D2, LNG, ULSD, JP54, Mazut, BLCO Prep – Spot Deals Avail

oil-barrelRJ Hender – Honest Oil Seller
Thur, Dec 11, 2014
Subject: JP54, D2, Mazut, LNG, BLCO Spot Deals

Spot Oil Now – Prepare for Jan 15 Steady Supply

Not all of my oil sources, come from Russia. Yes, we do work directly
with several refineries in Russia. As I continue to work with over 12
Oil Seller Friends, we are doing our best to match every End Buyer with
the right supply. You can contact me at – RJ@MorningLiberty.com

Currently, we have JP54 available at $73/$69 D2 available at $580/$570
and Mazut available at $430/$420 on a Spot Sale. These supplies are avail
on a first come, first serve basis.

Some times, we may have a SCO available with prices and procedures,
spelled out for you. Most of the time, we do not provide SCOs up front
without having legitimate ICPOs or LOIs along with the CP from solid
End Buyers. Again, here we find ourselves playing the game ‘ You Show
Me Your Junk First and then I’ll Show You Mine. ‘ Trust takes time.
Because of all the jokers and brokers in the oil business, many of us
find it difficult to trust anyone.

One of my Oil Sources, I have known and worked with him since 1985.
Other direct to refinery sources, I have been working with for a few
years. Several of my Direct to Refinery Oil Sources I have been working
with for most of 2014.

Every week we have had Bonny Light available at Rotterdam or at Texas.
This BLCO hasn’t been available for long. This week, Nigeria supplies
will go on hold for a few weeks. We have Bonny Light available now, at
Ghana and at Rotterdam.

As some of our refinery sources are shut down until January 15th, this
gives you and me time to exchange Buyer and Seller documents – getting
ready for FOB or CIF or CI, Dip & Pay transactions in 2015.

As we watch OPEC players manipulate oil prices lower and lower, it’s
difficult to know when to jump in and buy fuel. Either way, the Big Oil
Sellers are already on contract with many Big Oil Buyers. This lower
price squeeze is meant to push many Small Oil Players out of the business.
This new Oil Price Dive, manipulated by OPEC Players, will be short lived.
Just like contrived shortages, in every industry, at some point the OPEC
Players will raise their oil rates again, even beyond what may be considered
reasonable prices. Could this price upswing take 2yrs or 3yrs or 3months,
these OPEC manipulators only know.

In the meantime, there are many Smaller Oil Buyers who need fuel.

Shall the rest of us stand around with our hands in our pockets or shall
we hold our breath until the time that these OPEC Players determine that
there is enough blood in the street, smaller oil buyers and sellers, are pushed
out of the oil business.

I will continue to do my best to make available Oil Supplies to Buyers, who
need my help. I still Direct to Oil Refinery Friends who have fuel available
for my buyers. You can contact me… RJ@MorningLiberty.com

Here’s to a Strong 2014 Oil Finish and a Solid 2015 Oil Start… RJ Hender

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