Obama Watch – Illegal Immigrant $3,000 Bribe for Businesses Who Hire Them

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Sun, Nov 30, 2014
Subject: Obama Watch Illegal Immigration $3,000 Bribes

Ebola cases nears 16,000 as Sierra Leone losesground: WHOGENEVA (Reuters) – The
deathtoll in the world’s worst Ebola epidemic has risen to 5,689 out of 15,935
casesreported in eight countries by the end of Nov. 23, the World HealthOrganization
said on Wednesday.http://news.yahoo.com/nearly-16-000-ebola-cases-worldwide-sierra-leone-183213042.html Ebola
victims’ bodies leftin hospital doorway by protesting burial teamsHealthworkers in
Kenema, Sierra Leone, say they have not been paid their hazardallowance for seven
weeks http://www.theguardian.com/world/2014/nov/25/ebola-victims-bodies-hospital-doorway-burial-kenema-sierra-leone

Americans Have NoRight To Favor AmericansTheonly Americans who can legitimately
object to immigration are nativeIndian-Americans, President Barack Obama told his
Chicago audience Nov. 24, ashe made an impassioned ideological plea for endless
immigration, culturaldiversity and a big government to manage the resulting
multicultural society.http://dailycaller.com/2014/11/25/obama-americans-have-no-right-to-favor-americans/

Brown’s DNA On Wilson’s Pistol, Uniform, Pants& Shirt No Charges For Cop WhoKilled Unarmed
White Man 2 Days After Mike

Video shows Clevelandofficer shooting 12-year-old Tamir Rice within

Cops Delete CitizenFootage Of Them Beating ManDenvercops were caught on camera repeatedly
punching a man in the face, causing hishead to bounce off the pavement, before
tripping his pregnant wife who waspleading with them to stop, causing her to flat on
her face. But then theyrealized another man had been recording them.

Businesses to receiveincentive for hiring illegal immigrantsBusinessesreportedly
will have a $3,000-per-employee incentive to hire illegal immigrantsover native-born
workers under President Obama’s sweeping action on

NATO Boss – Russia CouldControl Whole Black Sea UT: City Officials Forcedto Obey the
Constitution on guns ParkCity, Utah, officials were the latest in a series of local
governments thathave been forced to respect the Constitution by the Second Amendment
Foundation(SAF). SAF has run up an impressive number of legal wins to
protectsecond amendment rights. It has become the ACLU of the gunculture. In the
Park City case, the city had adopted local laws in directviolation of the second
amendment andUtah state preemption law. The city law prohibited all use and
possessionof firearms; all carrying of concealed weapons; carrying of loaded guns
insidea vehicle; showing a gun in an angry or threatening manner (no exceptions
forjustified use of force); and using a gun in a fight. A city hall attorney,Tricia
Lake, was clear about the illegality of the city’s

How do you sell God in the 21st century? More heaven, less hell Growingup as an evangelical, I
was terrified of hell. But in recent years, Christian pastors have abandoned
damnation in favour of a more
upbeatvisionhttp://www.theguardian.com/news/2014/nov/26/-sp-my-life-in-hell 2 Nephi
28:21 And others will he pacify,and lull them away into carnalsecurity, that they
will say: All is well in Zion; yea, Zion prospereth, all is well—and thus
the devil cheateth theirsouls, and leadeth them away carefully down to hell. 22 And
behold, others he flattereth away,and telleththem there is no hell; and he saith
unto them: I am no devil, for there is none—andthus he whispereth in their ears,
until he grasps them with his awful chains,from whence there is no
deliverance. 23 Yea, they are graspedwith death, and hell; and death, and hell,and
the devil, and all that have beenseized therewith must stand before the throneof
God, and be judged accordingto their works, from whence they must go into the place
prepared forthem, even a lake of fire and brimstone, which is endless
torment. 24 Therefore, wo be unto himthat is at ease in Zion! 25 Wo be unto him (the
main stream) that crieth: All is well!https://www.lds.org/scriptures/bofm/2-ne/28.21?lang=eng

ButterSurges TO 16 Yr High Caffeine Side Effects AndMore: HowThe World’s Most Popular Drug Can Affect Your
Healthhttp://www.medicaldaily.com/caffeine-side-effects-and-more-how-worlds-most-popular-drug-can-affect-your-health-312208 Ukraine
Has Lost Nearly2,000 Armored Vehicles in Southeastern

Are A Threat To The Russian State Russia,China urge US to stop lecturing about human
rightsNew violent protests triggered bya grand jury decision not to indict a police
officer who killed a blackteenager in Ferguson have prompted Russia and China to
criticize the US forhuman rights issues and racial discrimination in the

Russia Rejects GMOs While USA Continues toPoison

Russia dispatched 30planeloads of humanitarian aid to Syria over 18 months
http://en.itar-tass.com/world/763885 IsraelOrders $18 Million For West Bank
‘Settlement’ IsraelisDemolishing Arab Homes In Jerusalem JapanOfficial – Don’t Tell
Us We Can’t Eat Whales High SchoolProstitution Ring Busted In Florida Fears that
‘dangerous’Switzerland referendum could spark gold rush Pollcould force Swiss
central bank to triple reserves, leading to price of goldsoaring on international
markets, experts say – The Swiss like referendums:there were 11 last year and there
have been nine more this year, on subjectsranging from who pays for abortions to
whether the state should buy a certaintype of new fighter aircraft.ThisSunday there
are three more, but one has attracted more attention than most –because there are
fears that if it wins majority support it could trigger aworldwide gold
rush.Fivemillion Swiss voters are to decide on a proposal that would force the
centralbank to triple its gold
reserves.http://www.theguardian.com/world/2014/nov/25/fears-switzerland-referendum-spark-gold-rush Goldman,
BASF, HSBCaccused of metals price fixing – U.S. lawsuitReuters)- Goldman Sachs Group
Inc (GS.N), Germany’sBASF SE (BASFn.DE)and two other big platinum and palladium
dealers have been sued in the UnitedStates in what the plaintiff’s law firm called
the first nationwide classaction over alleged price-fixing of the
metals.http://uk.reuters.com/article/2014/11/26/uk-platinum-palladium-lawsuit-idUKKCN0J92J420141126 MonsterWells

– How Much Water is Used in Fracking? MichaelBrown Supporters Want to “Kill Darren
Wilson” Deaththreats against police officer flood Twitter. Fergusongrand jury
witnesses often cited fear in testifying Thiswitness was scared. He had Googled
himself and found the phrase: “Snitches getstitches.” ‘Today’Show Confronts Brown
Family With Video Of Stepdad Inciting Protesters [VIDEO]Thefamily of Michael Brown
appeared on NBC’s “Today” show, during which they wereconfronted with video of
Michael Brown’s stepfather telling Ferguson protestersto “burn this bitch
down.”Brown’sstepfather Louis Head climbing on top of a car on the night of the
protestand repeatedly yelling at protesters to “burn this bitch
down.” TIMEJustifies Ferguson Violence as Response to White Privilege: “Riots Are
aNecessary Part of Evolution of Society” “Peacefulprotesting is a luxury only
available to those safely in mainstream culture.” ElderlyWhite Man On Oxygen Is
Allegedly Attacked, Carjacked, Then Run Over In FergusonDuring ProtestsAn elderly
man dependent onoxygen was reportedly attacked and run over during a car jacking in
the parkinglot of Faraci Pizza on Florissant in Ferguson. In the video, you can
hearwitnesses tell the news reporter an elderly male was attacked, car jacked,
andthen run over with his own car. Videoof the Day – Understanding the 5th Amendment
and Why a Law Professor Says“Don’t Talk to Police” It’s really sad that it hascome
to this. Millionsof New Illegal Immigrants to Get Drivers Licenses in
California DavidCameron faces new cabinet calls to leave EU if he fails to deliver
reform Rand PaulCalls For DeclarationOf War Against Islamic State(Reuters) – U.S.
Senator RandPaul, a possible Republican candidate for president in 2016, is calling
for aformal declaration of war against Islamic State militants who control parts
ofIraq and Syria, the New York Times reported on Monday. WW3 WILLSTART AT THE
EUPHRATES RIVER Either in Turkey,Syria or Iraq (WHERE ISIS
IS). (REV. 9:14-15) http://ww3warnings.blogspot.com/2010/04/ww3-zechariahs-warning.html

Opposition to Common Core spurs jump in homeschooling Illegal immigrants could receive Social
Security, Medicareunder Obama action Obama toIntroduce Sweeping New Controls on
Ozone Emissions GlobalistsUse Putin as Foil to Push TTIP U.S.-EU Merger“Vladimir
Putin Hates theTTIP: Which is exactly why Europe and America need to get it done.”
Those arethe title and subtitle for a November 19 op-ed by Admiral James Stavridis
atforeignpolicy.com, the website of the establishment journal Foreign Policy. ECB’s
negativeinterest rates under fireIn Germany, where saving isconsidered a virtue, the
announcement by one of the country’s biggestlenders, Commerzbank, that it will start
charging clients with highdeposits on their accounts has angered
many. Iran:‘Americans Have Very Clearly Surrendered’Top Iranian leaders have
beencelebrating a recently inked extension in nuclear negotiations with the
West,with leading military figures and politicians saying that the deal is a
signthat the “Americans have very clearly surrendered to Iran’s might,”according to
regional reports…With a seven-month extension in talks—originallyscheduled to
expire on Monday—set to start in early December, nuclearexperts are predicting that
Iran will continue its most controversial nuclearwork and likely have enough
enriched fuel for a bomb by June 2015. The pill that could letyou live to 120:
Russian scientists discover antioxidant that delays the ageingprocess
– Russian scientists have tested a new formula on rats, mice, fish and dogs
– They are using a new type of antioxidant which will impact on mitochondria
– These are the energy-producing part of cells, thought to trigger ageing
– Mitochondria can be blamed for heart attacks and are linked to Alzheimer’s

Soccer club Real Madridremoves cross from logo to appease UAE

IN 1909 The Last AmericanThanksgivingBrzezinski, one of the mosthated and well-known
globalists, recently lamented that there is a globalawakening to the source of the
tyranny on this planet and that “they” mustaccelerate their timetable for the
completion of a global takeover. And thefull-court press has subsequently been
placed on humanity as we are underassault in ways never witnessed before.One of the
most popularmethods of subjugation has to do with controlling who eats and who
dies.Historically, food has been one of the most effective tools of
subjugation…Thepotential for the extreme events in Ferguson spreading across the
country arereal. If the country was to go into martial law lockdown, would food be
used bythis administration to control the

The Russian Air Force’sSuper Weapon: Beware the PAK-FA Stealth

CAUGHT ON TAPE: ProtesterArsonist Torching Ferguson Market
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v0OJR12QY-c U.S. & ‘InternationalBanks’ Finance
Ukraine’s Civil
Warhttp://rinf.com/alt-news/editorials/u-s-international-banks-finance-ukraines-civil-war/ TotalChinese
Gold Reserves Approaching 16,000t Obama Admits To ViolatingThe
ConstitutionTellspro-immigration heckler “I just took an action to change the

Graphene breakthroughcould trigger electric car revolution: Proton discovery paves way
tosuper-efficient batteries
– Graphene is the world’s thinnest and strongest material that is impermeable to
atoms and molecules
– Researchers from the University of Manchester were surprised to find that
positively charged hydrogen atoms – protons – can pass through it
– Discovery could boost efficiency of fuel cells for cars generating electricity
from hydrogen, by using a graphene-based membrane

How the Pilgrims andReformation Formed America We know the Pilgrims becamesome of
America’s first English settlers. And because of Thanksgiving Day, wecertainly know
they were thankful.But what else was it aboutthese devout Christians that helped
them shape what became the most free, mostpowerful nation on Earth?It had much to do
with thereligious beliefs that were so precious to them; they were willing to
facedeath and uncertainty in a strange New World to live those beliefs
out.http://www.charismanews.com/us/46245-how-the-pilgrims-and-reformation-formed-americaVIDEO:http://www.theprotestantrevolt.com/ Asosan
– the largestvolcano in Japan enters new eruptive phase, KyushuAsosan, the largest
active volcano in Japan and one of theworld’s largest volcanoes, started its new
eruptive phase thisweek prompting Japanese authorities to cancel or divert flights
on Thursday,November 27, 2014. http://thewatchers.adorraeli.com/2014/11/27/asosan-the-largest-volcano-in-japan-enters-new-eruptive-phase-kyushu/ Chairman

Chaffetz eyes‘target-rich’ environment, but Benghazi isn’t one When Rep. Jason
Chaffetztakes over as chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform
Committeein January, he has a well-worn list — and some fresh investigations —
alreadyawaiting the spotlight. One issue that won’t be on the agenda:
Benghazi.http://www.sltrib.com/news/1872549-155/chairman-chaffetz-eyes-target-rich-environment-but BYU
prof fears Mormon scholars are givingin to secularism Inrecent years, Ralph Hancock
has witnessed what he considers a troubling trendamong Mormon intellectuals — the
temptation to hide their faith under thebushel of moral
relativism.http://www.sltrib.com/lifestyle/faith/1872447-155/byu-prof-fears-mormon-scholars-are Utahhad
3rd-lowest voter turnout among states DarrenWilson and the violent confrontation
with his wife’s ex-lover: The volatilehome life of police officer who shot dead
Michael Brown – which the grand jurynever heard about Black women who’ll do ANYTHING
to have Whiter Skin Daily Mail – 26 November 2014Former model Irene Major is
awealthy woman who knows all about looking after her skin. The wife of Canadianoil
tycoon Sam Malin, she has tried everything from super-expensive Creme de laMer
moisturisers to the services of the most exclusive Harley Streetdermatologists….A
skin-lightening regime hasbeen part of my life practically since birth,’ she claims.
‘There are manydifferent types of African skin — from dark charcoal to a lighter
version — andyou grow up knowing that the lighter ladies are the prettier ones. It’s
just afact.’Her younger sister, Elsa, 27,agrees, explaining how disturbing
hierarchies of skin colour are stillinfluencing African girls. ‘Being lighter shows
you belong to a different placeon the social ladder. All the rich, successful black
African men marry either awhite or a very light-skinned girl because they too grew
up thinking that thelighter is the most

Fly from New York to LA in just 2.5 hours as incredible new supersonic business jetaims to
cut journey time in HALF Insidethe $4billion Cold War bunker buried 920-feet in a
mountain to protect Yugoslavleader Josip Tito from nuclear attack

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