Top 3 Nations Joining BRICS – Retiring the Banking Cartel by Rule of Law

Karen Hudes, Ben Fulford
Jan 1, 2015
Subject; Our Gold Out of Hiding – Karen Hudes Job to Certify Gold Held for Us

Karen Hudes… Transition from paper currencies to national currencies out of gold from the world’s gold that went into hiding at the end of World War II. Local villages will issue their own local currencies. After the 10/7/13 attempt to nuke Charleston, the US military stopped taking orders from the network of global corporate control

Ben Fulford… The year 2014 was a nasty one for the Nazionist cabal controlled G7 nations and their shrinking coterie of slave states. Now, the Pentagon is preparing to take the restored Republic of the United States of America into the 188 nation BRICS alliance, a move that would effectively and permanently end cabal rule, according to CIA sources. If cabal rule ends, then a jubilee (a one-time write off of all debts public and private), asset redistribution and a massive push to save the planet will make 2015, the year of the sheep in the Chinese Zodiac, the year of the sheeple.

The latest offensive against cabal rule has resulted in 30 arrests of senior officials in Israel
the disqualification of Benyamin Netanyahu by his own political party
and the fleeing of top Nazionist ruler George Bush Sr. into a hospital to avoid arrest on charges of ordering the murder of President John F. Kennedy and war crimes, including mass murder.

Last week also saw the presentation of evidence indicating the committee of 300, that is supposed to be the secret government of the planet, is losing power. The evidence came in the form of the document that can be seen at the 14 minute mark of this video clip.

We have confirmed from MI5 sources that the document shown is a real committee of 300 document issued in 2010 and signed by, among others, Queen Elizabeth, the head of the committee. It is not the still mysterious document signed by Crown Prince William in Washington earlier this month. This document discusses the distribution of 48 trillion US dollars to a series of established power centers. The percentages each group gets indicate where the real power lies in the secret government.

The biggest share, 20% or $9.6 trillion, goes to the “financial agencies of the United Nations,” such as the World Bank Group, the IMF, the International Finance Corporation, the BIS, the Bank of England and the Bank of China. In other words, the bankers get the biggest slice.

Next we see that the UN, the ASBLP group (Philippines), the United Kingdom, China and the Chinese Dragon (royal) family each get 10% or $4.8 trillion. Then, further down the totem pole we see that Queen Elizabeth, the European Union, the Federal Reserve Board, the committee of 300, the Vatican and the “international authorities who signed this,” each get 4% or $1 trillion 920 billion. Think about it, the Federal Reserve Board, the people who own the US corporate government, only get 4%.

Finally some people code named WZH and ASM get 3% and 2% respectively. A final one percent goes into some sort of savings fund.

The first thing to note is that the United Nations takes top position but the head of the UN is selected by hidden rulers using a secret process. The hidden rulers are almost certainly the usual suspects: the Rockefellers, Bushes, Rothschilds etc.

The next thing we need to pay attention to is who is not on this document including Russia, Africa, India, South America, Japan, Germany etc.

The final thing to notice is that if all this money had really been disbursed in 2010, then the world would be a much better place than it actually is. According to UN estimates, it would only take $400 billion to stop environmental destruction and $200 billion to end poverty. That means these groups could save the world and still have $47.4 trillion to spend on luxury yachts etc.

Clearly either this money remains frozen and the document failed to release funds or else the money was not spent on this planet. No other explanation makes sense.

In any case, in order to start cleaning up the mess the Nazionists have made of this planet, we will have to keep chipping away at the visible aspects of their control. One case in point is Barack Obama, president of the bankrupt US corporate government. This is the man who tried to orchestrate massive US race riots through his Ferguson campaign. More recently, Obama publicly lied on behalf of a Sony movie marketing campaign when he blamed North Korea for the recent so-called hacker attack against Sony Pictures. He also publicly called for the release of a movie depicting the murder of the current ruler of a sovereign nation.

Obama spent last Saturday playing golf in Hawaii with Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak. Apparently Razak failed to please Obama because while he was visiting the US, Malaysia was hit with severe floods and, as soon as he returned home, a third Malaysia airliner vanished. Now e-mails are being sent to this writer claiming the third vanished plane will be used for a nuclear terror attack in the Ukraine. We cannot verify this but, clearly some trouble makers are still on the loose.

Nuclear reactors in both South Korea and the Ukraine, for example, appear to be under some sort of stuxnet virus attack. The ISIS campaign is also still fizzing along, albeit at a slowing pace. The trouble in the Ukraine is also still burbling but there, too, the killing seems to be slowing down drastically. The attack on Russia’s economy has now stopped, having failed to even come close to its goal of regime change there.

Now there are growing reports of unrest in the US and the open stealing of citizens’ money by government goons. This is a sign of a terminally ill regime headed for complete collapse.

The issue to pay attention to in the New Year is whether the US corporate government can meet the upcoming series of payments deadlines. The first is the December 31st year end accounts settling. Then there is another big accounting deadline on January 31st.

Japanese slave Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is now frantically looting Japan’s savings to try to help his masters meet that deadline. The latest move he announced, having looted the pension fund, is a plan to steal postal savings. You can be sure his next move will be to try to drain the Norinchukin Agricultural bank.

Drug money from Afghan heroin and South American cocaine is also keeping the US corporation on life support. The recent agreement to end the US embargo on Cuba is also almost certainly connected to some sort of funds release.

The real question, of course, is when will the Chinese and Arabs, the worlds’ biggest creditors, finally pull the plug on the goons in Washington D.C. and their secret UN masters.

The other big question is when will the US military take action to restore the Republic? On this end, we are hearing many reports that patriotic elements of the US military industrial complex are on the move.

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  1. The Global Asset or has it been allegedly converted by somebody into Global Debt Facility can not be withdrawn, move, remove, activated, re-structured after its maturity as a trust fund for more than 50 years in favor of the sole heir,successor and signatory without the consent and approval of TVM-LSM-666 who is still alive at 114 years old or the signature of his new successor in interest codename POS- 7th White White Stallion AAA-777-MCD to whom he had recently transferred his authority and provenances in 2009 by virtue of his Last Will and Testament. Similarly, the Eternal Asset of the late Pres. Ferdinand Marcos and his authority/provenances were also transferred to the same successor in interest by virtue of his Last Will and Testament before his death in 1989. To identify and authenticate the real identity of this look alike of young Jose Rizal new successor in interest and new sole signatory of the combined global asset of the Filipino People now called as Holy Heaven Father Account by the Committee of 300 and World Bank Group as provided in both’s Last Will and Testaments, is that he is required only to present his Birth Certificate and show his birthmarks in his body such as a small black mole at the left corner of his nose and a small fat crab below his neck at his back, left side and no other documents will be shown. Mr. Wolfgang Struck who is now using a Deed of Assignment and Authority as signatory to the alleged Global Debt Facility deriving his authority from a certain Rev. Dr. Floro Garcia who was the successor in interest allegedly given by the late Pres. Ferdinand Marcos will not be forever entertained and recognized by the World Bank Group, BIS, ICJ, UST, FRS and IMF as he is not the real and legitimate signatory or successor in interest of TVM and FM. Nobody also can just alter, revised, extend or make a Sequel of the Bilateral Mines Field Agreement executed in 1950 between the People of the Philippines and the Owners of the Global Asset as witnessed and attested to by great world leaders then without the consent of the new successor in interest, owner, new sole signatory who has the sole discretion and prerogative to make decision about his asset after maturity. It is along this line that I am coming out to the open as instructed by POS 7th White Stallion AAA-777-MCD and TVM -LSM-666 as their sole representative,spokesman, administrator and implementer to put everything in its proper order concerning this global asset/eternal deposit in accordance with the plan/desire of Dr. Jose Rizal, President Ferdinand Marcos, the general owner of the global asset and the late great world leaders that its earned interest will be used for humanitarian and economic development not only for the people of the Philippines but for the whole world. We will initiate the recovery of humanity from extreme poverty and our beautiful planet from environmental degradation. We should stop international usury. Let us promote peace and order, love and harmony among people of different nations. If the international leaders and World Financial Authorities think that we could help in solving obtaining world economic crisis and financial/ legal disputes and would invite us to have a dialogue or discuss emergency remedial measures to once and for all end confusing issues about the Global Deposit/Eternal Deposit, we are most willing to share our time.

  2. tandalayo says:

    Thank you so much for this important, rational info…much needed…I will keep watch to see how this all plays out. I have not been in the banks for several years…and all is going much better. I do not believe in taxes to a corrupt corporation…and I am seeking another, better country. Wish me luck..and same to you…

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