Obama Watch – No Taxes No VISA says IRS

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Tue, Mar 3, 2015
Subject; Obama Watch Zombie Apocalypse

The Jeb Bush Protest You Didn’t See !! Heckled, Booed and The Walk Out..

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KDM3Z-UmAKs&feature=youtu.be   57:53 minutes video
The Bretton Woods institutions were set up at the end of WWII to return the world’s wealth to the world’s peoples after 50 years. Karen Hudes, a whistle blower from the World Bank’s legal department and a World Bank bondholder, was reinstated by the World Bank and IMF Board of Governors for the Global Currency Reset

Best Place to Wait Out a Zombie Apocalypse? You’ll want to head for the Rocky
Mountains. Statisticians and zombies don’t always mix, but when a team of grad students
from Cornell University wanted to study disease modeling, they turned to the undead.
In an attempt to simulate the spread and effects of real diseases, the team followed
a fictitious zombie outbreak. The team describes their experiment in are lease:

Edward the Nazi King ofEngland: Princess Diana’s biographer reveals the Duke of Windsor’s collusion with Hitler… and a plot to regain his throne
– Unique microfilm revealed the innermost workings of the Nazi regime
– Found incriminating correspondence relating to former King of England
– New book by Diana biographer reveals the Duke of Windsor was willing to deal
with Hitler to win back his throne
– Called Hitler a ‘great man’ and openly criticized Churchill the ‘warmonger’
– Was convinced conflict could’ve been avoided if he stayed on the throne
– The Nazi leader would put the Duke back on the Throne as a puppet king
– However, details of the secret deal were ordered destroyed after the war
– Winston Churchill, Clement Attlee and American President Eisenhower among those
who attempted to cover up damning dossier

There Are Several Chicago Style FEMA Camps in Every State. As I was investigating the
FEMA camp run and maintained by the Chicago PD, I kept running into the topic of
privatized prisons.

There Are Several Chicago Style FEMA Camps in Every State

American Militia Call To Arms Protect Our Constitutional Rights!

Child Protective Services Kids Found in Human Trafficking https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nXUGMntxWRg#t=30

Coming Soon: No Travel or Passport If You Owe the IRS. The IRS and Justice Department
cooperate to catch tax scofflaws. They can even have notorious ones arrested when they land on U.S. soil. But some in Congress think we could do more to
grab people on the move or to prevent them from taking flight in the first place.
In 2012, the Government Accountability Office reported on the potential for using the
issuance of passports to collect taxes. The idea–introduced several times over the
last few years–is a little like requiring you to pay all your outstanding parking
tickets to register a vehicle or renew your driver’s

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