Christmas Gift for The Earth – Our Job to Save Gaia & Her People

Renee Shaw – Open Mind Foundation
Sat, Dec 13, 2014
Subject: Christmas Gift to Gaia Mother Earth

A Gift for the Earth…
Dear Friends,
As Christmas approaches, I ask that you remember Mother Earth in your holiday plans.
While preparing for joyous holiday celebrations with your friends and family, it’s
important to stop and reflect on what the Earth gives to you and how you can give
back. If you are a follower of Jesus Christ, think about how Jesus Christ was born
on the very Earth He created for you and your family! Are we taking care of and
do we appreciate the gift He gave us? While shopping for gifts and gatherings with
loved ones, please consider setting aside part of your budget to support the work
of healing the Earth through programs under The Open Mind Foundation with a
charitable donation.

Why do I care so much? In 2005 as I was praying/meditating, words came to me asking
to “Save Gaia and save the people”. I didn’t know what Gaia meant so I looked
it up on the internet to find it meant Mother Earth! How could little ol’ me do
that? I was told if we all do just a little it can be done!

In 2013 I became the President of The Open Mind Foundation which has several programs
to save the Earth and Her people. For instance: technology and science to cleanse
the oceans and land fills, an eco village that teaches earth friendly building
techniques that are poison free and mortgage free. Safe Haven Eco village will show
case year round growing technologies that are poison free with high nutrition content.

My prayers have also guided me to travel to sacred sites and give blessings to
balance Her grid system as she transforms to Her new self! This means less earth
quakes, floods, tornados etc. When I travel around the world I team up with indigenous
spiritual leaders to bless and inspire the healing of our waters and the Earth.
I’ve worked with the Hopi, Mayans, Chumash, Hawaiians, Lakota, Peruvians, Aboriginals
and soon will be traveling to New Zealand to work with the Maori.

Last week Gaia asked for a blessing for Her Oceans, again to keep them calm and
balanced. She told me we have 10 years to clean up the oceans or they will die.
This is an emergency! If we all do a little, we can save the oceans from dying.
If the oceans die, we die!

I am speaking to my fellow Earth loving friends, who want to take care of the gift
our Creator gave us, you being one of them. What better way to celebrate Christmas
than by sharing what you have with the Earth who is in great need of assistance
to keep providing for your needs? Your generosity will have a positive impact on
the Earth and all of us. Every gift matters. Will you put the Earth on your gift
list this year? Do you know others who would like to give to the Earth as well?
Any amount you can share will be greatly appreciated and put to good use. If we
all do our part we can save the earth and ourselves and honor our creator!
We’ve simplified the donation procedure, allowing supporters to donate by pay pal:

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