Obama Watch – Big Bank & Big Oil Manipulating Profits

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Tue, Dec 6, 2015
Subject: Obama Watch

Saudi Arabian King Abdullah, 90, Has Pneumonia How Big Banks Conspire With Big Oil To
Manipulate Currency and Commodity

Military Scientist Whistleblower – We Are Being Sprayed – Vid BostonBombing ‘Victim’ Di Martino Cuts Her Leg Off? – Vid Mexican Army Seizes Armored Truck, Grenade Launcher Near

Ten Warning Signs Of 2015 Market Crash 3D-PrintedMotor Runs Almost Like Perpetual
Machine Andrew’s’Underage Sex Slave’ Claims She Was Paid ‘£10K 6Women A Day Murdered
In Mexico Holy smoke (and mirrors)over the Pope and that climate treaty

The Guardian deserves a special prize for its claim about Pope Francis and his supposedly warmist encyclical, writes Christopher Booker

The Drunkest Countries In The World Afghan president: Troops withdrawal deadline may need to
be‘reexamined’ With the US-led coalition pullout in full swing and Afghan forces having assumed full responsibility for national security, the country’s president has called on to
President Obama to reconsider a slower withdrawal schedule.

Russia’s “Startling” Proposal To Europe: Dump The US,Join The Eurasian Economic Union
Russia has presented a startling proposal to overcome the tensions with the EU: The
EU should renounce the free trade agreement with the United States TTIP and enter
into a partnership with the newly established Eurasian Economic Union instead. A free
trade zone with the neighbors would make more sense than a deal with the US.

US and Australia block Palestinian statehood bid at UN License Plate Trackers Send
Passenger Photos to Police Databases. The latest loss of liberty involves the ability of license plate tracking software to recognize the faces of individual travelers in target vehicles. A company called Elsa AG North America…has developed automatic license plate readers (ALPR) and is aggressively marketing its high-tech trackers to U.S. law enforcement.
Vigilant Solutions, another ALPR manufacturer, boasts of being a “trusted provider
to tens of thousands of law enforcement professionals.” The Vigilant
data base reportedly “contains 2 billion entries,” with “70 million additional license
plate photographs being added each month.”

Printable Light Could Be a Game changer for Energy Consumption Dubbed “Light paper,” LED diodes the size of a red blood cell offer the promise of printable flexible light thatcould do away with the much higher consumption standard light bulb, as well as offer an array of other uses that seem only to be limited by our imagination.

Get ready: The FCC says it will vote on net neutrality in February

GMO Lawsuit: Iowa Farmers Are Suing Syngenta Iowa farmers are suing biotech giant Syngenta over GMO contamination which prompted China to cancel corn orders and refuse shipments. Genetically modified(GMO) corn was rejected by China last year because Beijing officials considered the genetically engineered crop strain “contaminated.”

NYC mandates flu shots for toddlers even after CDC admits they don’t work
Unless their parents opt for a medical or religious exemption, young school children
in New York City will soon be required to get a flu shot in order to attend preschool
or gain access to a child care facility.

Black Lives Matter Protesters Target White People Eating Brunch Movement ends with ridiculas demonstrators crash restaurants. ‘Black Brunch’ demonstrators storm New York and California restaurants as part of plan to ‘target white spaces’ in protest over’police

Lawsuit:Cops Confiscate Guns From Vet Diagnosed With Insomnia After vet seeks treatment
for insomnia, cops raid his house for his guns.

What Prices Look Like Before and After a Mandatory Minimum Wage Increase Minimum wage workers in 19states are bringing in 2015 with expectations that they’ll make more money thisyear than last.

Newly Renamed High Fructose Corn Syrup Contains Toxic Mercury.

Prince Andrew may have been secretly filmed with underage girl he is alleged to have abused Papers filed against his pervert pal Jeffrey Epstein say he recorded VIP orgies he threw at his luxury homes using cameras hidden in the walls.

OilTycoon Says Price Will Rise In 2015: “Could Shoot Right Back To $100 PerBarrel” Oil may be at $50 a barrel today, but don’t expect that to last.

Germany believes euro zone could cope with Greece exit: report The German government believes that the euro zone would now be able to cope with a Greece exit. SteelersFan Kicked Out Of Game Because Of Tweets One Steelers fan didn’t have to witness the loss to the Ravens Saturday after he was ejected from the game.

Robots can now learn to cook just like you do: by watching YouTube videos Researchers have come up with a new way to teach robots how to use tools simply by watching videos on

Kansas church to host Planned Parenthood abortion ‘celebration’Church will celebrate 42
years of abortionst. James Episcopal Church will celebrate 42 years of abortion with
Planned Parenthood of Kansas and Mid Missouri on January 22, 2015 for their Chili for
Choice.That’s the 42nd anniversary of legalized child killing through abortion under
the Supreme Court’s Roe v.Wade


Obamacare: The Real Pain Starts This Year Ready for increased costs anddecreased
access to care?http://spectator.org/articles/61374/obamacare-real-pain-starts-year FINAL

The Obama Deception & BIG EVENTIN 2015 (Prophecy Happening Now)

Brutal cold will chill 70%of the

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