Mazut, D2, JP54, D6, BLCO Busy – End Buyer CP & ICPO Required

RJ Hender Honest Oil Seller
Sun, Feb 23, 2015
Subject; Oil Seller Sets Procedures JP54, D2, Mazut, D6, BLCO

Below, I have posted recent BLCO procedures. Procedures and Prices may change at any time.

I have been taking time for new Buyers, who are prepared to move forward and procure JP54, D2, Mazut, D6, BLCO, LNG and other fuel products. We are very busy now, with my Saudi Arabia Direct Seller, my Canada Direct Seller and other Direct to Refinery Sellers who are providing all kinds of oil products to our vetted Buyers. I am availab to assist you.

By signing our NCNDA you agree to hold Private our ‘ Title Holder, ‘ and Seller Mandate sources for fuel. Trust takes time and too often, in this Oil Business, oil people are being stabbed in the back by the very people we/they are trying to assist.

If you are serious about buying oil products then from 1 Strong Seller Source of mine, the following procedures are required; JP54, JPA1, D2, Mazut, LNG, D6 and other oil products…


1. For the first lift only, Buyer issues ICPO+ CP+ Tear Sheet or MT 199 or MT
799 or verifiable BCL endorsed by at least two Bank Officers- Buyer bank has to
be top 25 Prime Banks. For the first lift only, we require the Bank engagement
and commitment to pay by MT103 two (2) hours after the results of Dip Test have
been received. THIS IS NON NEGOTIABLE.

2. Seller and buyer have a conference call.

3. Seller sends SPA. After reasonable changes are made, contracts are signed,
sealed, notarized and lodged at both banks. (Full confirmations of the agreed
and expected specifications are included in the contract).

4. Seller issues CI with Full POP (last SGS, DTA, TSR, Q&Q included)

5. Buyer provides Vessel details and / or Tank Storage and initiates payment via
MT103 after successful Dip Test.

6. Seller transfers title to the buyer and loading starts. AFTER PAYMENT HAS

7. Upon the success of first lift, the Buyer post the SBLC, then Seller issues
2% performance Bond (P.B.).

8. Buyer Swift BG760, SBLC or MT543 in the amount of 1 month shipment. Revolving
for 12 months covering one month shipment value, auto revolving for the
contract. Verbiage provided by the Seller along with activating 2% performance

9. Possibility of conducting POF Vs POP bank to bank for Buyers with impeccable
track record, at the discretion of the seller, but POF is required always before
SPA is sent.

RJ, If these can be followed by your Buyers then it’s possible they can get fuel this week

Many of the Big Sellers are already under contract with Buyers who have Spoken For the Seller’s whole supply of fuel products.

It is great to see Brent Platt oil prices rising again. Too often, the public is not being told the truth about the quantity of fuel products that may be available.

Russia’s oil challenges are not stopping our oil supplies from our Saudi Arabia sources.

One of my Direct to 157 Refinery sources is providing significant quantities of JP54, D2, JPA1 and other oil products to Majors. This Seller/Seller Mandate has left the oil door open for me and my vetted oil buyers. There is no way I can bring any new End Buyer to him, unless we have been provided with the official Company Profile. It takes time for us do perform due diligence on every Buyer. We do and can serve the needs of every legitimate Buyer, but we can’t entertain anyone’s request for fuel until we have the CP and have done our DD.

My Shell Oil source has plenty of fuel available, by Production Contract, in the States and out of Rotterdam. If you are a legitimate End Buyer, I would be happy to help line up this source for you.

I do not know where Oil Prices will go, up or down, but I do know that it is these Oil Products that help the modern world go round.

If I can assist you, don’t hesitate to send me an email;

Here is to a Strong 2015 Oil Year… RJ Hender – Proven Absolute Oil Integrity

DISCOUNT Minus – $5 Ghana, Minus -$3 Rotterdam FOB – TTO
Purchase & Shipment Procedures

1: Seller releases his Sales and Purchase Agreement (SPA) via electronic
mail to the Buyer. Both agree to work on a mutually acceptable procedure.
Upon agreed procedures by both Seller and Buyer, Seller sends final SPA
to be signed by the buyer and to be returned to the seller signed.

2: Buyer signs and seals this agreement, locks in PDF format and forwards
a copy electronically to the seller along with detailed ATB/NOR/ETA
formats and details of Shipping agent at Port of Q&Q for taking-over of
cargo. The electronic copy of this Sales ad Purchase Agreement duly
executed by both parties is legally binding and enforceable. Both parties
deposit copies of the Agreement with their respective banks. Buyer will
include the ATB and ETA format.

3: Seller will secure Provisional Cargo Documents of the loaded vessel &
issue NNPC Authority to sell (ATS)

4: Immediately Buyer confirms ATS & loading documents within 24-48 hrs
Buyer instructs his bank to issue RWA through MT199 to Sellers Bank
stating their capability and readiness to issue MT103 for the
transaction. Seller, after confirmation of RWA through his bank, will
issue a marine ATB & Boarding Clearance to Buyers inspectors to come
on-board for cargo confirmation.

5: Seller issues ATB/NOR/ETA Formats, Buyers inspectors boards and
confirms cargo and disembark with samples for Quality and Quantity
Analysis within 48-72 ours after DIP Test and upon the release and
acceptance of Q&Q report to both parties, Buyer transfers full payment
via MT103 for the total cost of cargo into Sellers Account as per
out-turn basis in accordance with the independent Q&Q report.

6: Seller releases all the original documents to the buyer under buyers
name and vessel is re-chartered by buyer for final voyage to Final Port
of Discharge (CPA payment is made directly to vessel owner and as agreed
upon between the shipping company and the buyer) All documents in final
buyer’s/seller’s name.

7: Seller will arrange safe voyage to international waters.

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