JP54, D2, LNG, JPA1, Mazut, BLCO Trust – ICPO & CP Necessary

RJ Hender – PAOI
Dec 17, 2014
Subject: JP54, D6 from Brazil

Everybody expects to get their JP54 from Russia. Currently, we have D6 and JP54 available from Brazil. Rather than an ICPO or LOI, this Seller requires a Know Your Buyer Customer form that must be submitted. It’s displayed at the bottom of this article.

Below the KYC intel, I have details on D6 from one of my Novo scources for D6 at $1.75/$1.72 per gallon, but the End Buyer must have tanks at Rotterdam. These 400 mil gals of D6 won’t last for long.

I watched Jenet Yellen speak today about how falling oil prices are
a Net Positive for the US economy. Fear can impact the global, oil
industry, but fear won’t steer the ship in the right direction. Even
as I trust my Seller Sources, they count on me to verify the integrity
and legitimacy of every Oil End Buyer.

After watching weeks of dropping oil prices, today I saw Brent Prices
rise again. Can OPEC officials completely control the flow and price
of oil buying and selling around the world?

Russia will be just fine. Oil is an outstanding form of money. As
currencies rise and fall in value, Russia’s economy is backed by their
oil supplies and by the gold they have stashed away.

We are selling JP54, D2, LNG, D6, ULSD, Mazut and BLCO this week. As
work directly with over a dozen Direct to Refinery Seller Friends, we
have oil products, even Spot Deals available. If your End Buyer will
provide his legitimate ICPO and Company Profile then we can provide our
valid Soft Corporate Offers for fuel. Contact me

Many Major Oil Buyers are already on contract with several Oil Refineries –
Oil Sellers. These dropping oil prices may cause some oil wells to shut
down. Where ever the prices of oil falls or rises, there is still a need
for fuel, by the Big Oil Buyers and the rest of the Little Oil Buyers. We
are glad to be working with both.

Some Buyers want a % below platt rate for the fuel they buy. Some Buyers
want a $Dollar Amount discount rate, below platt for the fuel they buy. It’s
not easy for me to match every Buyer with the right Seller, but I do my
best. Many oil buyers are pleased just to get their oil, at platt or just
above platt rates.

My Shell Oil Seller source still has Production Contracts available for
their fuel. As many buyers and sellers are shutting their oil operations
down until mid January, it’s the perfect time to exchange Buyer and Seller

If your End Buyer is willing to put 10% down on his oil purchase then my
Direct to 200 Refineries Source can provide just about any fuel, needed.
The 10% down puts the fuel on the CIF ship and the 90% balance is due as
the oil tanker arrives at your destination port.

Not all oil products are coming out of Russia. This week, the challenges
with the ruble and sanctions upon Russia fuel is slowing the flow of typical
oil products, out of Russia. Many of these sources, from Russia refineries,
are shut down any way until after Jan 15, 2015. Between now and then, is a
perfect time for us to exchange Buyer and Seller docs.

I have Out of Russia sources for fuel.

It’s curious, that I work with 3 Solid Sellers of Bonny Light. This may
be difficult to believe. These BLCO Seller sources refuse to provide their
SCOs until we first get a LOI or ICPO and CP from a legitimate End Buyer.
You can send me this intel and I can line up the conference call between
your End Buyer and my Seller Mandate for BLCO. Two of these BLCO Sellers
took the last 45 days of the year off, after a long, difficult year of
completing many bonny light transactions. Contact me –

One of my storng Oil Sellers requires a ‘ Know Your Customer, ‘ document
to be completed by every potential Buyer. They don’t need buyers, but
they are open to me, when I bring a Vetted End Buyers to their oil table.
Feel free to provide this information and get it back to me…

RJ, we require every Buyer to complete this ‘KNOW YOUR CUSTOMER FORM’
This Direct Oil Source has 400mil gals D6 avail now at $1.72 gal, from
Brasil & we have JP54 fuel.

1.0 Buyer’s Company Details
1.1 Buyer’s Full Name:
1.2 Registered Company Name:
1.3 Registration #:
1.4 Country:
1.5 Date of Incorporation:
1.6 Certificate of Incorporation: (To be attached.)
1.7 Registered Street Address:
1.8 Physical Address of Head Office:
1.9 City:
1.10 State:
1.11 Postal Code:
1.12 Landline Telephone Number:
1.13 Mobile Phone Number:
1.14 Fax Number:
1.15 eMail Address:
1.16 Website:

2.0 Company Identification
(Please provide copies of the below documents in English.)
2.1 Names of Directors:
2.2 2 x Bank Reference Letters: (With bank statement headers.)
2.3 Designated Bank For LC Opening:
2.4 Names and Contact Details for Relationship Managers:

3.0 Business Activity
3.1 Names and Contact Details of 3 Companies or Brokers Traded With Within the Past 9 to 12 Months and Type of Transaction:
3.2 Proof of Funds: (To be attached.)
3.3 Product Requirements: (Quantity/Port of Delivery etc…)
3.4 Printed Name of Person Completing This Form:
3.5 Landline Phone Number:
3.6 Mobile Phone Number:
3.7 eMail Address:
3.8 Date:

I expect this 2014 Oil year to finish strongly. I expect 2015 to be even a
better oil year. RJ Hender… Proven Absolute Oil Integrity…

Here are the Procedures for D6 from Novo – FOB $1.78/$1.75 gal
Soft Corporate Offer
Product: D6 Virgin Fuel Oil
Port: FOB Novorossiysk/Rotterdam
Price: $1.75/$1.78 per gallon
Quantity: 400,000,000 Gallon per Week
1) Buyer sends ICPO along with company profile or company certificate with buyer
international passport scan copy for end sellers verification before supply approval.
2) Seller issue CI (Indicate Tank number and storage terminal). This CI will come with the
necessary information for buyer or buyer’s bank to verify the Tank Storage Number and
the Storage Terminal.
3) Buyer returns to Seller certified and signed the CI.
4) Buyer bank swift any of the listed within 2 to 3 working days DLC MT700, MT799(Block
Funds), SBLC MT760, or MT103/23 covering the total cost of the product to Seller’s bank
for Seller’s confident of buyer POF.
5) Seller issues full POP as listed below to Buyer Bank plus 2%PB to buyer bank.
A. Certificate of Origin of the product
B. Company Registration
C. Statement of product Availability
D. Export License
E. Commitment to produce the product
F. Attestation of allocation certificate
G. G. Certificate of conformity
H. Certificate of Q&Q
I. Fresh SGS Report
J. Dip test authorization (DTA)
K. Tank Storage Receipt (TSR)
6) Title Ownership is transferred to Buyer’s name.
7) Buyer’s Bank issue payment of the product as will be agreed via MT103/TT, Delivery
Commence and Commission will be paid by the refinery per shipment as signed in
8) Contract shipment starts with SBLC/DLC in place.
If terms are acceptable, kindly provide your LOI or ICPO.
Prices are subject to change without notice.

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2 Responses to “JP54, D2, LNG, JPA1, Mazut, BLCO Trust – ICPO & CP Necessary”

  1. Mr.Georgi says:

    Dear leaders!

    We still need to know the answer to that question.
    Please tell refinery, we are mainly operating above the need to know, because of the problems caused by US sanctions against Russian banks can not pay dollars to Russian banks. The reason is that the Russian Centre for International Settlements, the dollar closed.

    We signed the ICPO is to fulfill our commitments in accordance with procedures.
    As the US economic sanctions against Russia,MT 700 /DLC/ MT799 ……… sent from China/SLOVAKIA, GERMANIA to be frozen in the international dollar clearing center. So we need to SELLER GROUP answer our questions below, in order to more accurately we fulfill our commitments. Please understand us correctly.

    1) SELLER GROUP shares, American investors do?
    2) Bank of Russia SELLER GROUP local bank?

    We need these two simple answers.

    Because SELLER GROUP American investor shares, international dollar clearing center can pass. We can complete the work in accordance with the bank issuing SELLER PROCEDURE program.

    If shares of SELLER GROUP no US investors shares, we will propose solutions to avoid economic sanctions.

    So we just need to SELLER GROUP simple answer we can.

    If you can work that work

    We have no time for games
    It is necessary for us now urgently

    SPOT 500,000 MT D2 in NOVO _ PORT or Rotterdam, and
    contract X 12 X – 1,000,000 MT in NOVO _ PORT or Rotterdam

    SPOT -2,000,000 bbl of JP54 in NOVO _ PORT or Rotterdam, and
    contract X12 X-6,000,000 bbl in NOVO _ PORT or Rotterdam

    SPOT 500,000 MT Mazut in NOVO _ PORT or Rotterdam, CHAINA and
    contract X 12 X – 1,000,000 MT in NOVO _ PORT or Rotterdam /China

    SPOT 2OO,000,000 GALLON D6 in NOVO _ PORT or Rotterdam, and
    contract X 12 X – 200,000.000 GAL/ MT in NOVO _ PORT or Rotterdam

    Mr. Rijinashvili Georgi .
    THE General Director
    of the company
    “SUPER BEZG” Trade & Industry LTD

    • RJ says:

      Mr Georgi, I do not know all of your oil answers.  Putin is at odds with the men who run the World’s Banks and the OPEC gang.  It is my experience, to Lead, Follow or Get Out of the Way.  Every day, oil buyers and oil sellers contact me, begging for me to assist them.  Many $Billionaire Buyers have plenty of attitude.  Many Oil Sellers have their Own Attitude.  Even as I bring Buyers and Sellers together, I can’t always force them to drink.  I am one man.  In every way I am doing my best and we are actively closing JP54, Mazut, D2 and BLCO oil transactions.  Too many smaller oil players are doing their best to pick up the crumbs, left by the Big Oil Guerillas… 

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