToppledTurkishPresident Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that Ankara and Washington must
uniteefforts not only in support of moderate Syrian opposition, but also in
topplingAssad regime. AusterityHas Clearly Failed – Why Not Ditch It? GMO Crops,
Glyphosate, Fall Of US Health -Pt 4 – Vid OKCop Charged With Raping 13 Women On
Duty Russia MayFirst To Intro 5G Mobile Internet RussianIndustry Grows At Fastest
Rate In 2 Yrs ChinaTo Buy Fighter Jets, Submarines From Russia France ‘blocks’
Russiansailors from boarding warship400 Russian sailors due toboard Vladivostok for
training were refused access at the request of the
Parisauthorities.http://uatoday.tv/news/independent-france-blocks-russian-sailors-from-boarding-warship-392635.html Giant
sinkhole swallows upold mine in Russia’s Urals
(PHOTOS)http://rt.com/news/207371-giant-sinkhole-russia-uralkali/ World pharma
spending to exceed 1 trillion in 2014 says study
Global pharmaceutical spending willsurpass the trillion dollar threshold in 2014,
with high prices for innovativehepatitis C and cancer drugs in the US, a new study
says. By 2018 spending isexpected to increase by another 30 percent. With an
increase of 7 percent over2013, total spending on medicines will amount to $1.06
trillion in 2014, saysthe report “The Global Use of Medicines: Outlook through 2018”
from the IMSInstitute for Healthcare Informatics, released Thursday. USAnti-Ebola
Military Effort May Last Over 6 Months: Pentagon If Ebola remains in semen of
infected men, why were male Ebolavictims in US ‘cleared’ as virus-free?
An Indian man has been placed undermandatory quarantine in his home country after
tests came back positive for theEbola virus in his semen, according to new reports.
The 26-year-old Indiannational was hospitalized nearly two months ago in Liberia
after contractingthe disease and had since been thought to be cleared of the virus,
which turnedout to be false. U.S. to allow people from nations hit by Ebola to
The Department of Homeland Security willgrant temporary protected status to people
from the three West Africancountries most affected by Ebola who are currently
residing in the UnitedStates, department officials said on Thursday. People from
Liberia, Guinea, andSierra Leone in the United States as of Thursday may apply for
protection fromdeportation, as well as for work permits, for 18 months, said a
Department ofHomeland Security official. Sheriffs against amnesty to march on
Sheriffs around the country are planningto march on the nation’s capital, hoping to
send a message to President Obamaand Congress that they oppose amnesty for illegal
immigrants.25 people are killed each day by illegal immigrants

ICE readies 2,400 beds for new spring surge of illegalimmigrants through Texas
The Obama administration is bracing foranother surge of illegal immigrants next
spring, bringing online a familydetention center that will have 2,400 beds. “We must
be prepared fortraditional, seasonal increases in illegal migration. ‘Obama in
Contact with Major Civil Rights Groups Across theU.S. on Ferguson’
protests have been expertly planned,organized and trained for in 82 cities across
the U.S. and one in Canadafollowing the grand jury announcement, this is surely just
a coincidence,right? Sen. McCaskill also apparently told CBS St. Louis that Obama
“willbecome more involved when it’s appropriate.” What exactly does that even mean?
Ferguson – Race Baiting for Political Power and Profit
Since 911, the police in the US havekilled more than 5,000 Americans. You are 8
times more likely to be killed by apolice officer than a terrorist. Despite this
brutality, governments at everylevel seek to further militarize the police, to
consolidate power in the state.Ferguson is a psyop against all Americans. Here’s how
it works. Anonymous:KKK members may have infiltrated Ferguson cop support group
Anonymous claims it has identifiedmembers of the Ku Klux Klan at a support group
rally for police officer DarrenWilson, who shot and killed a black teen in Ferguson,
Missouri. Following theexpose, the support group removed the photograph from
Facebook. Immigrants in the country illegally already are floodingattorneys’ offices
Immigrants in the country illegallyalready are flooding attorneys’ offices with
calls to see if they can qualifyunder President Barack Obama’s yet-to-be-announced
plan to shield as many as 5million immigrants from deportation…. “It’s like the
goldenticket,” she said. “Everybody who is calling my office is asking howcan I get
a work permit under Obama’s program? Mexico Charges Americans for Crossing Border
U.S. citizens entering Mexico on foot arebeing charged a $28 fee as part of a new
pilot program that aims to tracktravelers throughout the country. According to
Mexican immigration officials,the new program, which could soon expand to vehicle
lanes as well, will keeptabs on all non-Mexicans who come to the country for travel
or work for morethan seven days. Canadian couple hit with $950K bill after
premature birth in USface bankruptcy
Canadian parents hit with a bill ofalmost $1 million from a US hospital after their
baby was born prematurely onvacation in Hawaii are now facing possible bankruptcy.
Their story provoked asocial media storm with many people offering to help. Chinaand
others can cripple US power grid, NSA admits for the first time
The head of the National Security Agencywarned Congress on Thursday that China and
“one or two” other nations currentlypossess the capability of crippling the American
power grid throughcyberattacks. Utah Considers Cutting OffWater to the NSA’s Monster
Data CenterThe legislation, proposed byUtah lawmaker Marc Roberts, is due to go to
the floor of the Utah House ofRepresentatives early next year, but it was debated in
a Public Utilities andTechnology Interim Committee meeting on Wednesday. The bill,
H.B. 161,directs municipalities like Bluffdale to “refuse support to any federal
agencywhich collects electronic data within this state.”

Utah Considers Cutting Off Water to the NSA’s Monster Data Center

Obama’s Plan for a Backdoor Internet Tax
Will the Federal CommunicationsCommission tax the Internet? It’s very possible, said
FCC commissioner MikeO’Reilly at a conference sponsored by the Free State Foundation
in Washingtonon Friday. The tax, which could total over $7 per month on the
typicalAmerican’s broadband bill, would be imposed as a consequence of regulating
theinternet via “net neutrality” rules that President Obama has urged the FCC
toadopt. Detekt: A New Malware Detection Tool That Can ExposeIllegitimate State
Detekt, a new malware detection tool developed by security researcher
ClaudioGuarnieri. Detekt is an easy-to-use, open source tool that allows users
tocheck their Windows PCs for signs of infection by surveillance malware that weknow
is being used by government to spy on activists and journalists. U.S. farmers set to
get huge government payouts despite bumperharvest
U.S. farmers are about to reap a bumperharvest not just in corn and soybeans but
also in new subsidies that could soarto $10 billion, blowing a hole in the
government’s promise that its newfive-year farm bill would save taxpayers money. If
payments for 2014, the firstyear the farm bill takes effect, do come in at that
level – as some privateeconomists have calculated – they would be more than 10 times
the U.S.Department of Agriculture’s working estimate and more than double the
forecastby the Congressional Budget Office. RandPaul: Obama is Betraying the
Founding Principles of America “I will not sit idly by.” CIABehind Hip-Hop’s Drug
Fetish CIA, making billions off drugtrade, uses hip-hop to keep demand for drugs
high. Obama:U.S. Taxpayers Must Pay For Illegals’ Children Illegal immigrants
willreceive huge payments from American taxpayers. FergusonCop Darren Wilson
Expected to Resign The grand jury decision couldalso be made Friday. THESE HISTORIC
VIDEOS Show What Ferguson Could Look LikeDuring Martial Law and Unrest Back in 1967,
National Guardand Army troops were deployed by Gov. Romney and LBJ to handle race
riots inDetroit. PoliceWrestle With Protestors In Ferguson *Explicit Content*
Another traffic stoppingdemonstration in Ferguson turned ugly when police and
demonstrators bothdemanded their way.

RiotersTo Target Whites: “You Will Never Be Safe… Not You, Not Your Children” We are
likely just 24 hoursaway from a Grand Jury decision in the officer involved shooting
of MichaelBrown in Ferguson, MO. 10Examples Of The Social Decay That Is Eating Away
At America Like Cancer It isn’t just our economythat is crumbling. Something is
happening to America that no amount of moneywill be able to fix. Cops:College
Football Player Murdered by Illegal Police in Oregon baffled byseemingly random
attack. AlabamaCop Caught Pepper Spraying Jubilant Student at Close Range Another
out-of-control copwas caught on video viciously attacking a jubilant teenager
celebrating a highschool football victory Friday in Alabama. Molotov cocktails,
clashes asthousands of Mexicans protest over massacreMEXICO CITY (Reuters) –
Protestersthrew Molotov cocktails and clashed with riot police outside Mexico
City’sNational Palace on Thursday as thousands protested against President
EnriquePena Nieto’s handling of the apparent massacre of 43 trainee school

Obama the tyrant kingunleashes dictatorial order that will now invoke “open rebellion”
-Senate aide http://www.naturalnews.com/047747_obama_tyranny_rebellion.html#ixzz3JiYjfMcG

Water supplies dry up inBrazil as droughts continue to affect world’s agricultural
regions,destabilizing industrial

The speech that got JFKkilled https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GR5m1-5ksj0#t=79 FBI Is
Very Excited AboutThis Machine That Can Scan Your DNA in 90 MinutesRapid-DNA
technology makes iteasier than ever to grab and store your genetic profile. G-men,
cops, andHomeland Security can’t wait to see it
everywhere.http://m.motherjones.com/politics/2014/11/rapid-dna-profiles-database-fbi-police Don’t
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6pFA88lSy8Q&list=UUcCMnLarXBq2Kke0J3dq5dA UC

Berkeley studentsignore Fox commentator waving ISIS flag but ATTACK him when he
waves Israeliflag
– Ami Horowitz made a video for Fox News in which he waves each flag on the
liberal college’s Northern California campus
– Most of the elite students generally ignore him as he waves the terrorist
group’s black and white flag
– When he waves the flag of Israeli flag, he’s cussed at and reprimanded by many
who pass

Mob hitman James Filesclaims once again he was the man responsible for President
John F. Kennedy’sassassination – and that Lee Harvey Oswald never fired asingle shot

– James Files claims in the documentary I Killed JFK that he was the man who
killed President John F. Kennedy
– Files says he was standing on the grassy knoll in Dallas, Texas on November 22,
1963 and fired the shot that killed Pres. Kennedy
– He also claims that Lee Harvey Oswald never fired a single shot, and that his
boss Charles ‘Chuckie’ Nicoletti was in the book depository

Bills CANCEL Sunday’s gameagainst Jets after three more feet of snow falls on
already buried

Woman Sexually Assaulted,Set on Fire in ParkWICHITA,Kan. (CBS St. Louis) – Wichita
police saya woman was sexually assaulted, hit on the head, and set on fire Monday
nightin Fairmount

Lindsey Williams – NewMessage From The Elite!!! “CHAOSAPPROACHES”

Teenin Springville family found
dead left ‘goodbye’ note for a friendRelatives of Ben and KristiStrack, who were
found dead along with three of their children in theirSpringville home in September,
are advocating for mental health awareness inlight of the tragedy. Utah that number
is 1 with AutismPolice hope new (police state) autism roster will helpthem ‘better
serve’ (Mormons Love their Vaccines!)Winder unveiled the newAutism Safety Roster.
Parents or guardians of those with autism can visit this website and register their
loved one.Information such as the autistic person’s physical description as well
ascritical details like known triggers and behaviors can be added…Jon Owen,president
of the Utah Autism Coalition, said he is pleased with the creation ofthe roster.
While nationally 1 in 68 people had been diagnosed with autism, he saidin Utah that
number is 1 in 54. But more important, Owen said, 49 percent ofchildren with autism
are prone to wandering off.

Joseph Smith: The 4 GrandCrafts that uphold Satan’s Kingdom, Doctorcraft, Lawyercraft,
Politics &Religion…http://bookofmormonspeaks.blogspot.com/2011/06/4-grand-crafts-that-uphold-of-satans.html

Putinsees himself as ‘second only to God’: Gorbachev blasts Russian president forhis ‘big
head’ as it emerges Kremlin leader was in furious four hour bust-upwith Angela

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