Dinar RV Fear – China Won’t Be GCR Embarrassed Again

Stage3Alpha, Exogen & BluWolf
Sun, Jan 4, 2014
Subject; Dinar RV

EXOGEN: 2015 – A Year of Implementation By JC Collins
“This statement gives a very clear indication that the G20 is considering giving the United States Congress a short window to ratify the 2010 reforms or they will move forward on “implementing” the Plan B Reforms, which will bypass the US and potentially remove the American veto, with an even larger decrease in quota amounts.”
EXOGEN January 4, 2015 The head of the Senate energy committee plans to introduce a bill next week to force approval of the Keystone XL oil pipeline, though the full chamber faces a battle in obtaining needed votes to overcome any veto by President Barack Obama.

Stage3Alpha: LVegas My contact called this morning, and said he get’s paid his first payment on Chinese bonds on the 10th, and second and final payment on the 15th.. of this month.

No other info know or given, he had to go quickly had another call.

Only other thing he said was all the news that Iraq still has work to do, amnesty law, budget, etc.. is all false information.

R.V/GCR From Stage3Alpha: “Chinese Are Not Going to Be Embarrassed Again!”
1/3/2015 1 Comment
There was a mandatory meeting amongst the rich and famous yesterday who also have their hands in the cooking pot

The bottom line came out like this in Chinese said we are not going to be embarrassed again

At the end of the meeting with Chinese ….said they were going to go get some rest …remember that they said that they were not going to be embarrassed again
What we seek now is to see the new United States House and Senate Republicans come together and we expect for 46 or more to drop out as soon as they get there… why ?

Because the Constitution holds within it that nobody will serve the Queen of England under admiralty law and the Constitution of the United States in the USA

The expectation is by Tuesday at noon for everything ….group starts to have begun… this makes sense when looking at the bigger picture .

The Treasury Department at this time is being babysat by three letter agencies and if you can’t prove that that’s what you do for a job ….then you will be escorted out the door

It’s a lot nicer than saying the end of a row …so as we move forward we’ve been told many many things that are smoke and mirrors .

The bottom line is the banks have the currencies in the back vault …they were pushed up to the forward vault once already

The United States is under the Joint Chiefs of Staff and you holders of currency are the ones to understand what’s going on …so be a good example to the rest of the world and pay it forward.

R.V. / GCR January 3, 2015 at 6:48pm What’s really going on here is this is the third and final attempt by the Chinese to help the ungrateful Americans

When I say that, I’m talking on a political level not the citizenry

So far the Chinese have pulled the financing out from under the American accounts side of this global currency reset 2 times

What has been stated now and if they pull the funding again the rest of the world will go around the petrodollar….

The fiat currencies will be allowed to bounce more than once …maybe even twice… you all know that the derivatives are bundled seven times over… even the corporations that are buried deep within these bubbles will be allowed to fail

This is the reason why the g20 talked about the balance….you see there is no bail- in if the treaty behind the Basel 3 is signed …that means the TRNs must be let go in the next few days because this clock is running out …and the Chinese are all about… you did it to yourself… and if you punish someone punish the deserving

If they allow the banks to fail…… the bubbles to burst… the corporations to falter and every man for himself …then you’ll have the G-20 going into full force sanctions on the United States

it all plays out wonderfully .. get your heart right because you’ve been told to walk a fine line …you will do what you are told… timber


R.V. / GCR January 3, 2015 at 7:17pm

So some of you guys have asked me to tell some of the truth tonight …well let’s all shout timber

There are countries all around that are preparing to skirt the USA …they will attempt to go outside and around the petrodollar but let me tell you how much of a coward these countries are

They all want to talk tough but they are afraid of the transaction by itself…. what did I mean when I said that okay …let’s go hypothetically to another country and they have already decided to not use the petro dollar anymore… they are going to exchange the Vietnam dong yet they are afraid to exchange the Vietnam dong without the backing of the United States Treasury

So these countries they all want to move forward, but in reality they are scared …and which one of you wants to cash out millions and millions and millions of customers and their $100 worth of Vietnam dong for millions and millions and millions of dollars and then give that money to Vietnam and find out that Vietnam will no longer be a trusted exchange at the rate they promised ?

That is the reason why we are seeing rates on back screens at banks that are really just no good

Understand America has a lot of power, but let me also say America understand your power can be taken away from All, and the Bible says that it will be 10 nations that turn their back on you and that includes the shadow secret government cannot be trusted …they are one of the nations that are in alignment to hurt their own people and when I say this …..I say pray harder.

1-2-2015 Bluwolf: Many blessings for this new year to all. Many changes are transpiring worldwide especially in Central and South Americas.

Their new inclination is towards the brics and they have all given out there new latin american name ” estamos unidos ” and things are being pushed rather rapidly by Russia , China and India leaving the estados unidos (usa) quite alone by their greed.

This year will be a great year for our investment and it should be coming along at any time.

Iraq is ready, our UST is ready, our banks are more than ready, our paymasters are already tuning in to things, our economy is heading in the correct direction.

And the presidents legacy is already being written how it’s suppose to have been written truthfully without the political rhetoric.

All is now kinda of silent and this is good and it shall arrive as a thief in the silence of the night.

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