5 Responses to “A4V Mutual Offset Credit Exemption Exchange – All Our Debt is Pre Paid”

  1. Nabar Exist says:

    Did the A4V you used in 2015 work?. Up top you say November 2015 and down the bottom you say January 2015. I figured you probably meant 2014 for up top but anyway I’m asking you did your A4V’s work for this year? Thank you for your time.

    • RJ says:

      I know of people who are working the Accept for Value process and winning.  The rules continue to change so what may have worked 2 months ago may not work today.  It’s a difficult maze to traverse.  RJ

      • Nabar Exist says:

        Do you have any proven examples that you can post or send to my email, you can redact the names if you need to. I would like to see some examples from people who said they have done the process this year. You think that can be arranged?I would definitely appreciate it. Thank you.

        • RJ says:

           Go ahead and google Tim Turner.  This may be one answer.  Then google MaineRepublic…  for one more answer.  I am no longer engaged or connected with any of these people or organizations.  

          • RJ says:

            I have 1 video left, from A4V presentations that I organized.  I could send it to you, for the cost of this last DVD and shipping.  It’s up to you.  My mailing address is on the home page of my website.  This video has some good intel, from some of these courses I have attended and organized.  It’s up to you, send $25 to Robert Hender  P O Box 25  Ephraim,  UT  84627

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